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Prime Suspect: Jane Tennison - 'Lost Child'

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Prime Suspect: Jane Tennison - 'Lost Child'

Post by Jill Havern on 24.02.17 8:12

I'm very pleased to see that Prime Suspect is being shown again on ITV3 at 11pm - it was one of my all time favourite crime dramas and I love Helen Mirren as Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison.

Yesterday I watched the episode 'Lost Child', about the abduction of a 15-month old baby, on ITV catch up which was shown on Tuesday and is still available should anyone want to watch it.

OK, so it's a Police drama made for TV, but it was still compelling viewing as they focus on a sex offender and a paedophile ring, and the mistakes made by the Police while they investigate false leads, and while watching it I thought of Madeleine McCann.

One of the memorable lines in this episode was spoken by Tennison to the Commander: "You won't give me six more detectives to find a living child, but you'll give me six more when it's a murder enquiry."

I won't spoil it by revealing how it panned out.

This is the review for the programme posted in 2012.

And here are some comments on IMBd from people who watched it.
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Re: Prime Suspect: Jane Tennison - 'Lost Child'

Post by Guest on 24.02.17 15:13

I think I'll give it a go. My favorite detective is Sarah Linden from The Killing (the American version set in Seatle). She is very damaged, having been brought  up in care and she is very vulnerable in a credible way - a single mother struggling to bring up her son and unable to find a work life balance. She is partnered with an ex narcotics cop and their relationship is a central theme. It is also a very moving account of the devestating impact the disappearance of a teenage girl has on on the family and those who become consumed trying to find the killer - the destruction is exponential.  I sobbed at the end it was so moving and it stayed with me way after it ended. It's on Netflix.

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