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Tracey Kandohla's agenda

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Re: Tracey Kandohla's agenda

Post by Tony Bennett on 18.02.17 11:57

I think Tracey Kandohla's 'agenda' is very straightforward: money, and keeping a roof over her head.

Having the great good fortune to live in Rothley, right from the start she befriended the McCanns, and offered the then Head of Tony Blair's 'Media Monitoring Unit', Clarence Mitchell, a regular weekly afternoon tea and cakes at her home.   

In return, she was offered the job of writing regular 'puff' pieces for the McCanns, which she's done for a decade.

Kandohla's journalistic record is available on the internet - and it showst that around 50% of all her limited output has been Madeleine McCann articles.

If the 'wind of change' is in the air, therefore, she would not hesitate for a millisecond to write McCann-related articles with whatever editorial slant the editors ordered her to come up with, pro-McCann or otherwise.


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