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Post by Verdi on 20.07.18 12:47

Madeleine McCann drugged, says grandmother

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 News-graphics-2007-_646668a

By Aislinn Simpson in Praia da Luz
2:50PM BST 01 Oct 2007

The grandmother of missing Madeleine McCann believes the four-year-old was drugged by her abductor to stop her screaming out and raising the alarm.

Eileen McCann, Gerry McCann’s mother, said it was the only way a stranger could have snatched her granddaughter as she lay sleeping in her parents’ rented apartment at the Ocean Club in the Algarve town of Praia da Luz on May 3.
Speaking on the 150th day since Madeleine went missing and ahead of a renewed publicity campaign aimed at finding her, the 69-year-old told the Belfast Telegraph the family were “going through hell” as the endless stream of police leaks about Gerry and Kate’s involvement in their daughter’s disappearance continued.

Mrs McCann, who lives in Scotland and runs a pub, said: “I really believe they (whoever took her) gave her a drug.
“There is no way they carried her out of there without her awakening.

“If she was taken when she was sleeping by somebody she did not know, she would have screamed the place down.”

The McCanns have denied claims in the Portuguese press that they themselves gave their children sedatives so they could go out to dinner with their friends.

It has been reported that police are working on a theory that Kate McCann killed her daughter accidentally, and the couple hid her body before eventually disposing of it.

But Mrs McCann dismissed claims that her granddaughter’s DNA was found in a Renault Scenic the McCanns hired weeks after Madeleine disappeared as “nonsense” and insisted that her son and daughter-in-law, both aged 39 and doctors, were innocent.

“Little Amelie is wearing Madeleine’s sandals and she is in and out of the car. Cuddly toys are in it. Madeleine’s toys are in it. Madeleine’s tops are in it that Amelie is wearing. It’s nonsense,” she said.

It also emerged today that the McCanns are considering suggestions by Scottish relatives that they take advice from psychics to find their daughter.

The couple, from Rothley in Leicestershire, have had more than 1,000 approaches from people claiming to be mediums and offering help but although any information deemed to be credible has been passed on to police, the McCanns have had no direct contact with any of them.

“They are desperate for help and even some family members are suggesting it as a possible route,” a friend said.
“It looks like one or two family members are saying why don’t you have a look at so and so.”

Next week, posters will be put up on billboards in Spain, Portugal and Morocco as part of a renewed campaign to raise awareness about Madeleine’s disappearance.

Although their status as official suspects means they cannot discuss details of the case or rebut some of the rumours circulating about it, Kate and Gerry McCann are also hoping to conduct a series of television interviews with Spanish and Portuguese networks.

“They are certainly looking at what they can do in line with the legal constraints and if that happens in time for the advertising campaign that would be great,” a source said.

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Post by Verdi on 23.07.18 21:45

Madeleine McCann: First pictures of Dutch sighting suspects

New photos of the couple believed to have been seen with Madeleine McCann three days after she disappeared have been released.

By Chris Irvine

6:58AM BST 08 Aug 2008

They show a dark-featured man with a moustache in his late 30s, who was speaking in Portuguese when Madeleine was allegedly spotted, and a brown-hair woman in her 40s who was talking French.
Madeline McCann suspects
The sketches were drawn by a police artist for the Daily Mirror on the evidence of Anna Stam

The sketches were drawn by a police artist for the Daily Mirror on the evidence of Anna Stam, 41, who claims to have seen the trio in Amsterdam.

Ms Stam's report was one of a number of potential sightings that emerged in the official police files released this week.

According to a witness statement to Dutch police, the girl entered Ms Stam's party shop in early May last year with a man and a woman and two other children.

The man - who "did not look like a nice person" - appeared to be speaking Portuguese but the woman spoke in English, telling Ms Stam they had a small circus in France.

Ms Stam was then approached by the young girl at the back of the shop, who asked her in unaccented English: "Do you know where my mummy is?"

When she was told her mother was in the store, the child replied: "She is not my mummy," adding "She is a stranger, she took me from my mummy."

The Dutch woman thought the girl looked "very much like" Madeleine apart from the colour of her hair.

It emerged yesterday that there were three more sightings of Madeleine, then aged three, in nearby Belgium in the weeks after she disappeared.

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Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
La de da de de, la de da de da
Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 1f3b5


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Post by Verdi on 29.07.18 13:21

From Nick Cave to Kate McCann, it’s time we judged parents a little less
Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 Hadley-Freeman,-R
Hadley Freeman

6th May 2017

Parents of missing children are demonised by a public needing to reassure themselves it could never happen to them

This is a story about missing children, and what happens to those who are left behind. Last week marked the 10th anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, a story told so many times it has taken on the form of a litany: Praia da Luz, the tapas restaurant, the open window. Madeleine vanished, but she is ever-present in the public consciousness, whereas thousands of missing children are just that – wholly missing.

There has been much hand-wringing in the media over this disparity: was it because Kate and Gerry McCann are white and photogenic? Or because Madeleine was blond and cute? Or because she vanished in a country where journalists also take their cute kids on holiday? To which the answers are yes, obviously, but this is to miss the point; the argument should be not that the McCanns deserve less attention, but that other missing children should get more. In an interview last weekend, Kate McCann said she felt “guilty” and “embarrassed” about the £11m spent on the search for her daughter. The only people who should be embarrassed are those who sneer that there should be some kind of cap on the amount of sympathy, or a time limit placed on a parent’s hope. In recent weeks, the tabloids have been eagerly publishing spurious decades-old sightings of Madeleine, seen crying for her mother in the company of “suspicious men”. It is hard to see what any of this is supposed to achieve, beyond torturing the McCanns.

The common take on the McCann coverage is that middle-class newspaper readers related to them and so cared more about the story than, say, that of Ben Needham, the British toddler who vanished in Kos in 1991. And yet in both cases the parents were instantly vilified: Kerry Needham for being working class, Gerry and Kate McCann for being too self-possessed and attractive. The parents of missing children are often demonised by a public that need to reassure themselves that this could never happen to them. Those parents were feckless, foolish, bad – not like us, the good parents. If anything, the relatability of the McCanns made them even more terrifying, and thus more necessary to condemn.

When Nick Cave’s 15-year-old son Arthur died in 2015, after falling off a cliff while on LSD, parts of the media were so keen to blame his father they became self-parodic. Much was made of the singer’s previous drug habit, as though no other parent on the planet had ever taken drugs, while the Times tutted that Cave had “an obsession with death” and watched “super-violent” films with his children.

In an extraordinary interview in American GQ, Cave recently said: “I don’t want to give too much oxygen to the matter of responsibility because it raises a point that only someone who knows nothing about parenting, drug-taking or bereavement would suggest.” Even so, he added: “You can find yourself indulging in all sorts of irrational and self-destructive thoughts – self-pity, self-blame – because they form a direct connection to the small but present part of you that just wants to die.”
I have written a lot about missing or dead children: Etan Patz, the six-year-old who vanished in New York in 1979, and whose face haunted American parents in the 80s; JonBenét Ramsey, the six-year-old beauty contestant found dead in her home in 1996; Noah Pozner, the youngest victim of the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings. All very different stories, all connected by a vilification of the parents by a public so terrified of anything like that happening to them. A police officer once described it to me like this: “You know that moment when you lose sight of your child in a shopping mall? Imagine that feeling lasting for 30 years.” But there is no need for anyone to pull an Andrea “as a mother” Leadsom here; anyone can feel that fear, as if your arm has been ripped off your body and your heart pulled out after it.

The cynical take on Madeleine McCann is that she is gone for good: why are we still talking about this? “Her parents need to accept their share of the blame and let her go,” one notoriously bilious columnist wrote. There is a condescension towards parents of missing children and their magical thinking, their desperate hope that the family will one day be reunited. But it’s their critics who are engaging in the worst kind of magical thinking, believing that if they turn bereaved parents into the demonised Other, they will protect their own children. All they are doing, really, is revealing that they know the terrible truth: that this could happen to any of us, and we would never stop looking.

Talking of notoriously bilious columnists, I do wish the likes of Ms Freeman would brush-up on their subject before embarking on commentary for public consumption.

Freedom of speech/press is all very noble in theory but it doesn't shouldn't give carte-blanche to random invention for the sake of sensationalism or career advancement.


The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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Post by Verdi on 30.07.18 13:14

Kate McCann fears daughter Madeleine tried to warn her of an intruder


With the bumbling Portuguese police getting nowhere, terror-struck Kate McCann turned to all she had left: divine intervention.

Five hours after Madeleine went missing, she tried to mobilise a mass prayer at  3am.

First she telephoned her friend Father Paul Seddon, the priest who had married  her and Gerry in 1998, and then her best friend Michelle back in the UK.

'I needed her to get her large Catholic family praying too,' said Mrs McCann,  who had already been on her knees in her bedroom, 'begging God and Our Lady to  protect Madeleine and help us find her'.

Unsurprisingly, her friend Michelle was asleep and her partner Jon, who  answered the phone, was at first reluctant to wake her.

Mrs McCann said: 'Poor Jon - I don't think he could quite get his brain in gear  for a moment or two. "No one's listening" I wept. "Nothing's happening".' After arranging the mass prayer, Mrs McCann could not sleep, but her husband  told her: 'Kate, we need to rest.'


Leaving Madeleine with a babysitter who none of them knew would have been  'unwise', Kate McCann declares in her book.

Explaining why they did not make use of the babysitting service offered by the Ocean Club, she said the couple never even thought about it.

She said: 'I could argue that leaving my children alone with someone neither we nor they knew would have been unwise, and it's certainly not something we'd do  at home, but we didn't even consider it.

'We felt so secure we simply didn't think it was necessary.' With the infamous tapas restaurant 'so near', the McCanns and their friends  decided to do their own child-checking service, said Mrs McCann, adding: 'It goes without saying that we now bitterly regret it.'

However British police later told the couple their holiday apartment, being a corner flat on the ground floor, next to two roads and with secluded entrances, made it a perfect target for criminals.

Read more..

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Post by Verdi on 30.07.18 21:32

Maddie yacht mystery

A YACHT which left the Algarve just hours after Madeleine McCann disappeared has vanished without trace, the Daily Express can reveal.

PUBLISHED:  23:10, Fri, Aug 7, 2009

Nick Fagge

The luxury Swedish cruiser sailed out of the Portuguese harbour at Portimao on May 4, 2007, the morning after four-year-old Madeleine disappeared. It has not been seen since.

Last night there was growing speculation that Madeleine might have been whisked out of Portugal on the mystery boat.

The captain of the Bayliner yacht had told port authorities it was going to the Algarve port of Albufeira – as is required under Portuguese law – but the boat did not arrive.

Attempts by the Portuguese navy to track down the boat – one of six that left the marina that day – have failed. All the other yachts were accounted for.

A source close to the Portuguese authorities told the Daily Express: “The yacht from Sweden was the only boat that the Portuguese police could not trace.”

The disclosure comes a day after private detectives working for Kate and Gerry McCann revealed a “significant” new lead in their hunt for the missing youngster, now aged six.

An Australian woman in Barcelona appeared to be waiting to take delivery of her “new daughter” just 72 hours after Madeleine disappeared.

Lead investigator Dave Edgar, a former detective inspector, said he believed the girl from Rothley, Leicestershire, could have been smuggled to the Spanish port in a yacht.

The woman, described as a glamorous Victoria Beckham lookalike, was seen standing on the dockside of Barcelona’s Olympic Marina pacing up and down and “agitated”.

When approached, she asked a 41-year-old British man three times; “Are you here to deliver my new daughter?”

Investigators are now trying to trace the woman, described as white, aged between 30 and 35, 5ft 2in tall, of slim build and wearing expensive clothes.

It is possible Madeleine could have been abducted on the orders of a childless couple, desperate to have a family, and taken to Barcelona to meet her new “parents”.

Last night private detectives searching for Madeleine said they had received a massive response to their appeal about the Australian woman.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman, said: “Many hundreds of calls had come in overnight, particular from Australia.
“Some names have been put forward and all of this information is now being analysed and prioritised by the detectives,” he said.

The mystery boat had been sailing along the Algarve coast close to Praia da Luz where Madeleine disappeared.

And records show it has previously docked at Barcelona’s Marina Port Vell, next to the Olympic Marina where the Australian woman was spotted.

The Portuguese source said: “It’s possible that the boat went to Barcelona. The yacht left Portimao on the morning of May 4, 2007.

“It left saying it was going to Albufeira in Portugal. It is a legal requirement to give a destination but it did not arrive in Albufeira.

“There were six boats that left Portimao that day. All have been accounted for apart from the Swedish boat.”

In Sweden all vessels measuring over 12 metres (40ft) long must be registered with the Swedish Maritime Administration.

But inquires with their head office in Stockholm yesterday found no record of the yacht.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the McCanns’ investigators on 0044845 8384699 or email them at

Mary Celeste?  The Bismark?  The Titanic?  SS Cotopaxi?  Luxury cruisers don't just disappear off the face of the high seas - as the Portuguese cops bungled their investigation, maybe the Metropolitan Police should be seriously investigating the case of the missing luxury yacht, or is it just yesterdays news, like all the other planted diversions?


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Post by Verdi on 31.07.18 11:46

News of the World apologises for publishing Kate McCann's diary

Ben Dowell:  22nd September 2008

The News of the World yesterday apologised for publishing extracts from Kate McCann's private diary without her permission.
In a statement published in the newspaper and on its website, the paper said it published the extracts "in the belief held in good faith" that the diary's author had given them permission to publish the contents.

The newspaper's full statement read: "Last week we published extracts from Kate McCann's diaries and explained in the article that we were doing so to 'nail the lies' about Kate created by selective leaking from the diaries by Portuguese police.

"We published the extracts in the belief held in good faith that we had Kate's permission to do so.

"It is now clear that our belief was misplaced, and that in fact Kate neither approved of nor knew that the extracts were to be published. Upon learning of our error we immediately removed the extracts from our website and we today offer Kate our immediate and sincere apologies."

The statement adds that the newspaper will make a financial contribution to the search for Madeleine McCann and said that the paper "remains wholly supportive of the McCanns and their continuing campaign to find their daughter".

The News of the World's statement is the second apology from a newspaper group to the McCann famly [sic grauniad] this year.

In March, Express Newspapers' four titles, including the Daily Express and Daily Star, published front-page apologies for a series of articles about the family with the two papers agreeing to pay a "very substantial" sum to the Find Madeleine fund.

A News of the World spokeswoman was unable to comment at the time of publication.

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Post by Verdi on 03.08.18 12:44

The Madeleine McCann Syndrome

Vicky Allan Senior features writer: 30th April 2017

FEW can have missed the fact that this week marks the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Even before today’s official BBC interview with the McCann’s, the coverage, over the week has been building, like a familiar wave coming back into shore, here to remind us, as if we could ever forget, about the girl who went missing from an apartment bedroom in Praia de Luz and has never been seen again — at least, not outside the recurring images of her that teem across our media.

Last week, brought those familiar photographs of “Maddie”, her face frozen at three years old, back into the news again, along with a spew of articles on the case, most of them saying very little of substance, many of them just reviewing what we already know, or don't know. There were reports that investigators still have a "critical line of inquiry" to explore, a forensic expert who said Facebook facial recognition software could help solve the crime, but mostly this last week’s 'Maddie coverage' has been about marking time. She’s been gone for ten years, we are reminded. A decade on, and the obsession with this one missing girl still has us in its hold. Hope still lingers. We see her everywhere. She haunts our fiction and television — shows like the abduction drama, The Missing – yet we never see the real, live her.

It’s natural to remember such an anniversary, particularly when, as for the McCanns themselves, it is a marker of personal loss and time passed. The official website of the Find Madeleine campaign, carries a message from Kate and Gerry that says: “Ten years - there's no easy way to say it, describe it, accept it. I remember when Madeleine first disappeared I couldn’t even begin to consider anything in terms of years. Shawn Hornbeck abducted and kept hidden for over four years, Natascha Kampusch for over eight years. I couldn't go there. And now here we are...Madeleine, our Madeleine - ten years.”

But for us, the public, and the media, the anniversary marks ten years of an obsession with a still unsolved crime. Throughout all this time it has felt as if Madeleine has never been out of the papers for very long. Partly, of course, that was because her parents doggedly and eloquently kept her there. Partly it was because the media saw that Maddie sold papers and brought in television viewers. Partly it was because people became fascinated with what was one of the first big reality whodunnits of the online age. They became hugely invested in their own opinions on how the investigation was being conducted, what the McCanns were like as parents.

When the story first broke, it triggered a nationwide surge of sympathy, and panic, touching on that fear that lurks in the soul of all parents – for what mother or father hasn’t felt that lurch of panic after losing site of their child for a few minutes in a supermarket or the park. Stories of missing or lost children have long tugged at our hearts, populated our fairy tales. No doubt we are hardwired to respond to them.

What was it about the Madeleine case that turned it into such a global preoccupation? “It’s hard to imagine any one story,” said PR consultant Michael Cole, in the documentary, Madeleine McCann A Global Obsession, “that could have ticked more boxes, rung more bells in the human psyche than this one. It’s every parent’s nightmare.” But it was more than that. It was every parent's nightmare wrapped up in the right demographic packaging. It brought together a kind of perfect storm of factors, starting with a pretty, very young, blonde white female victim - the so-called Blonde Angel Syndrome, which sees the press fixate on a young blonde white female more than any other type of victim. Couple that with good-looking, middle-class parents, one a cardiac surgeon, the other a GP; a holiday crime location, outside the UK, in Portugal, and hence a fear and suspicion of the foreign - and you have a crime almost designed to captivate the public.

Where it happened was of significance, and revealed a whole layer of prejudice. “The fact that the Madeleine mystery – and I use my words carefully – began abroad,” wrote Dr John Jewell, of the School of Journalism, Cardiff University, “ in less affluent, less prosperous Portugal may also be significant in why we’re so interested. This is because (in a sense) we as nation can absolve ourselves from responsibility. Despite evidence to the contrary in terms of crimes committed against children in Britain, we can tell ourselves that this is a crime that happened because the family was abroad.”

What we observed with Madeleine McCann was a kind of moral panic. Initially it tapped into the intense cultural fear, around paedophiles, the fairytale fear that some “other” was lurking out there, ready to steal our children, particularly those that are cute and blonde and very young.

Actually Madeleine was just one of many British children who go missing in a year. In the UK around 50 children are abducted by strangers annually, but we hear very little of most of them. Not every missing child becomes a Madeleine McCann. This is partly because not every missing child is white, blonde, female, and the daughter of middle-class parents.

As feminist writer, Joy Goh-Mah has said: “In the UK, if asked about cases of missing children, most will be aware only of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in 2007, despite a child being reported missing every 3 minutes. While her disappearance is no doubt a huge tragedy, we have to wonder why it is Madeleine McCann, a pretty white girl, who has captured the sympathy of the public, and not girls with names like Aamina Khan, Elizabeth Ogungbayibi, or Folawiyo Oladejo, all of whom are listed on Missing Kids UK.”

American comedian Jon Stewart once pointed out wryly that the following equation might give an indication of how much airtime child abductions get on TV: “y (minutes of media coverage) = Family Income x (Abductee Cuteness ÷ Skin Color) + Length of Abduction x Media Savvy of Grieving Parents”. Madeleine MCann had all those factors in spades.

The 'Blonde Angel Sydrome' was also termed “Missing White Girl Syndrome” by the journalism academic Sarah Stillman. “International headlines,” she wrote, “deliver the lurid details of British three-year-old Madeleine McCann’s disappearance while on holiday with her family in Portugal, but offer few clues about the fate of Esmeralda Alarcon, one of more than 400 young women to go missing in the border [town of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico].”

When we look at the other tales of missing, abducted or murdered children and young women, that have dominated international headlines in recent years, it’s clear that the obsession with Madeleine is part of a pattern. Even if one looks at the media just in the last week, it's possible to see that same story being told again and again, our ongoing obsession with this particular type of victim. Last Tuesday, for example, the British tabloids threw up in quick succession the following stories involving white, middle-class, mostly blonde, girls: Natasha Kampusch talking on Good Morning about her eight years of hell, kept as a slave in a cellar in suburban house near Vienna, Austria, and sending out a message of hope to the McCanns; a report on a new Netflix film which asks if the six-year-old American beauty queen JonBenet Ramsay was killed by members of a Colorado child porn ring; a story on how the daughter of Soham murderer Ian Huntley has said she'll never call the notorious killer her 'dad', with, yet again, that poignant photograph of Holly and Jessica in their football tops.

The constant reiteration of the story of the stolen white girl has to correspond to some kind of myth that is being sustained. Washington Post writer, Eugene Robinson, described it as the “damsel in distress” saga. Writing on the way the disappearance of 18-year-old Natalee Haywood, a blonde, white American on holiday on the Caribbean island of Aruba, had caused a similar international media frenzy, he criticised what he saw as a “meta-narrative of something seen as precious and delicate being snatched away, defiled, destroyed by evil forces that lurk in the shadows just outside the bedroom window. It's whiteness under siege. It's innocence and optimism crushed by cruel reality. It's a flower smashed by a rock.”

But, for all the McCann's middle-class identity helped secure the story a profile, it also helped created a backlash. The fact that the McCann case was getting the kind of attention that other disappearances, of working-class, black or boy children, might have not done, seemed to fuel some of the criticism. Right-wing columnist Amanda Platell has observed: “Her disappearance divided the nation on class lines, because I lost count of the number of people who wrote to me and said, if she had been the daughter of a couple of unemployed people living in Liverpool, she would have been off the front pages in a matter of days.”

Would a working-class story have generated such coverage? In some ways we found out – since the following year the story broke about the disappearance of Shannon Matthews, daughter of Karen Matthews, a mum living on benefits in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. As writer Cole Moreton observed when he reported on the story, both the reward money raised and the media presence there in Dewsbury, were far smaller than had been drawn to Praia da Luz the previous year. Of course, it would soon be discovered that the whole thing had been a scam and Karen Matthews was dubbed “Britain’s Worst Mother”. But was that lack of coverage, till then, because the child and parent involved were working class, and not as obviously photogenic as the McCanns?

Both Karen Matthews and Kate McCann have been criticised, and for different reasons. Matthews because she lied and put her child at risk, Kate McCann because she was considered, by some, guilty of a kind of middle-class neglect when she went out and ate at tapas on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance, leaving her daughter alone.

Indeed one of the things that has marked out the Madeleine McCann story, is not just the intensity of feeling around her disappearance, but also the ferocity of the backlash against her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, who some saw as publicity-hungry and attention-seeking, and others considered to have been let-off-the-hook because of their class and connections.

One study by a team at the University of Huddersfield revealed that around 150 abusive tweets are directed at the McCanns every day. Inevitably, with the McCanns back in the media spotlight again, there has been a fresh surge of such abuse. A search of “McCann” on Twitter last week revealed comments such as: “Why are they still looking for Madeline McCann when thousands of kids with regular backgrounds have gone missing & we never hear about them?” Another questions: “What normal parents leave 3 young children on their own, whilst on holiday in a foreign country.”

This is typical of the relatively low levels of empathy often exhibited for the parents of children who have been mysteriously abducted or murdered. Suspicion, of course, is natural. We know that most child murders are committed by family members. But there is something more going on here. Clarence Mitchell, who has represented the McCanns for 10 years, spoke on Australian television last week and described how he thought that for many members of the public "the situation just didn't fit the stereotypical ideal that many people have, wrongly, that something like this can't happen to a family like them…Once it was reported that the family weren't with the children when Madeleine went missing, then the judgment squad kicked in and they were 'guilty of neglect' at the very least.”

That this happens isn’t surprising. We are hard on each other as parents, suspicious, and keen to accuse other parents of neglect, or worse. Part of this, maybe, is a way of comforting ourselves. If we can find fault, that allows us to tell ourselves that if we do things right, we can protect our children. We can, even in this age of moral panic over paedophilia, keep them out of harm's way.

Ten years on and we can see the way our society has been marked by the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. We can also see the way in which, our response to the tragedy says so much about who we are, and who we value. The McCann story is also now an integral part of our narrative of modern childhood and parenting, a kind of fairy tale warning that works its way into the arguments that exist over stranger danger, hyper-protectiveness, and what a good parent and, in particular, a “good mother” is. What parent now, after all, could possibly leave a young child alone in a hotel, apartment, or any other room, and not think for a moment of missing Maddie?

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Post by Verdi on 03.08.18 23:43

Madeleine McCann: 'I listened for 15 seconds and knew they were innocent’

A wealthy British businessman was moved to help search for Madeleine McCann after her parents Kate and Gerry became suspects

By Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan - 10th September 2014

Gerry and Kate McCann never ceased doing what they could to move forward the investigation – which they saw as stalled – into Madeleine’s disappearance. They held, always, to the belief that their daughter could still be alive.

When they returned to the UK from Portugal in September 2007, Gerry insisted it did not mean they were giving up their search for her. ''As parents we cannot give up on our daughter until we know what has happened.”

Three days later, someone who was to be of great and lasting assistance to them got in touch. Brian Kennedy, a wealthy British businessman, had been following events as they unwound in Portugal and wanted to help.

“I was incredulous,” he told us. “I’d been losing all hope and faith in human nature. I had been asking myself, 'How is this possible?’ [Kate] is grieving. My instincts were telling me there was a great injustice being done. I called my lawyer and said, 'I want you to reach out to these poor folks and see if we can help them’.”

Kennedy, the Scottish-born, Cheshire-based son of a window cleaner, then aged 47, had leapfrogged from trainee accountant to a management role in a kitchen-equipment company, then to the mobile-phone business, double-glazing and plastics. By 2007 his net worth as head of his company, Latium Enterprises, was said to be £250 million.

An experiment with retirement had driven him “nuts” and he was back in the business fray. When he began talking about trying to help the McCanns, friends and colleagues told him not to get involved, that his intervention would end in tears. “What,” he recalled someone saying, “if the parents turn out to be guilty?”

“I remember replying, 'What happens if they’re innocent?’ Can you imagine the horror of losing your daughter… and then the world turning against you and accusing you of being responsible for her murder? Is it not bad enough, the terror, the agony they are going through? I could understand it – I’ve got five kids. I told my lawyer, 'If you feel they’re innocent, then we’ll get behind them and help them’.”

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 Kate-mccann_3032740c

His lawyer made contact with the McCanns and they met Kennedy in London. “Within 15 seconds of listening to Kate,” he said, “I made a decision, using all the emotional intelligence one builds up over many years. I was 100 per cent convinced of their total innocence. I told them that, one, we would find a top Portuguese lawyer to defend them, and get them off as arguidos [the McCanns had been designated “named suspects” by the Portuguese authorities days before they returned to England].

Two, we’d do everything in our power to influence the public’s perspective and views. And, three, we’d support them in setting up some private investigators … The Portuguese police had stopped investigating. It was urgent to get some other guys on to it.”

Top-level legal help was found in Portugal. At Kennedy’s bidding and at his expense, Clarence Mitchell – a government adviser who had previously acted as the McCanns’ spokesman in Praia da Luz, the holiday resort from where Madeleine had disappeared – quit his Whitehall job and came back on-board.

Kennedy prefers not to reveal how much he spent on helping the McCanns, beyond saying that there were “substantial” outgoings – principally legal and media-related costs. Stephen Winyard, the owner of Stobo Castle Spa, in Peebleshire, and Sir Richard Branson also contributed. However, it was Madeleine’s Fund – the not-for-profit company established to find her in 2007, the board of which Kennedy’s then lawyer joined – that would, in time, deal with the cost of private investigators, once that effort went into high gear.

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 Kennedy-mccann_3032742c

Present at Kennedy’s first meeting with the McCanns in London were representatives of Control Risks, a firm specialising in security and crisis management. It had already sent detectives to Portugal to see the couple right after Madeleine’s disappearance, at the expense of an anonymous donor whose identity has never been revealed.

Kate McCann had not enjoyed that first encounter. One of the Control Risk operatives was a mysterious figure who introduced himself only as “Hugh”. He was one of the many former intelligence officers the company employed, and a main part of his role now was as a potential kidnap negotiator. Kate, already distraught, had not liked the James Bond atmosphere he brought with him. Besides, there would never be anybody other than hoaxers with whom to negotiate.

As the McCanns’ renewed use of Control Risks began to be mentioned in the press, noises of disapproval came from Portugal. “You cannot have private detectives intervening in criminal cases,” sniffed Carlos Anjos, head of the Polícia Judiciária’s union. The McCanns resolved to go ahead, motivated by advice Gerry had noted during a research trip to the US earlier that summer.

A document issued by the US Justice Department for use by parents of missing children, The Family Survival Guide, recommended considering using private detectives if they could “do something better or different than what is being done by law enforcement”. Given what they saw as the fiasco of the Portuguese police probe, the McCanns nurtured that hope.

“I had no experience at all with private detectives,” Kennedy remembered. “But the way you run a business is all about surrounding yourself with people who understand industries that you don’t understand.” He initially hired two former Metropolitan Police detectives, and in late September decided to follow up a rumour that Madeleine might have been sighted in Morocco. Kennedy and the detectives, who flew out aboard his private jet, hired a Moroccan tourist guide to accompany them to the mountain village where it was reported the missing girl might be. She was not there, but the guide – promised a reward – subsequently spoke of having travelled vast distances circulating Madeleine’s picture. “If I find her,” he said, “I will be rich. I have been promised I will never have to work again – maybe a million pounds.”

“I suppose,” Kennedy said later “we had been looking for low-hanging fruit. After a few weeks, though, we decided we needed to go about it in a very professional way.”

Brian Kennedy had set a potentially useful process in motion. Months earlier, the Portuguese police had produced a poor drawing of the man the McCanns’ friend, Jane Tanner, had seen carrying a child near the holiday apartment in which the McCanns had been staying on the night Madeleine vanished. Now, in England, a British forensic sketch artist took on the job of extracting more and relevant information from Tanner. This fresh image got major media coverage – raising the possibility of new leads.

Kennedy then cast around for suitable private investigators to hire, and picked Método 3, a Spanish company. The agency’s claims included having located 23 missing children and teenagers. Given that it was not legitimate for investigators to work for the McCanns in Portugal while the police probe was still under way, it was hoped that Método 3 – with its knowledge of the region and its connections in Spain – might prove effective.

It seemed, briefly, that the private detectives could also rebuild bridges with the Portuguese Polícia Judiciária. At the request of the head of Spain’s anti-kidnapping unit, two PJ officers met Método 3 operatives. But the points the private detectives raised did not interest the Portuguese.

Método 3 followed up on a vast number of potential openings in the hunt for Madeleine. Nothing tangible resulted, but they made some startling statements that kept the case in the public eye. “We are 100 per cent sure,” their boss, Francisco Marco, told the American network CBS, “that she is alive. We know the kidnapper. We know who he is and how he has done it.” On the BBC’s Panorama programme, he said: “We are very close to finding the kidnappers.” Then, in early December, he announced: “We believe she is in an area not very far from the Iberian peninsula and North Africa. And we have a fairly certain idea who she is with.”

No facts emerged, however, to back up these claims. According to The Daily Telegraph, a source close to the McCanns said the couple had begun to think “they might have been sold a pup”. A veteran Spanish police detective was derisive. Método 3 would solve the case, he said, “cuando las ranas crecen los pelos” – “when frogs grow hair”.

As the months slipped by, the McCanns made a move they were to regret. A contract was agreed with Oakley International, a US-based company described by a source close to the couple as being apparently “absolutely the best, but extremely secretive”. Oakley was said to employ former FBI, CIA and US Special Forces personnel. It was reportedly agreed that Madeleine’s Fund would pay the company £500,000 under a three-stage contract – with more to come should Madeleine be found alive.

The McCanns and Kennedy at first got the impression that Oakley was doing its job. Its investigators appeared to be collating and following up information that came in as a response to the parents’ appeals, and were conducting covert interviews in Portugal.

But it later emerged that hundreds of calls to a dedicated hotline were never checked by Oakley. Tapes of interviews conducted in Portugal were said to be useless, involving people irrelevant to the case. Specialists used by Oakley began to find that their bills went unpaid. An undertaking to deliver satellite images of Praia da Luz on the night of May 3, 2007, when Madeleine had disappeared, resulted only in pictures grabbed from Google Earth. With little or no real progress, and as funds continued to haemorrhage, Brian Kennedy called time.

Oakley’s boss Kevin Halligen, it turned out, was a fraud. After his involvement in the Madeleine case, Halligen was arrested in the UK in connection with charges relating to a trading company fraud, and extradited to the United States. He was convicted there on the fraud matter, then deported to Europe.

“The Oakley episode went sort of sweet and sour,” Kennedy told us. “There were genuine guys breaking their back, trying to make a breakthrough. The lion’s share was spent on the investigation, despite what the newspapers say… [But] it all ended in tears.”

It was a major setback, but Kennedy and the McCanns did not give up. On the recommendation of the head of Manchester’s Serious Crime Squad, they went on to hire an experienced former senior police officer, David Edgar. He put in much arduous, systematic work – and held the fort until 2011, when, following an appeal to David Cameron, Scotland Yard began investigating. The dossier the McCanns’ private detectives had gathered was passed to the Yard, and its probe continues today – as Operation Grange.

What's that funny smell ....?

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Post by Verdi on 03.08.18 23:55

Private jet on standby to pick up girl police thought was Maddie was funded by double-glazing multi-millionaire touched by family's plight

  • Blonde, English-speaking girl in Morocco convinced authorities it was Maddie
  • Brian Kennedy, who sold Everest for £63million, paid for private jet on standby 
  • One of two heartbreaking near misses revealed this week by Clarence Mitchell 
  • The other involved a repeated, early-morning tip-off about her being on a farm 

James Dunn - 29th April 2017

The private jet put on standby with the engine running to pick up the young girl detectives thought was Madeleine McCann was funded by double-glazing multi-millionaire Brian Kennedy.

Father-of-five Kennedy, who made £63million by selling Everest in 2003, did not know the couple but agreed to cover the costs of 'Team McCann' because he was touched by their plight.

He paid for the plane on standby after an English-speaking girl matching Maddie's description was found in Morocco 12 months after her disappearance.

Kennedy, the former owner of English Premiership rugby team Sale Sharks, and his son had vowed to do 'whatever we can' for the family, which also involved covering legal fees for the family, The Sun reports.
Clarence Mitchell, who has been heavily involved throughout the last decade, revealed two heartbreaking incidents when the family thought that Maddie had been found.

Writing in the Telegraph, he said: 'All the information coming back to us suggested heavily that it could be Madeleine, so much so that an aircraft was put on stand-by, with its engines running, waiting to fly to pick her up.

'Kate and Gerry sat tight. They had learned by that stage to be sceptical, not to give in to natural hope only for it to be dashed. They preferred to wait until the Moroccan authorities had checked it out. And when they did, it became clear she was not Madeleine.'

The other incident came a few months previously, when Mr Mitchell continuously received phone calls at 3am revealing that Maddie was at a farm, which matched a very distinct description, but again turned out to be a false lead.
Mr Mitchell had been working with the McCanns full-time after initially serving as an adviser to them while working at the Foreign Office.  

Mr Mitchell had been working with the McCanns full-time after initially serving as an adviser to them while working at the Foreign Office.  

The former BBC journalist previously covered Princess Diana's death as a royal correspondent and stood as the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Brighton.

He set up his own communications consultancy last year.

Madeleine vanished from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal on May 3, 2007, when she was three years old – with her mother Kate saying the 10th anniversary is a 'horrible marker of time, stolen time'.

But former Scotland Yard detective chief inspector Mick Neville has revealed that Facebook's cutting-edge facial recognition software could help find Maddie, who would now be 14 years old.

When Facebook users upload an image the social media platform maps facial features and 'recognises' other users - making tagging easier.

Mr Neville, a forensics expert, believes the state of the art technology could be used to trace Maddie because of a distinctive blemish in her right eye.

Earlier this week British detectives working on the Madeleine McCann case said they are still pursuing 'critical' leads as the 10th anniversary of her disappearance approaches.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said there are 'significant investigative avenues' that are of 'great interest' to both the UK and Portuguese teams.

Officers have sifted through some 40,000 documents and looked at more than 600 individuals since 2011 with Mr Rowley confirming that four people considered as possible suspects in 2013 have been ruled out.

Kate and her husband Gerry McCann, of Rothley, Leicestershire, have always vowed to never give up hope of finding their daughter.

Asked if police were any closer to solving the case than they were six years ago when the UK investigation was launched, Mr Rowley said: 'I know we have a significant line of inquiry which is worth pursuing, and because it's worth pursuing it could provide an answer, but until we've gone through it I won't know whether we are going to get there or not.

'Ourselves and the Portuguese are doing a critical piece of work and we don't want to spoil it by putting titbits of information out publicly.'

Mr Rowley said they are no longer the subject of further investigation and have been ruled out of the inquiry. Meanwhile, police working on the case continue to receive information on a daily basis.

He described the possibility of a 'burglary gone wrong' as a 'sensible hypothesis' which has not been 'entirely ruled out'.

The senior officer was asked about the theory of a sex predator being responsible for Madeleine's disappearance.

Mr Rowley said: 'That's been one key line of inquiry. The reality is in the modern world in any urban area if you cast your net widely you will find a whole pattern of offences.

'You will find sex offenders who live nearby. And those coincidences need to be sifted out, what's a coincidence and what may be linked to the investigation that you are currently doing.

'Offences which may be linked have to be looked at and either ruled in or ruled out.'

Mr Rowley said there was still a 'lot unknown' in the case, adding: 'All the different hypotheses have to remain open.'


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Post by Jill Havern on 05.08.18 11:17

Madeleine McCann held on private orders of José Manuel Durão Barroso

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 Barros10

Madeleine McCann is being held captive on the personal and private orders of Portuguese politician, José Manuel Durão Barroso.

A decisive breakthrough in the case of Madeleine McCann has been made with new revelations published by the English investigative reporter, Christopher Story. Following the receipt of several death-threats, the latest at lunchtime on Thursday 18th September 2008, Story has released details and named names.

Behind the abduction of four-year-old Madeleine McCann from the Ocean Club Resort, Praia da Luz, Portugal, on Thursday 3rd May 2007, was a shadowy German organisation called the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) and the Portuguese politician José Manuel Durão Barroso, the 12th President of the European Commission.

According to Christopher Story, the DVD, based at Dachau, near Munich, has been extensively involved in paedophile child abduction operations for many years, both in Europe and abroad. Selected children are kidnapped, degraded for perverse purposes, filmed and murdered in the production of snuff movies for the international child pornography trade. Senior politicians in several countries are clients and agents of the DVD.

It was reported on Thursday 7th August 2008 that the Metropolitan Police (London) confirmed in an email that Madeleine McCann was abducted on the orders of a paedophile organisation based in Belgium and controlled by the DVD for the European Commission. The DVD's procedure is that an adult client is sent three photographs of children and chooses one of them. The selected victim is then abducted to meet the client's sexual requirements. After a photographer had taken pictures of various children at the Ocean Club Resort, Praia da Luz, three pictures were given to José Manuel Durão Barroso. He chose Madeleine McCann, an English girl from Rothley in Leicestershire.

José Manuel Durao Barroso (52) was born in Lisbon on the 23rd March 1956. He is married to Margarida Sousa Uva. The couple have three children: Luís, Guilherme and Francisco. Barroso was in office as the 117th Prime Minister of Portugal from the 6th April 2002 to the 17th July 2004. He actively supported the war in Iraq and provided the venue for talks between US President George Bush Jnr and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in the Portuguese Azores on the eve of the conflict.

The current position is that the DVD is refusing to release Madeleine McCann in order to protect Barroso and certain others among its well-known agents and clients.

One of the DVD's bases in Germany is located to the right of the railway line that runs through Unterweilbach, Prittlbach and Hebertshausen into Dachau. It is adjacent to the Hebertshausen Bahnhof in an empty area ending in a very steep bank, against which 8,000 Soviet prisoners of war were shot dead in cold blood during the Second World War. Set into the bank is an odd-looking building with a security gate approached by a path. Beyond this gated entrance is a doorway. Inside the doorway, investigators have photographed evidence of recently used black magic paraphernalia.

The Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), is the secretive pan-German Nazi Strategic Continuum. Over the years, German DVD agents have included President George Bush Snr, The Right Honourable Sir Edward Heath KG MBE (President of The Oxford Union 1938; British Prime Minister 1970-74) and Baron Jenkins of Hillhead (Roy Harris Jenkins, British Chancellor of the Exchequer 1967-1970; British Home Secretary 1974-1976; The Sixth President of the European Commission 1977-1981; Chancellor of the University of Oxford 1987-2003).

Current DVD assets are understood to include the Bush White House, Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister from 1977-2007, Sir John Scarlett KCMG OBE, head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6 GO-2 (London), and several of the senior people at the US Office of Naval Intelligence (Washington).

It is said that many of the high-status British agents of the German DVD were recruited by the Hugh Trevor-Roper DVD cell at Oxford University. Trevor-Roper (Baron Dacre of Glanton) was a prominent English modern historian specialising in the Nazi period.

It has emerged recently that Trevor-Roper worked as a double agent for the German Abwehr. He was active at the International Military Tribunal at Nuremburg (1945-1949) providing obfuscation and false histories to enable the covert escape of senior Nazi operatives and scientists, including Adolph Hitler, from Germany in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. The escaping Nazis were secreted into the American military-industrial complex or into American controlled locations in South America and Antarctica.

The Trevor-Roper DVD cell at Oxford is also said to have recruited, or manufactured leverage upon, several American Rhodes Scholars at Oxford University, including President Bill Clinton and David Evan Kendall. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar at University College, Oxford, in 1968, at the time when Trevor-Roper was Regius Professor of History. Kendall was Clinton's personal lawyer during the Lewinsky scandal and subsequent Senate impeachment trial in 1998. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Worcester College, Oxford, in 1966.

Exploiting his privileged position as a director of The Times newspaper (London), Trevor-Roper was centrally involved in the DVD disinformation fiasco connected with the 'Hitler Diaries' hoax of 1983. Tony Blair was at St John's College, Oxford, from 1974-1976. Later in life he became a close protégé of Roy Jenkins. MI6's John Scarlett was at Magdalene College, Oxford, from 1968-1971, and was awarded a first class degree in History.

Christopher Story's Global Analysis News Announcement dated 20.09.08 can be found here. In addition to the Madeleine McCann case, it covers several much larger issues to do with international political and financial corruption.
Jill Havern
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Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 Empty Media Mayhem

Post by willowthewisp on 05.08.18 14:56

Hi Jill Havern, I ask a very serious question and it is in regard to what can be described as a " Paedophile Ring" and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann,a  Marc Dutroui similar type of Gang?

Madeleine's parents, Kate,Gerry McCann had stated previously,"Paedophiles" had taken Madeleine?

Do you believe a "Paedophile Ring" was in operation during Madeleine's disappearance?

IF Yes?

Why would they take a possible deceased child?

As DCI Andy Redwood couldn't confirm as to whether or Not Madeleine was alive when leaving the apartment,remit,Abduction?

Is everyone now going to go on the "Record" the dogs were wrong,even UK Police remain very tight lipped on this subject,alerts to clothes,DNA/LCI Forensic Evidence,suddenly cannot develop positive results,then the products were contaminated,what a "*ucking coincidence"?

This obviously would have to revolve around evidence of such practices being carried out,as Both the Metropolitan Police Service and Interpol found No Evidence of a "Paedophile ring " operating during 2007-08?

Was this the Truth?

The previous stories involving European Union Leaders,now Royal Yachts and the son of the present Queen having close strange relationships to Convicted Paedophiles,from within the Church of England,Covered up for decades?

As I stated before 2+2=?,without proof it's a "Thesis",a most alarming one,considering all of the supposed input of CEOP,Big Jim Gamble, Metropolitan Police Service,Gold group 8th May 2007, did they take their eyes off the Ball,mesmerised by whom?

The Tapas 7/9,Kate,Gerry McCann are Not Suspects,when will you lot ever learn?

Operation Grange are right up to their Neck in involvement of Madeleine McCann's disappearance,is this to be another One of those "WhiteHall Cover Ups" you bet bottom dollar,Yes /No, truth?

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Post by Verdi on 05.08.18 21:47

Neverending story

Esther Addley - 2nd June 2007

The abduction of Madeleine McCann has sparked an unprecedented global campaign. Esther Addley reports on the family's desperate efforts to keep her in the headlines

On Wednesday, it was the Vatican. Yesterday it was Madrid, next will be Berlin, then Amsterdam, then most likely Morocco.

Tomorrow will mark a month since Madeleine McCann, nine days shy of her fourth birthday, vanished from a holiday apartment in southern Portugal, and this week her parents, still clasping treasured photographs and her increasingly dog-eared cuddly toy, have taken the search to the rest of Europe and beyond. After their audience with the Pope, they spent yesterday meeting the Spanish interior minister and local journalists, before appearing on the country's version of Crimewatch to make another emotional appeal to whoever is holding their daughter. Further ministerial meetings and press appearances are planned. After that, according to those close to the couple, the schedule has not been finalised; what is certain is that it will be far from quiet.

Until the evening of Thursday May 3, Kate and Gerry McCann were an anonymous couple from a small East Midlands town. Today they are at the centre of what has become an international publicity hurricane of quite unprecedented scale. Their daughter's face, screened at the FA Cup final, was seen by an estimated 500 million people; a short video about the toddler was also shown at the Uefa and Heineken cup finals, while Liverpool players posed before their unsuccessful Champion's League bid behind a banner that read: Bring Maddie Home. Gordon Brown, while campaigning to become Labour leader, has worn a yellow ribbon to show solidarity with the McCanns; many of his colleagues did the same, along with David Beckham, countless premiership and SPL football teams and the England cricket team.

JK Rowling, Sir Richard Branson, the theatre impresario Bill Kenwright, the philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter and Jacqueline Gold of the Ann Summers sex shop chain, have each pledged hundreds of thousands of pounds for information leading to Madeleine's safe return; one Scottish businessman offered a million. Sir Philip Green loaned his private jet, which took the couple to the Vatican and brought them back in time to tuck Madeleine's twin siblings into bed. BP, Exxon, McDonald's, Carrefour, the French bank Crédit Agricole and the Spanish Banco Santander are displaying her poster around Europe; Vodafone, O2 and the Spanish Telefonica network have sent text messages to their subscribers. In the US, Madeleine's face has appeared on the cover of People magazine, and Oprah Winfrey has invited the family on to her talk show.

A month on, this much we know about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. At about 9.30pm on the second to last evening of the family's holiday, she was asleep in their rented apartment alongside the twins, Sean and Amelie. At 10pm, when Kate McCann went to check on her children, she was not. Nothing else is certain. The police search of the area surrounding Praia da Luz, the resort from which she vanished, was wound up after a week having yielded "zero results", police said, and despite the designation of a British man in the town as an official "suspect", he has not been arrested. The only piece of information that is known came from a friend of the McCanns who was rushing to meet the couple for dinner at about 9.30pm on the night of Madeleine's disappearance when she saw a man carrying away a child in pink pyjamas.

A beautiful child, snatched from her bed while two babies slept alongside, will always be headline news. Yet rarely has the world's media had so much to say - daily, inexhaustible, blanket coverage - about so very little hard information. The McCanns themselves, say friends, have been bewildered at the scale of the coverage, while at the same time feeling a compulsion to ramp it up, convinced that someone will be stung into coming forward. They can scarcely have imagined that, a month on, the perfect media storm would appear very far from blowing itself out.

The McCanns were immediately certain that their daughter had been kidnapped and determined to publicise her disappearance as widely as possible, ensuring that, from the very first moments, the hunt for Madeleine was as much about the media coverage as it was the police investigation. Jill Renwick has known the couple since they all worked together at a Glasgow hospital more than a decade ago. She spoke to Kate at 7am on the morning after Madeleine vanished: "She just said, 'Help me, please help me'. She said, 'We've been searching all night until 4.30am, and then everybody left us'. At that stage there was only one police officer at the door. They didn't know what to do. So I phoned GMTV."

She also phoned the McCanns' wider circle of friends, who mobilised to phone anyone they could think of to beg for help. Renwick's sister called someone she knew in CID, someone had a connection with Des Browne, the defence secretary. One friend lives close to the Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark, said Renwick:  She also phoned the McCanns' wider circle of friends, who mobilised to phone anyone they could think of to beg for help. Renwick's sister called someone she knew in CID, someone had a connection with Des Browne, the defence secretary. One friend lives close to the Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark, said Renwick:  "She knocked on her door and said, 'I know you must think I'm mad but my friend's wee girl is missing, can you do anything to help?' Though they are not friends, Gordon Brown's brother John lives in the same street as Renwick: "I stopped him in the street the day afterwards and said, 'These are my friends. Do you think you could speak to Gordon about it?' And he said of course. I don't know if anything came about that way."

In Praia da Luz, meanwhile, the couple rapidly found themselves the beneficiaries of high-level media advice. The holiday firm Mark Warner reacted with admirable speed to the kidnap. By Saturday morning its managing director and UK operations director were in the resort, along with two trauma counsellors and Alex Woolfall, a PR specialist contracted by the firm. Woolfall, head of crisis management at leading PR agency Bell Pottinger, who advised Monsanto during the storm over GM food, would become for a fortnight the family's adviser and press go-between. He is probably one of the people in Britain best placed to manage such a situation, and it showed. Very swiftly, the storm of TV and print journalists camped outside the family's apartment had established a number of informal rules of engagement: Kate and Gerry would be left largely alone to take their twins to playgroup, for instance; TV cameras would remain fixed. It was made known to reporters that the family wanted their daughter to be referred to as Madeleine rather than the tabloid-coined Maddy.

"We were aware from the outset that there was a huge amount of media interest," said Woolfall, "and they in all the conversations I had with them were very keen to see the media as a partner."

Thus began a carefully scheduled round of interviews, photo-opportunities and press conferences. Helped by the wider family at home, additional photographs were released of Madeleine: a picture of the toddler in an Everton top mobilised the club and Kenwright, its chairman, to their own gestures of support. A holiday snap of the family in Donegal was splashed across the Irish papers. Vigils in Scotland and Leicestershire ensured the presence of their local media in Praia da Luz.

Back in the UK, relatives launched a website and fund to handle some of the many thousands of offers of support they had received; in the first 48 hours the site had received 75m hits, becoming the fastest-growing website on the internet. But however much access the family offer, they cannot hope to meet a demand that remains, a month on, apparently insatiable. Some 62% of all traffic on the Google news website last week consisted of searches about Madeleine.

Woolfall said that, despite their determination to appear before the press as much as possible, the couple have been amazed at the interest in their story. "This couple don't suddenly see themselves as celebrities. If you had actually met them, sat in their apartment and seen them with the twins, they are just like any other couple. But they find themselves having to ask themselves: what can we possibly do that means we will be able to sleep tonight, knowing that we have done everything today that we could have done?"

Brian Kennedy, Kate McCann's uncle, is also chair of the Find Madeleine fund. "There have been a number of sizeable donations but there have also been a huge number of very small ones. It's been very moving. We're incredibly grateful." Part of the money raised - £581,000 by yesterday afternoon - will be used to support the wider family in their campaigning, he said.
Woolfall left Praia da Luz after a fortnight; the McCanns are now being advised on behalf of the Foreign Office by Clarence Mitchell, a former BBC reporter. He organised, in association with British embassies around Europe, the current publicity tour. If anything, say members of the still sizeable press pack accompanying the McCanns, the media operation has become even more professional.

Despite the couple's remarkable drive, Renwick said the tour was taking its toll on her friend. "I think she finds the nights the hardest," she said. "They are busy during the day, they have quite a lot going on, but once the twins have gone to bed and its just the pair of them ... of course it will hit you then."

They are also terribly nervous of overkill. "Although it seems as though Kate and I are in the media all the time, that is not the case," Gerry McCann said yesterday in Madrid. "I can assure you that Kate and I are getting a lot of quality time with Sean and Amelie. Spending time with them helps us cope with the fact that Madeleine is missing."

Team McCann, as the family campaign calls itself, shows little sign of running out of ideas. Assuming Madeleine has not been found, they plan to target the Tour de France, golf tournaments, Grand Prix events, the Isle of Man TT, perhaps even the publishers of the new Harry Potter novel. Leicester hospital has planned a summer ball in aid of the fund; Squirrel Hayes first school in Biddulph, Staffordshire, will be doing their bit on Wednesday with a fashion show.

Meanwhile back in Portugal the investigation continues. Earlier this week it was revealed that the police's latest approach is to check through hundreds of messages from clairvoyants claiming to have information about Madeleine.

You can't beat the Guardian for a touch of the melodrama.

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Post by Verdi on 09.08.18 12:42

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 Sky-news-logo

What happened to Madeleine McCann? Six possible theories examined

Accident, burglary and abduction have all been suggested as possible explanations for Madeleine's disappearance.

11:58, UK, Wednesday 03 May 2017

By Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent

There have been hundreds of different theories about how Madeleine McCann went missing, but they mostly fall into six main categories.

The Parents

The first senior detective on the case, Goncalo Amaral, believed Madeleine died in the family's rented holiday apartment and her parents covered up her death and disposed of her body.

The suspicion appeared to be supported when British sniffer dogs - trained to detect body scent and blood - reacted in the apartment and in a car which was hired by Gerry and Kate McCann about three weeks after Madeleine disappeared.

The misinterpretation by Portuguese investigators of the results of forensic swabs taken from the apartment and car led to Kate and Gerry McCann being questioned and made "arguido" - official suspects.

The couple were ruled out when the Portuguese case was closed, unsolved, after 15 months. They have always denied any part in their daughter's disappearance and two Portuguese investigations and a Scotland Yard inquiry have found no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Would two doctors, trained to preserve life, choose not to raise the alarm, but instead dispose of their daughter's body, and have the means to do so without a car and in a foreign country, before joining friends for dinner as though nothing had happened? And keep such a secret for years while drawing global attention to themselves and their campaign to find Madeleine?


Madeleine wakes up and disturbs a burglar.

He panics and attacks her, then decides to carry her off, dead or alive.

In 2014, Scotland Yard - through the Portuguese police - questioned four local suspects on this theory. They came under suspicion because of their mobile phone contact and location at the time of Madeleine's disappearance, as well as their backgrounds, but were later ruled out. The Yard is still pursuing the general theory, but Portuguese police dismissed it.

Wouldn't a burglar who is disturbed simply get out of the apartment? Detectives say you cannot apply cold logic to a criminal reacting under pressure. If you have eliminated other theories, you pursue the one where you have some evidence, however thin it is, until you disprove it as well.

Such a spontaneous act is likely to lead to mistakes, a trail of evidence and detection.

Attacked by a local paedophile

Madeleine was the victim of a paedophile who snatched her and later killed her - burying or hiding her body, possibly in the sea.

Witnesses saw several suspicious men watching the McCanns' apartment in the days before and on the day, though Scotland Yard said some have been eliminated.

This was the theory pursued by Portuguese detectives who reopened their investigation in 2011 after studying a series of attacks in resorts along the Algarve coast in the years up to 2007. A man had entered the apartments and villas of mainly British holidaymakers and molested young girls while they slept.

There were attacks in Albufeira, Carvoeiro and Silves.

Portuguese investigators believed one man was responsible for those attacks and identified former Ocean Club waiter Euclides Monteiro as their suspect. He was already dead after being killed in a freak tractor accident in 2009.

He was eventually ruled out by DNA evidence, but that means a predator or predators were still at large when Madeleine vanished.

Detectives argue that paedophiles prefer older, pre-pubescent victims and only rarely would risk taking a child from inside a building. They tend to panic after the deed and the bodies of their victims are eventually found not far away.

Such a serious attack is often the culmination of a history of escalating behaviour by a sex predator who may already have a criminal record for lesser offences and be more easily identified.

Abducted by childless couple

Madeleine was taken by or for a couple who could not have children of their own or had lost a child. This could also apply to a woman - or even a man - who wanted a child to keep.

The hole in this theory is that such a kidnapper would be more likely to take one of the younger children, Madeleine's twin siblings Sean and Amelie, who were sleeping beside her and were only two years old.

They would have been less likely to wake up and resist and would remember far less or nothing at all of their old life as they grew up.

The theory would be most welcomed by Madeleine's parents because it would probably mean that she is alive and being cared for.

Taken by child traffickers

Madeleine was kidnapped by a gang, taken abroad and sold into slavery. In 90 minutes she could have been driven to the Spanish border or put on a boat in nearby Lagos marina and taken to Morocco hours before police suspected Madeleine had been abducted.

It was an early theory explored by Portuguese investigators after a report that Madeleine had been photographed on the beach by a stranger. It could have been part of a selection process.

Human trafficking gangs are known to operate in the northwest African country of Mauritania, which in 1981 became the last country in the world to abolish slavery. Many are still thought to be kept in slavery there today.

Several witnesses reported possible sightings of Madeleine in Morocco, a country on the trafficking route to Mauritania. Her parents went to Morocco to make appeals for help in the weeks after their daughter's disappearance.

This may be the the most logical explanation for a child vanishing without trace, as Madeleine did.


Madeleine woke up and went looking for her parents, opened the unlocked patio doors and walked out of the apartment, down the hill and fell into a big roadworks pit where she died or was knocked unconscious and was not spotted when the hole was filled in the next morning.

This theory assumes Madeleine, who was nearly four, would have been able to open the curtains, slide open the patio door and then shut the curtains and door behind her - as well as open and shut the garden gate to the road.

If she went looking for her parents it's likely she would have followed the route down the hill but, instead of continuing towards the roadworks, turned into the pool complex where they were eating. It was a journey she had taken regularly and in the dark street she would probably have been attracted by the light and noise.

Other accident scenarios suggest she walked out and was hit and killed by a car, whose driver panicked and disposed of her body. Or, she wandered off and squeezed herself into some remote, small place and couldn't get out or climbed into a well and drowned.

You can see our special documentary Searching for Madeliene [sic] on Sky News, at 8pm tonight.

Well, I can see the potential there for a blockbuster documentary equal to the infamous untold story that was - about as appetizing as a spam sandwich !

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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Post by willowthewisp on 09.08.18 16:19

Hi Verdi,quite striking that Martin brunt gives a polished version of what two trained doctors are trained to do,"Preserve lives",he never mentions how the Control risk Group were assimulated to Portugal?

The Couple were ruled out when the case was closed in 2008?

Clever Martin,they were not ruled out Martin,as you well know.

No mention of the "Secret Contract" eh Martin,Sky News Corporation,Rupert Murdoch,2007/08,Mr Brian Kennedy,Mr Robert Murat?

No mention of what the Supreme Court of Portugal had decided on 25 January 2017,"Not innocent of involvement in Madeleine McCann's disappearance",why is that Martin,cherry picking for your favourite couple, eh Martin?

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Post by Jill Havern on 10.08.18 9:39

Praia da Luz: Ocean Club is going to dismiss employees

by Rui Pando Gomes

Comment by 3 argudios member: "Effectively you have a prime suspect back in the country creating a video of his alibi!! Its insane!!"

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 Gerry_backOn the day that Gerry McCann arrived in Portugal to record the private reconstitution about what happened to his daughter Maddie on the 3rd of May 2007, 21 workers from the Ocean Club, the resort where the little four year old girl disappeared from, were dismissed. The justification, apart from the global crisis’ effects: “As a result of the unfortunate Maddie McCann event”, which has forever damaged the image of the resort in Praia da Luz and sent tourism away.

On the side of these problems, and despite the fact that neither he nor his group of friends collaborated with the police in a reconstitution of what happened that night, it was a smiling Gerry who presented himself in Praia da Luz yesterday – to record a documentary about the day when he mysteriously lost his daughter.

On the day that this media show took place, Greentrust, the company that runs the resort, advanced a collective dismissal action, which in a first phase includes 21 of the 48 Algarvian employees. The dismissal note mentions that the company’s financial problems are serious and “the perspectives for 2009 render the firm inviable”. The main fault is placed on the bad publicity that has been caused by the Maddie case. According to the firm, “the bad results of 2007 were caused by the abovementioned McCann case”.

In May 2007, the firm had 130 employees. During the following year, several were discharged and only 60 remained. This year 48 has been left, and after the most recent collective dismissal, 27 are left, who “are also at risk”, according to a source at the firm.

“I have a family and children to raise and now I’m out of work. We ask this McCann couple to leave us at peace, please”, one of the workers told Correio da Manhã.

Daughter of McCanns’ friends plays Madeleine

The reconstitution, which is being produced for British ‘Channel 4’, is being recorded with 15 actors. One of them represents Maddie, whose role will be played by “a child from a couple that is friends with Gerry and Kate”, Clarence Mitchell, the couple’s spokesman, revealed to the journalists.

Apart from Maddie, the rest of the cast plays the nine couple’s friends, known as ‘Tapas 9’, and an alleged abduction suspect, tourists and residents of Praia da Luz, and Ocean Club employees.

“Let us live in peace”

“Go home” and “let us live in peace” were some of the sentences that some residents of Praia da Luz shouted at Gerry and the team that is producing the documentary, which will be broadcast worldwide. “What are they doing here? They didn’t help the police when they should have, and now they put on this show to ruin our lives even further”, an upset resident who didn’t wish to be identified told Correio da Manhã, fearing reprisals, because she realises that the couple “is very powerful”.

“Police didn’t accept reconstitution for tv”

The Polícia Judiciária tried twice to carry out a reconstitution of the night of the disappearance, but at no time did the couple and its friends show themselves available. Clarence Mitchell, the couple’s spokesman, justified that the reconstitution was not made at an earlier time because back then “the police refused to broadcast it on television”.

Now that the investigation process has been archived, the couple believes: “This documentary may generate new information to help find Madeleine”, Mitchell referred.

The reconstitution will be available on the www.findmadeleine website, while the Channel 4 documentary is being negotiated with several European countries, including Portugal.

“They want to broadcast lies into the world” (Gonçalo Amaral, former Polícia Judiciária coordinator)

Correio da Manhã – The PJ wanted to carry out a reconstitution of Maddie’s disappearance. The McCann couple and their friends didn’t accept. What relevance does this media-exposed reconstitution have?

Gonçalo Amaral – None. It may be interesting to register the lies that these persons want to broadcast into the world. It’s another marketing operation.

- Are the Judiciária and the Public Ministry being ridiculed?

- I believe so. It’s regrettable that the Portuguese authorities failed to force these persons to come to Portugal to carry out a judicial reconstitution, for the truth to be discovered.

- Only two of the friends are taking part in the reconstitution. Aren’t the others important for the truth to be discovered?

- It would be interesting to know the reason why Mr David Payne is not taking part in the reconstitution. He might explain for how long he bathed the children and at what time. They’re not interested in explaining that.


GNR security – The documentary’s production hired the security services of four members of the GNR [local police force]. Yesterday, two guards were in location until 6 p.m. They were substituted by a new team, that followed the recordings until midnight.

Two days of filming – The filming will stretch over two days. Gerry McCann was interviewed yesterday, and scenes were recorded at the Tapas restaurant, where the couple dined on the evening that their daughter disappeared. Today, filming will take place near the church of Praia da Luz.

Scene with suspect – One of the scenes that were recorded yesterday involved a man that one of the couple’s friends, Jane Turner, says she saw walking by, carrying a child on the night when Maddie disappeared from the apartment.

Murat: No role in the movie – Anglo-Portuguese Robert Murat, who was one of the arguidos in the case, over suspicion of being linked to an abduction, is not taking part in the reconstitution movie, spokesman Clarence Mitchell revealed.

Gerry: Team consultant – Maddie’s father, Gerry McCann, does not take part in the filming but is a team consultant, just like Jane Tanner and Matthew Oldfield, friends who were on holiday with the couple.

Kate: “Not ready” – Kate McCann, the missing girl’s mother, “is not ready to return to Portugal yet”, according to what Clarence Mitchell, the couple’s spokesman, told the journalists.

source: Correio da Manhã, 05.04.2009


Little girl threw a “tantrum” during filming

The false ‘Maddie’ from the new McCann documentary didn’t make the production’s work easy, and on Saturday night refused to cooperate in the filming despite the insistence of her mother and of the other actors.

The little four-year-old girl, who is the daughter of Kate and Gerry McCann’s friends, ended the night of Saturday crying and fighting in her mother’s arms.

Wearing socks and a pyjama that was identical to the one that Madeleine allegedly wore on the night of the disappearance, the little girl, who somewhat resembles the true Maddie, was always in the company of her mother and of the wife of the Anglican priest of Praia da Luz, but not this made it possible for the filming to be concluded, and everything was postponed to yesterday evening, away from the disapproving looks from members of the public who were present on location.

It was at around 11.45 p.m. on Saturday evening that Kate and Gerry McCann’s spokesman ended up apologising to the journalists, saying that it would be impossible to photograph or film the child that evening.

“Can you see that… It’s so cold and the child is standing there wearing socks”, a member of the public protested incredulously, adding that “it had to be English people to do something like that.”

Source: Duarte Levy for 24horas, 06.04.2009 translated by Astro
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Post by Jill Havern on 10.08.18 11:19

Seven months after the deadline passed for reopening Maddie case, Gerry whinges that no one is looking for her...

By James Murray

DEVASTATED Gerry McCann wants police to reopen their investigation into the disappearance of his kidnapped daughter Madeleine.

The heart specialist said: “At the minute there is no law enforcement agency actively looking for Madeleine – looking at the evidence, saying: ‘Where are the gaps and what more can we do?’ That’s what we need.”

Investigators working for Gerry and his wife Kate have spent months poring over the shelved Portuguese police files on the two-year-old case.

They are also working on a Channel 4 documentary about the kidnapping, which will include a reconstruction of the night Madeleine vanished on May 3, 2007, with actors playing the McCanns and their seven friends.

Speaking in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz after working as a consultant for the programme, Gerry, 40, played down any criticism of the Portuguese police.

He said: “They worked extremely hard and there were many different pressures. If you look back there were probably mistakes on all sides.”

He was not offended when some locals gave him a cool reception on his return to the resort last weekend.

“I can understand that,” he said. “They don’t want the media intrusion and the negative association with Madeleine’s abduction.

“I didn’t feel any evil around Praia da Luz. What happened here could have happened anywhere.

“I’m sorry for any harm caused and I want to thank the local population for their support and tolerance.

“Kate and I haven’t come back due to the media exposure and the controversy such a visit would pose.

“I hope people understand why we are doing what we’ve done.

“Madeleine is still missing. We need to do everything reasonable to get any information. The best thing for everyone is that she is found and whoever took her is caught.”
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Post by Verdi on 10.08.18 12:19

When you've spent half your life poking around the hearts of others, stands to reason you ain't got one of your own.

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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Post by Verdi on 10.08.18 12:20

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 DailyStar020615pe2

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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Post by Jill Havern on 11.08.18 12:30

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 Express15273992
By James Murray

Secret tunnels beneath the Portuguese seaside town where Madeleine McCann vanished two years ago today may hold the key to her disappearance.

The tunnels, dating back to Roman times, have never been thoroughly searched, despite repeated requests.

Documents in Portuguese police files, published today for the first time, suggest a vital line of inquiry was ignored and have led to fresh calls for a proper investigation into the tunnels.

A British woman wrote to UK detectives saying: “There are six to eight tunnels under Praia da Luz that the PJ [Portuguese police] have not searched. There is a tunnel under the church, there are tunnels under Estrela da Luz apartments. These have not been searched.

“The archaeologist involved with these tunnels was arrested as an abuser in the Casa Pia case but later released [this was a notorious child abuse scandal centring on orphanages in Lisbon].

“Does this not send alarm bells ringing? Something not right in Portugal. Why are the PJ not searching these tunnels and the church?”

Quote from Gerry McCann:
"When I was praying I started thinking of all the things that were happening. There were lots and lots of ideas in my head and how we could make things better and I was really feeling very down and not sure which way to proceed. I had this mental image of being in a tunnel and instead of the light at the end of the tunnel being extremely narrow and a distant spot, the light opened up and the tunnel got wider and wider and went in many different directions. I talked to you (Kate) about it and said, 'I am not prepared to pursue one path. We are going to do everything in our power to influence things.'

"It was almost like something - I am not saying it was the Holy Spirit - came into me and gave me that image. That is when I really felt I had a clear path."

Was it a religious experience?

"I can't say it was a vision because I am not clear what a vision is but I had a mental image and it certainly helped me decide. I became a man possessed that night. The next day I was up at dawn, making phone calls."
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Post by Jill Havern on 11.08.18 12:46

By Tom Leonard in New York
Last Updated: 7:19AM BST 05 May 2009

In their first US television interview, a frequently tearful Kate McCann told Winfrey of her "feeling of absolute helplessness" on discovering her daughter, then nearly four, had gone missing from their hotel room in the Algarve two years ago.

The McCanns used Winfrey's show, which is broadcast in more than 100 countries, to give new impetus to their campaign to find their daughter.

Madeleine's bedroom at her home in Rothley, Leics, was "all ready, waiting," her mother said.

"I go in (the room) about twice a day to talk to her, just to say hello really ... tell her that we're going to do everything we can to find her."

She said it made her angry when the Portuguese police revealed that she and her husband, Gerry, were suspects because "it suddenly dawned on me that they weren't looking for Madeleine and they weren't looking for the abductor".

The couple said there was no evidence that she was dead. "I don't feel that she's that far away," said Mrs McCann.

The hour-long programme focused heavily on an age progression photo of Madeleine, which shows her as she would look today, about to turn six, although Mrs McCann admitted she could not relate to the image as her daughter.

Mr McCann said it was "not too late" for the abductor - whom they are convinced is male - to "do the right thing", adding: "They can hand her over to a priest or someone in authority."

Holding hands frequently during the studio interview, both parents wore the yellow and green wristbands that have become a symbol of their campaign.

During a section of the programme filmed at the family home, Mrs McCann's eyes welled up with tears as she showed the camera pictures drawn by Madeleine that she could not bring herself to remove from the refrigerator.

"She was like my little friend all the time," she said. When she worried about how her daughter was now, she admitted she sometimes fretted about the "little things".

"Is someone brushing her teeth? Is someone rubbing her tummy if she's not feeling well? It's all those things you do as a mother."

Madeleine disappeared from her bed as her parents dined with friends in a nearby tapas restaurant on the fifth night of the family holiday.

Addressing their much-criticised decision to leave their children unsupervised in the apartment as they ate, Mrs McCann told Winfrey: "I could persecute myself every day about that, and I feel awful that we weren't there at that minute."

Source: Telegraph

Here's a few more things that Katie did as 'a mother':

Left 3 babies alone in an unlocked apartment despite them having cried for 75 minutes on a previous night
Ran to the tapas bar to raise the alarm, leaving the twins alone again
Left the twins in the creche, with a predator on the loose, after Maddie disappeared so they could tour Europe
Deleted mobile phone records
Left the locals to search for her daughter while she and Gerry 'prayed like arabs' on the bed
Left her fingerprints on the jemmied shutter which wasn't jemmied
Washed cuddlecat
Washed the curtains
Pushed the sofa against the wall
Smashed a bed
Went jogging instead of searching
Refused to answer 48 police questions
Refused to take part in the police reconstruction
Refused to take a lie detector test
Lied to the police
Wrote a fake diary
Accepted millions of pounds in donations which was used to pay their mortgage
Made excuses for the dna found behind the sofa and in the hire car
Told police she took Cuddlecat to work and it got contaminated by six corpses
Had Maddie made a Ward of Court
Put pressure on Gordon Brown to interfere with the investigation
Fled Portugal the minute they were made arguidos
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Post by Jill Havern on 11.08.18 13:56

Kate McCann's critics quiet at last

By Fergus Shanahan
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TWO years on, the tide seems to have turned at last for Kate McCann.

It really does seem to be sinking in to even her most vicious critics that she played no part in Maddie's disappearance.

You only had to watch Kate on America's Oprah Winfrey Show to see how utterly destroyed she is.

At least half the country spent several weeks thinking she was up there with Myra Hindley and Rose West. I got a lot of outraged emails when I stood up for her from the start.

But I bet you this. As the foreign holiday season gets under way (for those who can still afford it), how many parents will nip down to the bar for five minutes leaving their kids asleep in their room, thinking "How can anything happen to them in the middle of a big, well-run place like this?"

Source: The Sun (appears in paper edition only)
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Post by Verdi on 12.08.18 0:10

Madeleine McCann: British detectives fly to Portugal

  • 29 January 2014

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 _72595335_72595334

British detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have flown to Portugal and spoken to local officers, Scotland Yard has said.

Madeleine was three when she disappeared in 2007 from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

Portuguese police said the detectives were in Faro on Tuesday.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, senior investigating officer in the case, is understood to be one of those who travelled to Portugal.

A high-profile campaign run by Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, and a Portuguese police investigation, have failed to locate the missing girl.


Last week, Portugal's attorney general's office acknowledged they had formally received a letter of request from the British authorities for assistance in their enquiries.

It was reported that the request concerned assistance to arrest three suspects who were carrying out burglaries at the Ocean Club complex in Praia de Luz, in the Algarve, where the McCanns were staying.

In the 17 days before she disappeared, there were two incidents in the McCanns' block, one burglary and one attempted burglary.

Police have said the possibility that Madeleine had been snatched by burglars as part of a bungled break-in was a key line of inquiry.

Between January and May 2007, when Madeleine went missing, there was a four-fold increase in the number of burglaries in the area.

Scotland Yard launched a new investigation into Madeleine's disappearance last July, two years into a review of the case, and made renewed appeals for information.

The detectives met their Portuguese counterparts at the Faro Judiciary. Scotland Yard confirmed a team of officers had been in Faro as one of a number of regular trips they have made in connection with the inquiry.

Thursday 3 May 2007: Timeline

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 _70493411_madeleinesatview_withsighting

  • 20:30 Kate and Gerry McCann leave their apartment to have dinner at a Tapas bar
  • 21:05 Gerry McCann checks on Madeleine and her siblings
  • 22:00 A man is seen carrying a child wearing pyjamas heading towards the ocean
  • 22:00 Kate McCann raises the alarm that Madeleine has gone missing

B..b..b..b..b..burglars?  One major problem with this feerie, no evidence - and that's an emphatic no! 

No (and that's emphatic 'n all) level headed parent would leave their child/ren in an unlocked apartment, in a strange place, alone in the dark unless a prior rendezvous had been arranged for a specific visit for a specific reason.

The BBC has conveniently disposed of Jane Tanner's fictitious sighting to be replaced by the 10:00pm sighting in favour of DCI Andy Redwood's revelation moment in the form of Martin Smith and family, as per the October 2013 BBC Crimewatch production.

Hey-ho - why let truth stand in the way of a good old fashioned detective novel.

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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Post by Verdi on 12.08.18 13:27

Madeleine McCann detectives urge paedophile Ray Hewlett to talk to them

A detective working for the McCanns yesterday urged paedophile Ray Hewlett: “Talk to us and prove you’ve nothing to hide.

By Stephen Moyes & Ryan Parry: 26 MAY 2009 Updated 30 JAN 2012

A detective working for the McCanns yesterday urged paedophile Ray Hewlett: “Talk to us and prove you’ve nothing to hide.”

Dave Edgar issued his challenge after Hewlett refused to be interviewed in a German cancer hospital about where he was when Madeleine vanished.

He will try again today to get Hewlett, 64, to talk. He said: “There’s nothing ruling him out of the investigation. If he’s got nothing to hide he should speak...His evidence could be crucial.”

Together with fellow detective Arthur Cowley, they were frustrated yesterday after flying to see Hewlett in a German hospital where he is recovering from throat cancer only to have him refuse to talk to them.

Former detective inspector Mr Edgar, speaking from the hospital in Aachen, said: “It is desperately disappointing because we have flown a long way out here to see him.

“There is nothing ruling Hewlett out of the investigation. If he’s got nothing to hide he should speak to us.”

Hewlett’s partner Mariana also refused to talk to the pair, who are working for Kate and Gerry McCann, when they rang her flat yesterday.

Mr Edgar and Mr Cowley want to ask Hewlett about claims that he and his family were camping an hour’s drive from the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz when Madeleine vanished from the McCanns’ flat there on May 3, 2007.

The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the investigators would try again today to persuade 64-year-old Hewlett to see them.

He added: “Raymond Hewlett is now well aware that the investigators wish to speak to him. However the investigators are still waiting for a definitive response from Mr Hewlett. Clearly, if he is to be eliminated from their inquiries, it is incumbent on Mr Hewlett to talk to the investigators and the investigators continue to hope that he will do so.

“To that end, the investigators will stay in Germany with a view to interviewing him on Tuesday at the latest.”

The detectives arrived in Aachen on Sunday and met German Mariana, mother of six of Hewlett’s children.

Mr Edgar said: “We spent 10 minutes with Mariana. We asked for a message to be sent through her that we need to talk to Hewlett.

“We were unsure at that point whether she would co-operate or not.

“It would appear certain now that he does not want to talk to us. We want to know where Hewlett was when Madeleine McCann went missing.

“Does he know anything about Madeleine McCann and will he speak to us? This is the first named person we have flown out to see. We want to eliminate this man from our inquiries as quickly as possible.

“His evidence could be crucial but we won’t know until we’ve spoken to him.

“It is a matter of urgency because of his medical condition.”

A friend of the McCanns said: “If our men come away from Germany empty handed, that begs more questions than it does answers.”

Hewlett, jailed three times in the UK for sex assaults on young girls, has strenuously denied having anything to do with Madeleine’s disappearance.

The British investigators cannot force Hewlett to answer their questions because private detectives do not have police powers.

Ex-fairground worker Hewlett is in an intensive care ward. He is said to have asked the hospital to remove his details from their computer system.

The McCanns’ friend added: “The hospital is now refusing to confirm if Hewlett is in there and we know he is.

“His wife initially was prepared to convey messages to Hewlett but is now playing silly games.” The investigators yesterday saw

Aachen’s state prosecutor Lutz Bern Klau to ask him to set up a meeting with Hewlett.

But Mr Klau said: “Germany is a free country. Hewlett is not wanted in this country for any crime. There is nothing I can do to help the private detectives..”

Mr Klau did say his office is assisting West Yorkshire police with their request to speak to Hewlett in connection with an alleged sex attack in 1975.

He said no request for help had been submitted by Portuguese police, who are still in charge of the official Madeleine inquiry.

Unbelievable upset !

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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Post by Jill Havern on 12.08.18 13:30

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 Anna_s10

In the printed (June 09) Scottish version Anna Smith - apparent voice of Scotland, had this to say:

"Paedo Shame
The more I hear about the Algarve, the sicker I feel. Investigators hunting for Madeleine McCann say the area is awash with paedophiles, with seven sex attacks on kids in the last 4 years.

Perhaps that's why those thicko cops pointed the finger at the McCanns - by blaming them and moving on, nobody would dig up their dirt. They continue to ignore new evidence and hope what they always hoped - that this case would just go away.

Their priority from day one was the effect this awful tragedy was having on tourism.

I will never set foot in Portugal again for the shameful way they have treated the McCanns, and the sheer ineptitude of the investigation.

An email was sent to Anna Smith of the News of the World to voice concern about her racist article and received the following response:

RE: Lies and defamation‏
From: Smith, Anna (
Sent: 01 June 2009 09:18:48
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks for this, and glad to know you read my column- even if you don't agree. I was writing in essence about the police, and and I don't know where you get your information, but it is universally accepted that they bungled the investigation from day one and have hampered it since. That is the fact of the matter whether you like it or not. I have contacts and friends who have homes in the area and have been appalled at the way they have been upset that the McCann case has affected tourism. That is also the fact of the matter. And you may remember the shouts and anger of the local people when Maddie's mother ran the gauntlet in the street on her way to the police station. I will never forget that, but I didn't mention that in my column. But that is also a fact that you seem to ignore.

I stand by everything I say, and judging by the emails I have had, so does many of my readers.

Jill Havern
Jill Havern

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Post by Jill Havern on 12.08.18 13:45

Anna Smith again - McCann internet attacks are so sick

Media Mayhem - MCCANN MEDIA NONSENSE OF THE DAY - Page 15 Anna-s10


I HAD the misfortune to encounter some of the lowest forms of human life last week.

Thankfully it was only on the internet. My comments about the bungling, thicko Portuguese cops who mishandled the Madeline McCann case upset a bunch of lowlifes who are so sick and twisted that they have set up a website forum dedicated to attacking the McCanns.

It's appallingly cruel and filled with horrendous attacks on a tragic couple, who for the rest of their lives, will count the cost of their mistake.

What kind of people would devote so much of their energy to that level of vitriol?

What kind of morons would be on web forums in the middle of the night spitting hatred to total strangers, when the only real issue here is that a little girl is still missing?

Agree? Disagree?

I hope to God the McCanns don't read it. The internet has a lot to answer for. It has given spineless cowards a place to hide while they drip poison, masquerading as people who want to get to the truth.

There has to be some way we can legislate to shut these people down.
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: anna smith - notw wants to shut 3as down

Comment by a 3 arguidos member:

"There are thousands upon thousands of web sites that amongst other things; promote suicide, peddle child pornography & paedophilia, encourage young girls to starve themselves to death, teach people how to knock up a bomb, spread and incite racial hatred and homophobia, fleece vunerable folk of all their life savings.....etc. etc.

And she wants to see legislation to stop people living in a democracy, the right to free speech and opinion?"
Jill Havern
Jill Havern

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