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Post by sandancer on 19.01.18 13:12

" Perhaps the narrator was talking of the parents mealtimes , bath times and bed times being fun ? " 

Noooooo !! Don't want to even think about it ! That's put me right off my lunch !

aaagh beware

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Post by Verdi on 19.01.18 15:32


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Post by Verdi on 29.01.18 12:58

McCanns demand Portuguese police interview 25 key witnesses

Last updated at 13:28 04 November 2007

Kate and Gerry McCann have demanded that Portuguese police interview 25 witnesses they believe hold the key to solving the mystery of their daughter's disappearance.

The couple's lawyer, Michael Caplan QC, has submitted the list of names to the Portuguese authorities along with a 'petition' for the defence team to be given access to the case file against them.

Mr Caplan is taking advantage of the rights that people are afforded as arguidos, or formal suspects, to demand information and action from the police.

A friend close to the family confirmed that the witnesses the McCanns wish to be interviewed include employees at the Ocean Club resort where the family had been staying in Praia da Luz, including nannies who were working in the club's creche.

Among those said to be on the list is Catriona Baker, the nanny assigned by holiday firm Mark Warner to look after Maddie.

News of the submissions by Mr Caplan came as Mr and Mrs McCann were formally told by British police liaison officers that the Portuguese police were 'reviewing' the case against them.

However, after talks with Leicestershire Police on Friday, Madeleine's parents have privately expressed their confidence that they will not now be charged.

They have even considered what role they could take in the police investigation if their arguido status is dropped.

The McCanns are loathe to lose any input and have considered becoming 'prosecutor's assistants'.

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Post by Verdi on 30.01.18 0:32

Kate McCann DID scream 'They've taken her' claims new nanny witness


Last updated at 16:41 25 September 2007

The first eyewitness account of the frantic moments after Madeleine McCann disappeared can be revealed today.

Nanny Charlotte Pennington confirms that Kate McCann did scream: "They've taken her, they've taken her!"

The mother's precise words have become a pivotal issue in the case, with Portuguese police questioning why she would automatically assume Maddie had been abducted.

Mrs McCann's family have countered this by insisting they recall her shouting: "Madeleine's gone."

Miss Pennington, however, one of the first people to set foot in the couple's apartment after the disappearance, says she heard the mother use both phrases.

The 20-year-old Briton, who tended children for the Mark Warner holiday complex in Praia da Luz, firmly believes the McCanns are innocent.

Speaking publicly for the first time yesterday, she described Mrs McCann in the aftermath as "a broken woman" who was shuddering and unable to move.

"We are trained to comfort people in this type of situation but she was just inconsolable," she said.

Miss Pennington is considered a vital witness by Portuguese detectives with whom she spent more than four-and-a-half hours giving a statement.

She also claims British expat Robert Murat, the first suspect in the case, was in the area of the Ocean Club complex that night. He has repeatedly denied that he was there.

Talking from her mother's home in Leatherhead, Surrey, yesterday she told the Daily Mail: "I was in the apartment less than five minutes after they found that Madeleine had gone.

"When we were coming out we saw Kate and she was screaming: 'They've taken her, they've taken her!'

"I was standing right in front of her outside the apartment's back door, in the alleyway. I was very close to her. It might not have been the first thing she said. But she definitely said it.

"I was one of three Mark Warner staff who saw her shouting it. They have all given statements to the Portuguese police saying that."

The "they've taken her" version of events was first given in the Portuguese press two days after Madeleine disappeared on May 3.

It remained unchallenged until last Thursday when a source close to the McCann family claimed Kate had actually shouted: 'Madeleine's gone!'

Miss Pennington flew out to start work at Praia da Luz on April 28 - the same day that the McCanns arrived. She had worked for Mark Warner on two previous occasions.

She was employed as a nanny in the Ocean Club resort's Baby Club, looking after children aged four to 12 months.

However, she also came into close contact with Madeleine, her two-year-old sister and brother Amelie and Sean, and their parents, both doctors aged 39.

She dismissed claims that the McCanns were not seen for six hours leading up to the disappearance.

She said: "I was helping give the children high tea. The twins were there and Madeleine and both parents.

"It was supposed to finish at 5.30pm but because they were a big group and really social, it didn't finish until about 6pm. There was nothing out of the ordinary at all."

After tea Miss Pennington went to work at the resort's evening creche, in which parents could leave their children while they went out for supper.

Just before 10pm the last mother arrived to collect her child from the creche and mentioned that she had just bumped into a man, who had been shouting a name.

"She didn't get the name, but she said it sounded something like 'Abbey, Gabby or Maddie'. We automatically went into lost-child procedure. In these situations, the first thing we do is investigate the scene.

"We knew that one of the other nanny's charges was called Maddie. We told the head of department what had happened and she took us straight to the apartment.

"There were no children in the room. The twins had been taken out already, I think by one of the McCanns' friends.

"When we were coming out we saw Kate and she was screaming: 'They've taken her. They've taken her!'

Asked if it was the only thing she said, Miss Pennington answered: "It might not have been the first thing she said. But she definitely said it. She also repeated Madeleine's name and said: 'She's gone, she's gone'.

"I couldn't really believe what I was seeing - she was just so distraught. She was screaming out and tears were running down her face.

"Everyone else was running around trying to help.

"Kate and her friend, who was looking after her, were the only ones who weren't out looking for Madeleine."

While Gerry McCann leapt into action and began frantically searching the resort, she said his wife remained outside the apartment, shuddering with tears and unable to move.

Asked why she thought Mrs McCann might have shouted "They've taken her", Miss Pennington said:

"I'm not really sure. But maybe she saw some people looking at Madeleine earlier that day, and she immediately thought that they must have taken her."

The nanny was one of three staff who steered Mrs McCann to the nearby reception area, where they asked her to describe what Madeleine was wearing.

But she remained so hysterical that she could hardly communicate.

"We get missing children all the time, and I have seen plenty of hysterical mothers. But none of them were like Kate."

She confirmed reports from the McCanns' friends that Murat was at the scene.

"He was outside the lobby just before we started on our big search," she said.

"He was adamant that he wasn't there. But he was. He was there in the road, he was just looking. It was about 10.30. He was just watching

"I didn't know his name then. But the next day he was our interpreter and I met him then. He didn't take part in the searches, but he was there."

Murat has insisted that he was at his home nearby throughout the evening of Madeleine's disappearance. Portuguese sources have claimed that he will soon be told that he is no longer a suspect.

Miss Pennington explained that she spent the rest of the evening searching for Madeleine, before finally going to bed at 4am.

The following afternoon she was one of the first people to give witness statements to the Portuguese police.

Since then, she said, she has spoken to a Portuguese detective once and to two British detectives.

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Post by Verdi on 05.02.18 21:43

.... but I won't forgive the f*****g t****r who tried to find the girl....

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Post by Jill Havern on 06.02.18 13:04

This article has now been whooshed:

Madeleine McCann: the police are hunting for a needle in a haystack. Should we really be drawn into this circus?
By Dan Hodges Society Last updated: October 14th, 2013
1 Comment

Images of the "man" police want to question (Photo: PA)
The circus continues. This morning the police have issued a new e-fit of a man they say they want to interview in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. It is on the front of every newspaper, website and television bulletin in the country.
We are being asked to examine it. To rack our brains and scour our memories. Is there anything about this man we find familiar? Is there anything we can do to help the investigation?
Our natural instincts kick in. We stare at it. Then we stare deep into ourselves. What if it was our own child, we say. So we stare once more. At the lifeless, digitally produced eyes of the monster. The man who may have snatched that little girl.
And at that point we are no longer observers of the circus, but part of it. And because we have become part of it, the harder we stare, the less we see.
Two e-fits have been produced this morning. According to police they are of the same man. But in fact, they are of two men. Their hair is different. Their eyebrows are different. Their noses are different. Their ears are different. Their lips are different. Their cheekbones are different.

But we’re all part of the circus now. So we say nothing.
The images of the “man” are being broadcast because, according to police, he represents a crucial lead. But if you listen harder you realise that’s not what the police are saying at all. Yes, a spokesman claimed, it was of “vital importance” the man in the images is identified and interviewed. But he then conceded that he “may or may not be key”. According to Det Ch Insp Andy Redwood “Whilst this man may or may not be the key to unlocking this investigation, tracing and speaking to him is of vital importance to us.”
He may be the key. He may not be the key. In the same way you or I may be the key, or may not be the key. But we are definitely part of the circus. So we say nothing.
And why is it “vital” this man be traced? Because he was seen with a child. Has anyone said it was Madeleine? No. Was he seen hanging around other children? Has he any record of child abduction, or demonstrating any inappropriate interest in children?
Apparently not. According to the police they need to interview him because “We have witnesses placing him in the resort area around the time of Madeleine's disappearance”. Praia da Luz has a resident population of over 3,000 people. That excludes the additional thousands who visit on holiday. And yet being “in the resort area” is now enough to warrant police investigation. But we are part of the circus. And fortunately, we weren’t in the area at the time. So we say nothing.
Is there anything else that makes this particular individual so important to the investigation? Apparently not. Here’s Det Ch Insp Redwood again: "This is far from our only line of inquiry and there will be e-fits released of other sightings as well, who we are equally keen to trace. These people were seen on the day of Madeleine's disappearance and the days leading up to it."
So it seems there is nothing special about this “suspect”. There will be other e-fits. Other appeals. Other questions asked about people who “were in the area”. But we are part of the circus now. So we wait for them. And say nothing.
We certainly don’t question whether the police investigation is indeed making any headway. And why should we? The police spokesman assures us they are making “massive steps forward". Though they have also sought to “try and draw everything back to zero… take everything back to the beginning and then reanalyse and reassess everything, accepting nothing”. The police are moving forward, but they are also heading back to zero.
The investigating team also appear to be spreading their net wide. “Our requests for help need to be repeated in many different countries,” says Redwood. You may not have been in Praia da Luz. You may never have been to Portugal. You may not live in the UK. You may, in fact, live anywhere on the planet. But the police need your help. Even though they are making great progress. "We still have a lot of material to investigate and much work to do," Redwood admits.
And so before our very eyes we see the police engaged in this game of hunting a needle in the haystack. And yet we say nothing. We have our ringside seats to the circus. And we will not be vacating them.
But there are some who don’t have seats to the show. They are the faces that stare out from the website Missing Kids. It currently features 123 children who are currently missing from home. The youngest is three years old. The most recent date of disappearance was Michelle Brewer, reported missing six days ago. The oldest, Mary Flanagan, reported missing on December 31st, 1959.
They will have no television appeals. No e-fits. No special police units established after direct intervention from the Prime Minister.
Madeleine McCann is gone. But the circus rolls on.
Jill Havern

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Post by Verdi on 07.02.18 1:19

Madeleine McCann: Crimewatch to show 'fresh version of events'

13 October 2013

The timeline and "accepted version of events" surrounding Madeleine McCann's disappearance have significantly changed, British police say.

The Metropolitan Police said a BBC Crimewatch appeal to be aired on Monday would feature "the most detailed reconstruction" of the case yet.

It will also broadcast e-fits of a number of men police want to find.

Madeleine, of Rothley, Leicestershire, was three when she went missing in Portugal in May 2007.

Portuguese authorities dropped their investigation into the case in 2008, but Scotland Yard started a review in May 2011.

It has yet to give any details, ahead of the Crimewatch appeal, about how its understanding of events in May 2007 has changed.

Madeleine disappeared from her family's holiday flat in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz, as her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, dined out with friends at a nearby restaurant.
'New significance'

The purpose of the Crimewatch appeal, which police are describing as the "most complex and detailed" so far in the case, is to try to identify a number of computer-generated images, or e-fits, of men who were sighted in and around Praia da Luz on or before Thursday 3 May 2007.

As part of that effort, a reconstruction - almost 25 minutes long - of events leading up to and surrounding Madeleine's disappearance will be shown.

A short clip released in advance by police shows an actress playing Madeleine running across a tennis court as two adults, apparently her parents, play a game.

During the search for their daughter, the McCann family released a photograph of Madeleine, believed to be one of the last taken of her during the holiday, holding several tennis balls.

Det Ch Insp Andy Redwood, who is heading the investigation, said: "The timeline we have now established has given new significance to sightings and movements of people in and around Praia da Luz at the time of Madeleine's disappearance.

"Our work to date has significantly changed the timeline and the accepted version of events that has been in the public domain to date.

"It has allowed us to work with Crimewatch to build the most detailed reconstruction as yet, and highlight very specific appeal points.

"I hope that when the public see our investigative strands drawn together within the overall context of that appeal, it will bring in new information that moves our investigation forward."

DCI Redwood said that police had sought to "try and draw everything back to zero... take everything back to the beginning and then reanalyse and reassess everything, accepting nothing".
Phone records

He added: "The careful and critical analysis of the timeline has been absolutely key. Primarily, we are focused on the area between 8.30pm and 10pm.

"We know that at 8.30, that was the time that Mr and Mrs McCann went down to the tapas area for their dinner, and we know that at around 10pm, that was when Mrs McCann found that Madeleine was missing."

Madeleine's parents will make a live appeal in the studio during the programme and, ahead of the broadcast, they told the BBC how much they still miss her.

"When it's a special occasion, when you should be at your happiest, and Madeleine's not there, that's when it really hits home," Mr McCann said.

Mrs McCann added: "It's when you have the big family occasions... and you haven't got your complete family."

Earlier this month, police said phone records may be key to the case after it emerged officers were analysing data from phones belonging to people who were in Praia da Luz when Madeleine vanished.

The Crimewatch appeal, which will be shown in the UK on BBC One on Monday from 2100 BST, will also be broadcast in the Netherlands and Germany.

Liar!  Liar!  the Crimewatch production was not an update or appeal on behalf of a police investigation - it was a reiteration of the McCann and their friends version of the truth, the story line.

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Post by Verdi on 07.02.18 1:32

Madeleine McCann: Crimewatch response 'overwhelming'

15 October 2013

Police probing the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal say there was an "overwhelming response" to an appeal on the BBC's Crimewatch, with almost 1,000 calls and emails.

Officers suggested the 2007 case bore hallmarks of a "pre-planned abduction".

Scotland Yard said it was also looking into possible links to burglaries and bogus charity collections in the area.

Crimewatch editor Joe Mather said several callers gave the same man's name after e-fit pictures were shown.

Madeleine, from Rothley, Leicestershire, was three years old when she disappeared from her parents' holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on 3 May 2007.

Police outlined their latest findings in the search for Madeleine on BBC One's Crimewatch on Monday.

Detectives released two e-fits of a man seen carrying a child in Praia da Luz at 22:00 on the night Madeleine went missing and it was revealed that police now suspect Madeleine could have been taken later than previously thought - just before her mother returned to the apartment to check on her.

In an update, Det Ch Insp Andy Redwood, the senior Metropolitan Police investigating officer, said there had been 730 phone calls and 212 emails "as a direct result of the specific lines of enquiry we issued yesterday".

"Detectives are now trawling through and prioritising that material," he said. "This will take time."

Crimewatch's editor said the appeal "went better than expected" with many of the calls received from British people who had been at the resort at the time but had not previously contacted the Met.

Mr Mather told BBC Radio 4's Today programme a number of different names for the "key 10pm sighting" were mentioned and several callers suggested the same name.

Det Ch Insp Redwood told Crimewatch a number of men had been seen by witnesses in the area on the day Madeleine vanished and one theory was they could have been carrying out reconnaissance.

He said they wanted to track down men seen "lurking suspiciously" near the McCanns' apartment block.

The Metropolitan Police say their inquiries have led to the timeline and "accepted version of events" surrounding Madeleine's disappearance being significantly changed.

Det Ch Insp Redwood said it had been a "revelation moment" when police discovered a man seen by the McCanns' friend Jane Tanner at 21:15 was almost certainly an innocent British holiday-maker collecting his two-year-old daughter from a nearby creche.

He said: "Our focus in terms of understanding what happened on the night of 3 May has now given us a shift of emphasis.

"It takes us through to a position at 10pm when we see another man who is walking towards the ocean, close by to the apartment, with a young child in his arms."

Crimewatch featured a detailed reconstruction lasting close to 25 minutes.

The film is also to be shown in the Netherlands, Germany and Irish Republic this week as tourists from those countries were known to be in the resort at the time.

Det Ch Insp Redwood said he would be travelling to the Netherlands and Germany to continue the appeal.

Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry told the programme they were "hopeful and optimistic" after the fresh appeal for information.

Mrs McCann said: "We're not the ones that have done something wrong here. It's the person who's gone into that apartment and taken a little girl away from her family."

The two e-fit images released are of a man a family had seen with a blond-haired child of three or four, possibly wearing pyjamas, heading away from the McCanns' holiday apartment.

Det Ch Insp Redwood said he could be the man who took Madeleine - but there could be an innocent explanation.

He also said there had been a four-fold increase in the number of burglaries in the area between January and May 2007 and one possible scenario was that Madeleine had disturbed a burglar.

Police are also looking at possible bogus charity collectors operating in the area at the time and have released two e-fit images of Portuguese men they would like to identify.

Police have also released e-fit images of two men seen in the area around the time that Madeleine disappeared. Two are of fair-haired men who fit similar descriptions.

Portuguese police shelved their inquiry in 2008 but Scotland Yard began a review of the case in May 2011 and opened a formal investigation in July this year.

BBC News correspondent Tom Burridge in Praia da Luz said Portuguese police have not commented on the Met investigation but have given the impression that they are co-operating well with their British counterparts.

Mark Williams-Thomas, a child protection expert, said it was a "pity" there were no plans to show the Crimewatch appeal in Portugal.

"There are a lot of residents there who may have information," he told Today.

He suggested further progress in the case required Portuguese police to reopen their investigation.

[As featured on the official Find Madeleine website]

Madeleine and her brother and sister were left in the apartment at 20:30 while her parents dined with friends at a nearby restaurant.

Mr McCann checked on them at 21:05 and Mrs McCann raised the alarm at 22:00.

In the programme, Mrs McCann described the moment that "panic kicked in" after returning to the apartment to find her daughter missing.

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Post by Verdi on 07.02.18 1:45

Sick internet trolls target Kate and Gerry McCann after Crimewatch special

THE new investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance has been hit by vile trolls.

Published 20th October 2013

Scores of people are thought to have made nuisance calls to the inquiry following a fresh appeal for information on the BBC's Crimewatch show.

Many boasted on Twitter about their time-wasting stunts, with some claiming they told the police new e-fits released on the programme looked like Madeleine's father Gerry, 44.

Twitter user LadyReeve wrote: "Awks when the e-fit is Gerry McCann! I'm going to ring in and name him just in case the police haven't got it yet #Crimewatch."

Another user called KCAEC said: "Who's gonna be the 1st person to phone in and say they recognise the e-fit......its Gerry McCann!"

Someone called Jont-o'-Lantern Gore also tweeted: "Chain smoking pack after pack of cigarettes to change my voice so that I can prank call Crimewatch."

Others on Twitter confirmed that police had been sidetracked by a spate of misleading calls.

Trevor Allman, a former London councillor, said: "Apparently a lot of people have pointed out to the police that the e-fit photo on last night's Crimewatch looks like Gerry McCann."

So far the Crimewatch appeal has generated 2,400 calls and emails to police with information.

The sick phone calls emerged amid growing support for hate-filled opponents of Gerry and Kate McCann, 45.

Detectives are monitoring the internet for vile messages about the couple after a Facebook group targeting the pair attracted 11,000 members.

Madeleine disappeared from the McCanns' holiday apartment in Praia de Luz, Portugal, in 2007.

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Post by Verdi on 08.02.18 1:47

History repeating itself..

'IT'S PERSONAL' Furious Gerry and Kate McCann say their court battle with cop was NEVER about winning money but about stopping his Maddie cover-up ‘smears’

Kate and Gerry McCann face a huge bill that could wipe out search funds for the missing girl after losing their new court appeal to silence Gonçalo Amaral

1st February 2017, 3:45 pm
Updated: 2nd February 2017, 1:54 am

MADDIE McCann's parents have slammed "untruthful and malicious" allegations made by a former cop who was yesterday cleared of breaching libel laws, according to a pal.

Kate and Gerry McCann face a huge bill that could wipe out search funds for the missing girl after losing their new court appeal to silence Gonçalo Amaral, who claims they covered up their daughter’s death.

Gerry and Kate McCann, pictured in July 2014, are reported to have lost their high court bid to silence an ex-cop who claims they covered up the death of their daughter.

Supreme Court judges in Portugal met on Tuesday to resolve the couple’s fight against a lower court’s decision in April last year to reverse their 2015 libel win against the former detective.

Although the hearing took place in private - and an official public decision is not set to be sent to lawyers acting for the litigants until later in the week - it emerged late on Tuesday the afternoon that the case had gone against Gerry and Kate McCann.

The ruling was handed down on the eve of their younger twin children’s 12th birthdays.

"It was never about winning big libel damages but all about them silencing him to stop them spouting his untruthful and malicious lies," a close friend told The Sun.

"It has always been more of a personal battle and they are bitterly disappointed they have lost but not totally surprised."

The friend added: "Any award made would have gone into the Madeleine's Fund to help find their daughter and would never have been used for Kate and Gerry's own use.

"And the whole point of the libel action was to try and stop Mr Amaral spreading wicked and false lies which they felt hampered the search for Madeleine."

It's a blow to the couple who have committed thousands of pounds in the search for Maddie, and who hoped to force the former detective to pay more than £1million in compensation.

If they are ordered to pay Mr Amaral's legal costs, the money may have to come from the Find Madeleine fund - which has dwindled to around £480,000.

The McCanns could also be forced to use money from the fund if a Home Office grant for the Scotland Yard investigation, which runs out in August, is not renewed.

The couple now face the nightmare prospect of being sued for damages by Amaral, who led the initial hunt when Madeleine vanished aged three from their Algarve holiday apartment in May 2007.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the couple said: "What we have been told by our lawyers is obviously extremely disappointing.

"It is eight years since we brought the action and in that time the landscape has changed dramatically, namely there is now a joint Metropolitan Police-Policia Judiciaria investigation which is what we've always wanted.

"The police in both countries continue to work on the basis that there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to physical harm.

"We will, of course, be discussing the implications of the Supreme Court ruling with our lawyers in due course.”

The ruling also means the former detective will not have to pay the McCanns the €500,000 (£430,000) he was ordered to give them after the first court ruling in 2015.

Another close family pal said on Tuesday: "This news is devastating, not just for Kate and Gerry but for Madeleine wherever she is."

A source added: "It’s not good news.

"We just don’t know what to do but we need to sit down with our lawyer and discuss it. We’ve gone to the pinnacle of the Portuguese legal system and we’ve lost.

"We now have to pay a sizeable amount in costs."

It marks a major milestone in Gerry and Kate McCann’s eight-year fight over a book written by Amaral, who led the initial hunt when then-three-year-old Madeleine vanished from their Algarve holiday apartment in May 2007.

Amaral was ordered to pay Kate and Gerry £430,000 plus interest in damages after losing round one of their libel battle in April 2015 over his hurtful book ‘The Truth of the Lie.’

Appeal judges reversed the initial ruling by a court in Lisbon in April last year, siding with the former police chief and overturning a ban on his book.

The decision sparked a fresh appeal by the McCanns to the country’s highest law court.

The McCanns’ Portuguese lawyer Isabel Duarte lodged the couple’s new appeal last May after vowing to fight the U-turn by judges over Amaral’s book.

Criticising the ruling in favour of the ex-police chief, which a friend of the McCanns said had left them “seething,” she said: “This decision was an appreciation of the law and not the facts.

“We can appeal to the Supreme Court which we will do as we have instructions from our clients.”

It is not known at this stage what the McCanns’ final legal bill, which is expected to include Amaral’s legal costs, will come to.

It is thought they will have to use reserves from their official Madeleine’s Fund to pay the bill - with it set to be wiped by Portugal’s Supreme Court shock ruling.

The judge who ruled in the McCanns’ favour in April 2015 said Amaral’s right to freedom of speech were conditioned by the fact he had been in charge of the investigation into Maddie's disappearance until shortly before the publication of his book.

She concluded he played on his status as a long-serving police officer to present personal opinions and claims about the high-profile case as fact.

The appeal judges said Amaral’s right to express his opinions overruled any duty of confidentiality he had as an ex-police chief heading the Madeleine McCann investigation once the case files were put into the public domain.

Amaral is understood to have earned £344,000 from his book before it was banned and a subsequent TV documentary.

He claimed in the book Maddie had died in their holiday flat and they had faked her abduction to cover up the tragedy.

The book was released just three days after Gerry and Kate were told their status as formal suspects had been lifted on July 21 2008.

The McCanns told the Lisbon court staging the Amaral libel trial in the summer of 2014 they were left “devastated and crushed” by his allegations.

Portuguese prosecutors reopened their probe into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance in May 2014, and are now working in close coordination with Scotland Yard’s scaled-down Operation Grange probe into the youngster’s fate.

Last year Kate and Gerry revealed they had told their twins “everything” about Madeleine’s disappearance and said the youngsters still remember her and talk about her often.

Kate, 48, from Rothley, Leics, said Madeleine’s twin siblings Sean and Amelie, now 12, knew about Amaral’s allegations.

She told the court in July 2014 after applying to make a statement: “I believe that’s what's in Mr Amaral’s book and the documentary is very distressing to adults. To a child it could be very damaging.”

Asked by the judge how she felt after reading the book, she said: “I was devastated. It made me feel quite desperate because of the injustice I felt towards my daughter and our family as a whole.

"It was very painful to read and I felt sad for Madeleine. I also felt anxious and fearful because of the damage I felt it was doing in Portugal.”

She went on to accuse Amaral of “consistently smearing” her and Gerry and claimed they feared the book may have stopped people coming forward with information about their daughter’s whereabouts.

The full extent of the hunt for the missing Brit was recently revealed with a total of 8.685 across 101 countries and territories.

Déjà vu? The UK tabloids have such a winning way with their prose and such a taste for the melodrama.

No matter, there's always he ECHR to fall back on. Lodge a bogus appeal with the highest of the high, who knows how many years this could go on?

The best of it is, through the auspices of the McCann League of Defence, the Portuguese police were prevented from properly investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The McCanns could have applied for the PJ to continue their investigation when it was to be archived but they didn't - they were quite happy, relieved I think were Kate McCann's words, that the investigation had come to an end. There has never been any evidence to suggest the McCanns have ever actively searched for their missing child, only the engagement of a string of bogus private investigators. Three years later, after much begging and pleading - apparently, Operation Strangeways is established to continue 'proactively' re-reviewing and re-investigating Madeleine's disappearance - which continues to this very day.

Question.... What exactly was the Find Madeleine Fund Co Ltd created for?

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Post by Verdi on 08.02.18 21:18

Revealed: The nanny who could help clear the McCanns' name

Last updated at 14:50 14 October 2007

This is the nanny Madeleine McCann's parents believe will be a key witness in their fight to clear their names and find their daughter.

For five months the identity of the Mark Warner employee who was looking after Madeleine in Praia da Luz's Kids Club in the hours before her disappearance has been a closely held secret.

She was witness to the McCanns' movements during the week they were on holiday in Portugal and fed Madeleine less than three hours before she disappeared.

On the morning after Madeleine's disappearance it is believed she even told Portuguese police of a man she had seen acting 'suspiciously' around the apartments.

Today we can reveal her identity as 20-year-old Catriona Baker, the daughter of a nurse and draughtsman from Manchester.

The McCanns believe Ms Baker is a key witness in the defence that they are assembling with the aid of a team of lawyers and investigators.

Ms Baker has told friends she is convinced of the McCanns' innocence. She is still in contact with Kate McCann and was said by friends to have been hit hard by her charge's disappearance, even being offered trauma counselling by Mark Warner Holidays.

Intriguingly, Ms Baker revealed to one friend - spoken to by this newspaper - that she told Portuguese police of a man she saw acting strangely near the apartments in the days leading up to Madeleine's disappearance on May 3.

She was interviewed for just three hours by police on the morning after Madeleine's disappearance. This compares with the four-and-a-half hours endured by Charlotte Pennington, another nanny at the resort who was witness to Kate's 'hysterical' reaction to Madeleine's disappearance.

The Mail on Sunday has also learned that within 24 hours of that interview Ms Baker was dispatched by Mark Warner to take up a new position in the Greek resort of San Agostino along with four other members of staff.

They were all linked to the seven holidaymakers who had eaten in the resort's tapas restaurant with Kate and Gerry McCann on the night of Madeleine's disappearance.

It is believed Ms Baker has since been reinterviewed by both British and Portuguese police but she has been told not to comment on the investigation.

The young nanny, described as 'fun and vivacious', has been deeply affected by Madeleine's disappearance, telling friends of nights without sleep and a complete loss of appetite.

Writing to one concerned friend nine days after Madeleine disappeared, she admitted: 'I was her nanny, so it's been tough for me, you wouldn't recognise me.

'It's hit me so hard I've hardly slept or eaten. My mum came to see me, but transferring me to "San Ag" has put me back at stage one as I am so stressed again.

'Love you loads, thanks for writing. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch, I have not been out of the house much.'

To another she added: 'Thanks so much for your support ... I am trying to cope, but not really liking "San Ag"... I don't plan on staying here. If they don't send me back to Portugal. I'll go home.'

She had been introduced to Gerry and Kate McCann on the first evening of their holiday at the Ocean Club resort as Madeleine's designated nanny and had developed a 'good relationship with the couple and especially with Madeleine', according to a friend.

On the day Madeleine disappeared Ms Baker had spent nearly six hours with the toddler, along with five other children aged between three and five. Two of those are believed to have been the children of the McCanns' friends, David and Fiona Payne.

Madeleine and her two-year-old twin siblings, Sean and Amelie, were placed in the resort's Kids Club, where Ms Baker worked, at around 10am while their parents took a stroll before collecting them at 12.30pm for lunch back at the apartment.

In the afternoon, the McCanns played tennis while Madeleine went back to her nanny at the children's club, who gave her tea at 5.30pm. Madeleine, Sean and Amelie were picked up by their parents at 6pm.

Ms Baker was not with the McCanns when the alarm was sounded over Madeleine's disappearance just before 10pm. However, she joined the search shortly after 11pm after completing her duties as a night babysitter.

Mark Warner did not return Ms Baker to Portugal from Greece and she has since left the company. She is now a live-in nanny looking after three children. Her location is being withheld on the request of the McCanns.

Ms Baker refused to comment about the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, adding: 'I don't want to go through it again.'


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Post by MayMuse on 09.02.18 1:52

“Basically, I’m just an ordinary, straightforward guy who’s the victim of the biggest f***-up on this planet – if you’ll excuse the language.” bingo

Robert Murat talking to David Jones, Daily Mail, 02 June 2007


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Post by Verdi on 10.02.18 12:47

Where the £2m you gave to find Madeleine McCann has gone

By Vanessa Allen
Updated: 08:28, 29 January 2009

The fund set up to help find Madeleine McCann raised almost £2million in the first ten months after she vanished, it was revealed yesterday.

The wave of shock and public sympathy that swept Britain after her suspected abduction led supporters to donate money at a rate of almost £260 an hour.

Accounts lodged with Companies House show the fund received £1.4million in bank donations, another £391,000 over the internet and £64,000 from the sale of T-shirts and wristbands.

In total, it received £1.85million in its first ten months and earned £33,424 in interest. It spent £815,113 on the search for Madeleine in that time.

This included £26,000 to fund the purchase of merchandise and £250,000 on the fees for private investigators.

But the accounts – which have been made public for the first time – have been published with a warning that donations had gone on to fall dramatically and were now ‘significantly lower’ than in the immediate aftermath of the three-yearold’s disappearance in Portugal in 2007.

Support for her parents – Kate and Gerry – was rocked when Portuguese police named them as suspects, and when it emerged they had used public donations to pay two £2,000 instalments on their mortgage.

Madeleine vanished from a holiday flat in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, while her parents ate dinner at a nearby restaurant with friends.

The accounts provide a fascinating insight into the surge of support the family received, but also the costs of their worldwide campaign to find their child.

The fund’s biggest expense in the first ten months was £250,000 spent on private investigators hired to try to find her, including the Spanish agency Metodo 3.

Agency boss Francisco Marco boasted he would find Madeleine within three months, but his ‘leads’ seemingly came to nothing and the firm is no longer involved with the hunt.

The fund spent £123,573 on campaign management, which is believed to include the salary of the McCanns’ temporary spokesman Justine McGuinness and the fees of a PR agency.

A later spokesman, former BBC journalist Clarence Mitchell, had his salary paid by one of the couple’s wealthy benefactors.

The fund spent £111,522 on legal fees and expenses and £81,904 on posters and television and newspaper adverts appealing for information about Madeleine. Mr and Mrs McCann, both 40, set up the fund in May 2007.

Legal restrictions meant it could not be set up as a charity, so it is run as a not-for-profit company by a board made up of McCann friends, colleagues and relatives.

Mr McCann’s brother John is its chairman and wrote a foreword to the accounts. He said: ‘As expected, the level of donations has fallen over time, although we have a number of loyal donors continuing their support.’

He went on: ‘However our expenses are ongoing and likely to increase . . . The release of the police investigation files has enabled our investigative team to access a wealth of new information to be followed up, resulting in increased search and investigation activity.

'We will continue to ensure that Madeleine is not forgotten and will leave no stone unturned in our continued search for her.’

The accounts cover the months from May 2007 to March 2008, when the fund had £1.05million remaining in its coffers.

It has since been boosted by several libel payouts to the McCanns and their friends, the so-called Tapas Seven, which they donated to the fund.

The McCanns were cleared as suspects last August.

Their spokesman Mr Mitchell said: ‘People will be able to see that every penny of the money they so generously donated has been spent properly in the hunt to find Madeleine.’

Hasn't always been plain sailing for Messrs McCann press wise has it - despite the ever present Media Monitor extraordinaire.  Or did they allow the  odd report to slip through the net as potential suing material?

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Post by Verdi on 10.02.18 13:05

At a glance..

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Post by Verdi on 11.02.18 13:14

Maddie McCann preacher speaks 10 years after comforting parents following disappearance

THE preacher who comforted the parents of Madeleine McCann has spoken out about the case near the scene of her disappearance.

By Michael Havis, in Praia da Luz / Published 4th May 2017

Father Haynes Hubbard became Anglican Father at Nessa Senhora da Luz church just days after Maddie vanished from her bed.

He recalls how the church, which serves the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz, where the McCanns stayed, was engulfed.

"There were four or five rows of photographers taking pictures of Kate, Gerry and the church," he told Daily Star Online.

"It sounded like applause as Kate and Gerry left church, but it wasn't applause, it was cameras flashing.

"And then it got really nasty, really personal and really unpleasant. It was tough times."

Tough as times were, however, Father Hubbard says it was worth it to keep Maddie in the spotlight.

"I think Kate and Gerry have paid a tremendous price. I know they did for the first two or three years," he said.

"But they were prepared to pay that because it suggested that people might still be looking for their daughter."

And he believes the price will be worth it in the end, hoping that the McCanns could one day be reunited with Madeleine.

"I'm going to continue hoping. That's what that service was about, saying we are hoping that she will show up," he told Daily Star Online.

"Nobody's given an answer, or a reason why that might not happen. We will keep hoping until that definitive answer is there, until there's no reason to hope anymore."

Father Hubbard made his remarks after a moving ceremony in Praia da Luz where a special message from Madeleine's mother, Kate, was read out.

It said: "10 years without Madeleine — If that thought had even entered my head back in May 2007, I wouldn't have lasted another day.

"And now, a decade on, it's still inconceivable. How can it be our little girl — who brought us the gift of parenthood?"

It comes as Daily Star Online revealed sick Maddie merchandise is available online.

Kate also said the family continue to miss Madeleine "every second" and paid tribute to their supporters in Praia da Luz.

Old Father Hubbard's got some skeletons in his cupboard. think

Allow me to assist..

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Post by Verdi on 15.02.18 1:43

Madeleine McCann: Anguished parents at mercy of a Portuguese police circus

AS DAWN broke on May 4, Kate and Gerry McCann emerged from the Paynes' holiday apartment, where they had tried to rest for a few hours, leaving their other children, Sean and Amelie, with David and Fiona as they resumed their search for Madeleine.

PUBLISHED: 08:16, Sun, Apr 30, 2017 | UPDATED: 10:06, Sun, Apr 30, 2017

Apartment 5a had finally been sealed off by Portuguese police who had been woefully slow to react to the scale of the crime that they were charged with solving.

Holding hands and clutching on to each other in a state of shock, disbelief mingling with fear and panic, they walked down to the beach, desperately hoping that they would catch sight of the daughter they had struggled so hard to have, eventually succeeding through IVF.

Forlornly they called out her name and checked scrubland, desperately hoping she had fallen asleep under a bush after wandering off in the darkness. At one point Kate opened a large waste bin and prayed: "Please don't let her be in here!" After the sun rose, the dreadful reality of the situation dawned on them. Their lives would never be the same again.

Bruises began to appear on Kate's hands and arms where she had banged the wall in frustration and despair after discovering that Madeleine was missing. "Minutes seemed like hours," Kate recalled in notes. "Nobody around. Why not? Desperate! Outside of the apartments masses of people were asking questions about that night and for descriptions of Madeleine. Long day."

It was about to get longer. As there was no police station in Luz (a scandalous deficiency that still exists) Kate, Gerry and their friends had to be taken to the nearest big town, Portimao, to give their state-statements.

Even though the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) knew they were dealing with potentially the biggest case they had handled, the process of evidence gathering was staggeringly slow and more like something from the 19th century.

Astonishingly, none of the interviews were video recorded and questioning was done through interpreters, making it even more cumbersome and slow as every question and response had to be written down. Kate was asked if it was her first trip to Portugal and responded, unsurprisingly: "Yes, never again."

Even at this point the PJ did not have the brains to take Madeleine's Cuddle Cat from them, although the toy almost certainly contained DNA from her abductor. When they returned to Luz they noticed a vast gathering of journalists and realised they would have to face a new ordeal before the glare of the cameras.

Stony-faced Gerry prepared a short statement saying: ''Words cannot describe the anguish and despair we are feeling as parents of our beautiful daughter.

"We request anyone with any information relating to Madeleine's disappearance should please contact Portuguese police to help us get her back safely."

Kate, looking pale and broken, appealed to the kidnapper: ''Please, if you have Madeleine, please let her come home to Mummy, Daddy, brother and sister."

The couple made a flurry of calls to relativ" tives and friends back in Britain and Kate's Mother Susan and father Brian quickly arranged to fly out to support them.

Instead of flooding the small town with officers to make house-to-house inquiries, the PJ put a handful of detectives on the case and were offered three liaison officers from Leicestershire police, who quickly returned to Britain without making any significant impact on the investigation.

Soon a grim milestone was reached, Madeleine's fourth birthday on May 12, poignantly marked by the release of 40 pink balloons in Leicestershire.

The first balloon to float into the sunny skies bore 10 words from Kate and Gerry: "Mummy and Daddy, Sean and Amelie will see you soon xx" Back in Luz, time dragged and tensions increased along with the temperatures in the late spring. Just as it appeared that the investigation was going nowhere, in mid-May the police suddenly turned their at-attention to Robert Murat, whose Portuguese father had married a British woman, giving him dual nationality.

At the time he was living with his elderly mother, Jenny, at their villa, Casa Liliana, only a couple of hundred yards from apartment 5a.

In one of the greatest blunders of the case, police arrested him after hearing vague suspicions from a British journalist who was nowhere near Luz at the time Madeleine vanished.

In fact, Mr Murat had given up a lot of his time to act as a police interpreter because he wanted the kidnapper caught. His mother even set up a stall at the Ocean Club where she encouraged people to come forward with information. She herself had noticed a woman acting suspiciously outside apartment 5a on May 3 but could not get people to listen to her.

The attention on Mr Murat was a huge distraction, which held up proper investigations. At one stage Jane Tanner was asked to sit in a police van as Mr Murat was asked to walk across the crossroads outside apartment 5a.

Even when she said the man she had seen on the night was not Mr Murat, he still kept the status of arguido (formal suspect) and it would take months before he was finally cleared of any involvement.

As Scotland Yard detectives discovered fairly quickly years later, the sighting by Jane Tanner was a red herring. The man she had seen was just another holidaymaker, whom the Yard identified through basic police work, a feat that defeated the PJ.

All the weeks and months spent investigating the wrong people allowed the real kidnapper to more easily cover his tracks.

Having Murat wrongly put in the frame must have seemed like manna from heaven for the evil monster responsible. Having blundered and wasted time on Murat, the PJ in desperation began to turn their attentions to the McCanns as the spring rolled into summer.

As they had still not amassed any Adifficult s they hard evidence due to poor forensic work, non-existenthouse-to-house inquiries and difficult liaisons with Leicestershire police, they gave far too muchcredence to two British dogs trained to sniff cadavers and blood. The animals were alert in the apartment but this did not amount to anything like solid evidence and the PJ was told not to rely on it.

Blood from the meat is found over floors Blood from meat is found over the floors and surfaces in most holiday apartments. Minute samples of blood from children with cuts and grazes can also be found by exceptionally well-trained dogs.

Fluid that was said to contain elements of Madeleine's DNA was found in a car hired by the family but it could easily have come from her siblings, who were still in nappies.

Having learned nothing or very little from the mistakes in making Murat a suspect, the desperate PJ, fuelled by the wild theorising of police chief Goncalo Amaral, who was in charge of co-ordinating the investigation, focused all their attention on the McCanns.

This would have come as even more welcome news to the real kidnapper, who must have relished the idea that with the PJ fixated on the McCanns he, and possibly others working with him, would have substantially more chance of evading capture and the rule of law.

Rarely in the history of criminal investigations in the past 50 years have so many gross errors of judgment been made in such a short space of time and in such a major inquiry. Hardly surprisingly, with all the nonsense going on, the McCanns felt disappointed and disillusioned with the response from Portuguese law enforcement and sensed they would have to rely more heavily on private investigations.

As doctors (Kate was a GP and had trained as an anaesthetist while Gerry is now a respected heart specialist) they knew little of the work of private detectives and the scope of what they could do in such a complex, international investigation.

With hindsight they should have sought out a retired senior officer from the PJ, but instead they employed Metoda 3, a Spainbased detective agency that had gained a reputation for getting results.

So while Kate and Gerry were named as arguidos they were actually having to rely on a small team of private investigators with no legal authority in Portugal to try to find their daughter.

Not surprisingly Metodo 3 did not succeed, although they will argue that they did a lot of sound work which has benefited the Scotland Yard inquiry into Madeleine's disappearance. The final show of the circus came at the end of August 2007 when the McCanns and their very young children were effectively driven out of Portugal by a ravenous media fed by leaks from senior Portuguese detectives.

In scenes unrivalled anywhere else in the world, the PJ drip-fed half-baked theories to an unquestioning group of journalists who rarely bothered to knock on doors in Luz and ask tough questions.

On Friday, September 7, 2007, Kate was driven to a police station by her public relations representative at the time, Justine McGuinness.

Gerry's sister Philomena McCann gave a TV interview detailing a line of the questioning. She said: "They were saying, 'Tell us what you did with her? and Kate was like, 'You must be insane to think we'd put ourselves through this'.

"They tried to get Kate to confess to having accidentally killed Madeleine by offering her a deal through her lawyer. 'If you say you killed Madeleine by accident and hit her and then disposed of the body, we can guarantee you a two-year sentence or even less. You may even get off earlier because people feel sorry for you. It was an accident'."

Kate emerged from the police station looking hurt and betrayed, utterly incredulous at what was being suggested to her by people in whom she had previously placed some trust.

Staying on in Portugal was not an option as the PJ had created such a toxic environment, one that infuriated the entirely innocent couple.

So on Saturday, September 9, with the media circus in full flow, they left their rented apartment and made their way to the airport, their every move captured on live TV and broadcast to an audience of millions around the world. It was 129 days after Madeleine vanished that they set foot on British soil, Gerry holding his blond-haired son Sean in his arms as they descended the steps from the aircraft at East Midlands airport.

On the easyJet flight 6552 home Kate hugged her twins close to her, crying silently at times, the pain too much to bear. On the tarmac Gerry read a statement, subdued and clearly angered by their treatment. "As parents we cannot give up on our daughter until we know what has happened. We have to keep doing everything we can to find her.

"We played no part in the disappearance of our lovely daughter Madeleine." As the sentence tumbled out, he paused momentarily, apparently on the verge of tears. He said he was heartbroken and it showed in his every feature.

Even the twins looked sad. Little Amelie, her head pressed tightly into her mother's shoulder, looked weary, confused and distressed. All she wanted to do was see her sister again.

With the McCanns back at their home in Rothley, which was festooned with yellow ribbons, the outrageous leaks from the Portuguese police to the sycophantic media were endless and derogatory.

Even with Amaral removed from the case, the McCanns would not be rid of the man they blame for so many of the mistakes in the deeply flawed PJ investigation. He would go on to write a book, which led him to get sucked into long and draining civil legal actions.

The couple also employed an American private detective firm, which cost a fortune and did not produce a breakthrough.

One of their better decisions was to eventually hire former Cheshire and Royal Ulster Constabulary detective David Edgar, who organised a lot of the gathered information well and pursued meaningful inquiries.

He put a lot of the material on to a computer software programme similar to HOLMES, the system used by British police forces for major inquiries.

When he passed over all his files to the Yard in 2011 they were in a semblance of good order and greatly helped officers who put most of the material into a HOLMES computer… something that should have been done within days of Madeleine going missing.

Lifestyle? Yeh, I guess that sums it up. The Express Group, this is the press organ the McCanns managed to screw for a cool £500,000+ (yes, that's in excess of half a million quid) for libel. Out of court settlement of course!

Methinks the establishment is taking the pee out of us mere mortals - question is why they are prolonging the agony. What's it really all about? think .

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Post by sandancer on 15.02.18 10:11

"Blood from the meat is found over floors . Blood from meat is found over the floors and surfaces in most holiday apartments " 

Really , seriously ? Of course we all spill blood from meat all over the floors when we go on holiday don't we ? Especially behind the sofa in the lounge !!!

British " journalism " once again at its very finest !

spit coffee sarcastic laugh hysterical rotfl

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Post by Mark Willis on 15.02.18 10:15

"Blood from the meat is found over floors . Blood from meat is found over the floors and surfaces in most holiday apartments " 

They do on the Annual Hull Abattoir and Slaughterhouse Members Convention...
Mark Willis

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Post by polyenne on 15.02.18 10:23

As old 'Enry Cooper used to say "Splash it all over".

I think you can still get Brut 33, perhaps it should have been sprayed in the Renault boot, could of saved leaving the hatchback open all night


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Post by Phoebe on 15.02.18 10:36

Its hard to believe that was published in 2017! So, Murat was made a suspect on a police whim despite Jane "telling them the man she had seen was not him" !!! Did this reporter miss the bit where Jane positively identified the abductor that day from her viewing point in the van? Did he miss the bit where three of the Tapas 9 swore they'd seen him hanging around 5A? Kate was offered a plea-bargain - even though that's no possible? Is there to be no penalty for misinformation and libel? I sincerely hope the Portuguese are aware of the rubbish being spouted about them and their police force. I can only hope it gives them the determination to continue with this case to the bitter end.


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Post by sandancer on 15.02.18 14:53

"One of their better descisions was to hire Dave Edgar " - he of the " lawless hills " fame ! 

The entire article is cobbled together from the past 10 years of attacking the Portuguese Police and Amaral , written totally in favour of the poor heartbroken parents . Every piece of misinformation and biased reporting is included .

If it wasn't so sad that yet another so called " journalist " is letting poor Madeleine down again by producing total lies and bull.... it would be hilarious . 

Whoever wrote this should hang their head in shame .

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Post by Verdi on 21.02.18 1:33

'Don't say anything until they've turned off microphone', Gerry warns Kate on Spanish TV

Last updated at 15:46 25 October 2007

Gerry McCann warned his wife: "Don't say anything till they've taken off your microphone" as she broke down in tears at the end of an interview on Spanish television.

Kate started sobbing as the 30-minute interview by a Spanish TV presenter drew to a close.

But instead of turning to comfort her, Gerry's immediate reaction was to whisper the warning in extraordinary scenes played out to millions of viewers.

The couple were savaged in a phone vote which accompanied an exclusive interview they gave to late-night programme 360 grados on Spain's Antena 3.

Nearly 70 per cent of the callers said they thought the McCanns were not telling the truth about their daughter's disappearance while only 30 per cent gave the couple their backing.

Gerry nearly stormed out of the television interview after being quizzed over drugging his children.

Sources said Mr McCann was "fuming" at being asked a question that the Spanish interviewer had promised not to pose. Mr McCann stormed out of a previous interview with another Spanish TV channel.

A source said today: "Kate and Gerry were annoyed towards the end of the interview because of the drugs question. Gerry was on the verge of another walkout."

A source close to the McCanns insisted Gerry's warning to Kate followed a question about allegations they had drugged their daughter which the programme makers had been told they could not ask.

The source said: "Kate was very upset she was asked the question and Gerry was furious. "What was said wasn't said because they have anything to hide."

The anguished mother-of-three said: "As Madeleine's Mummy I feel in my heart that she is there.

"I don't know how anyone could harm anyone as beautiful as Madeleine."

In her first television interview since she was named as an official suspect in the search for Madeleine, she said she was as confident of finding her daughter alive now as she was on the day she went missing nearly six months ago.

"Maybe even more so," she said. "I think she is possibly being held by someone in their house but I don't know.

"I strongly believe Madeleine is out there and we have to do everything we can."

The 39-year-old GP broke down as she told how her life felt incomplete without her daughter, whose fourth birthday passed shortly after she disappeared.

"I feel sad and I feel lonely and our life is not as happy without Madeleine," she said.

"I feel anxious she is not with us."

The cameras were stopped while she composed herself.

When the interview resumed Mrs McCann revealed how her two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie ask about their big sister.

She said Amelie told her: "Madeleine is coming home to my lovely house and I am going to share my toys with her."

She continued: "They do ask about Madeleine. Madeleine was a big part of their life.

"They are not upset and they are not distressed but they are very much aware she is not there."

Her husband Gerry said: "The hardest thing for me is when they say, 'When is Madeleine coming back home?' and we have to say, 'We don't know but everyone is looking for her'."

Mrs McCann broke down again at the end of the interview when she was asked about the last time she saw her daughter.

She said: "She was very happy and very loving and I know Madeleine was very happy with her life. She is special."

Mr and Mrs McCann gave their first television interview to the Spanish channel Antena 3 as they launched a new hotline targeting people in Spain, Portugal and North Africa, appealing to them for clues as to their daughter's fate.

They had been warned by their legal team that they could be prosecuted for talking publicly while still bound by the strict Portuguese secrecy laws.

But their lawyers cleared them to speak last week.

Broadcasters from all over the world, including Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters, had asked for the first broadcast interview, but the family wanted to target the Iberian peninsula.

Mrs McCann said: "Somebody knows something. It is not about us. It is about Madeleine.

"We have not even seen her since she was four. She needs our help. She needs her family."

Mr McCann, also 39, added: "We want people to try to help reunite our lovely four-year-old girl with her parents."

The couple said they were confident they would be cleared of any involvement in Madeleine's disappearance.

Mrs McCann declared herself "100 per cent" sure while Mr McCann said he was "much more optimistic" since a new officer, Paulo Rebelo, was appointed to the case.

The consultant cardiologist said: "We have not been charged with anything. Investigations are continuing. The only thing is finding Madeleine."

His wife added: "It really is secondary. I will take anything that is thrown at me."

Mrs McCann defended her and her husband against accusations they had seemed calm and "too cool" in the weeks and months after their daughter vanished.

"We know we are innocent, totally innocent. That is why we are calm. We know each other," she said.

Mr McCann said the couple remained "completely united" and added: "Nothing that has happened to us has come close to upsetting us the way Madeleine going missing did.

"We have our own heartache and grief but we are absolutely determined to help in the search."

He described the last time he saw his daughter, saying: "I was the last to see her. I saw her and thought how beautiful she was, and how lucky I was to be a father of three children."

The couple refused to discuss claims that DNA evidence was found in their apartment and their hire car, and dismissed claims that they sedated their children as "ludicrous".

But Mr McCann said: "We are certainly not scared.

"There is no evidence DNA tests will show anything other than us being completely innocent."

He said the group of friends who were with them in Praia da Luz - the so-called Tapas Nine - knew they were not involved in the disappearance.

He added: "They know we are innocent, absolutely. They will help us. They will clear our names."

Asked if he had any regrets, he replied: "Not from the minute we found Madeleine gone."

Roberto Arce, who interviewed the McCanns for the Spanish television programme 360 Grados, spoke later about the couple's demeanour and emotional state.

"Kate looked prostrate with pain," he said. "Much more depressed than I've ever seen her before. She cried for the first time.

"Gerry looked much happier with the massive campaign that's been put in place to find his daughter."

He added: "The McCanns don't say in the interview there are clues Madeleine - dead or alive - is in Spain.

"But privately they confessed afterwards there are.

"I can't say what they are and I'm not sure they're necessarily more solid than other leads.

"But they maintain there are, in Spain as well as in neighbours like Morocco, but that Spain's involvement in all this is very important."

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Post by Verdi on 21.02.18 1:44

Kate poker's face

by Joana Morais 10 years ago

McCanns Interview to Spanish Antena3

Kate cries like a poker player in Correio da Manha - 26 de Outubro de 2007.

The key to the mystery lies "certainly with Kate, a very special and disturbed woman", guarantees to CM Jose Cabrera Fornero, a forensic psychiatrist who has been following the case since the beginning.

The Spanish man attentively watched "the staged interview" that the couple gave to Antena 3, and its purpose was "to have the Spanish people on their side". But 70 percent of the viewers who called the channel believed the McCanns were lying, and the psychiatrist sided with them - "by crying without moving a single muscle, Kate looked like a poker player".

A specialist in facial expressions, Cabrera says that "the face of Kate is always the same, except for the tears - the first ones over the last five months and curiously only after having been criticised for not crying". Now she did it but her face "doesn't express any emotion or feeling. When one cries, one's face muscles move, and she didn't move a single muscle, just like poker players.

That is highly significant", says the Spanish psychiatrist, and "brings us the certainty that she is hiding something". Cabrera says the 30 minutes of conversation ended up being "a non-spontaneous interview, perfectly ordered in terms of the questions that were asked by the journalist. And it gives us the impression that the entire stance was staged by the couple". The Spanish man even remembers Gerry's last sentence and even considers it "genial": "Don't talk until they take the microphone off you". (actually from the video Gerry says: "Do you want to say anything to whoever is calling?" after Kate McCann's mobile (which is on her lap) rings)

This only proves that all of it was just a big theatre play, the entire interview was staged. That is clear". Jose Cabrera noticed that "during half an hour of interview his only concern was to control her. It's extraordinary. Whenever she opened her mouth to speak, he squeezed her hand - and all of this because the key to this mystery certainly lies with her, she is a very special woman..."Kate McCann "had psychiatric problems for a long time", the specialist guarantees, and "now they have become worse".

Cabrera retained an interview that Maddie's grandparents gave to the Spanish television recently: "In their innocence, they said that Kate had told them, some time before the disappearance, that the little girl was looking increasingly like herself, which from a psychiatric point of view means a lot..."For the Spaniard, the origin of a bad relationship between mother and daughter - that was reflected by the writings about Madeleine in Kate's personal diary - "which is highly significant" for all the specialists that have been following this case since early May".

Gerry's greatest concern has been "to control his wife's impulses in public - and that was once again well demonstrated throughout this interview", says Jose Cabrera Fornero. "He is the one who dominates the entire situation, he knows everything and he knows he must control her and her problematic personality, so she does not exceed herself in front of the cameras and talks too much..."All the gestures and facial expressions "become fatal for someone who has something to hide" - this is dictated by the experience that was collected over the years by this specialist in forensic psychiatry. "And there is no way to avoid that."

Nothing moves Jose Cabrera "against this couple", whom he does not know, but he defended the McCanns' guilt in the 'Prós e Contras' show on RTP, when the Policia Judiciaria confirmed their suspicions on the couple - and yesterday he reinforced his theory to CM, one day after Kate and Gerry chose Spain for their first interview after becoming arguidos.

The English press itself confirmed yesterday that "70 percent of viewers that called Antena 3 believe the McCanns are lying", the online edition of the 'Daily Mail' announced. Jose Cabrera was not surprised: "Any English person is cold, but there is something more to her - her personality is not normal. And he makes an impression by only worrying about her answers..."(...)

"The interview was a circus act": Moita Flores, criminologist, considers the interview was another act from the McCanns.

Correio da Manha - What is your opinion about the McCanns during the interview they gave to Spanish television?

Moita Flores - The whole thing looked like a circus act to me, duting which the couple repeated the usual common places, once again escaping the essential. And once again they revealed that they have a lot to tell, but they don't want to...

CM- During this interview to Antena 3, Kate shows herself a lot more emotional that usual.

MF- But the curious thing was that even before this interview was made, it was known the lady was going to cry, which then happened. And she even managed to play the part well...

CM- Do you believe there was image staging during this interview?

MF- One should notice that it was known beforehand that the couple would take the opportunity to compliment the Portuguese police, which then happened...

CM- Gerry looks confident that the DNA tests cannot incriminate them.

MF- When he mentioned the tests, it was a silly reply to a docile interviewer. Everybody knows that DNA tests identify people, and they don't lie. But they do not condemn anyone on their own. That was miserable.

CM- How can the couple's statements be defined?

MF- It was an act that nobody believes in. After the kidnapping theory, now they insist on their innocence. An innocent person does not need this...

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Post by Verdi on 25.02.18 12:50

Madeleine search was 'hijacked' by McCann publicity machine, Portuguese police claim


Last updated at 17:42 10 January 2008

The search for Madeleine McCann has been hijacked by her parents' "gigantic propaganda machine", Portuguese police have claimed.

Officers lashed out against Kate and Gerry McCann's slick PR operation after learning they had granted an interview to glossy magazine Vanity Fair, and could even make £2million from a film about their daughter's disappearance.

A source close to the investigation said detectives were furious about the latest publicity, which came as formal requests for the McCanns' friends to be reinterviewed were sent to Britain.

Police are also skeptical about "a surge" of new witnesses traced by the couple's private detective agency, Metodo 3, the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha reported.

The unnamed source said: "Who do the McCanns think they are?

"The discovery of new witnesses in the last few weeks have led authorities to believe they are battling against a gigantic propaganda machine.

"The McCanns have some very powerful people on their side - millionaires, celebrities and even politicians."

A second official dismissed the work of the couple's detective agency as "diversion tactics", aimed at distracting police away from the McCanns, who are still official suspects in the case.

He said: "Their tactics are really beginning to annoy us. Whenever a decisive date approaches the company takes a new rabbit out of the hat."

The attacks are a clear indication of the anger that the McCanns' publicity campaign has caused in Portugal, where police investigations are usually carried out in secret.

They came as Gerry McCann revealed he is tortured by guilt that Madeleine's disappearance is his fault.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, he also admitted there was only a "slim" chance his daughter was alive - the closest he has come to conceding the fact.

"I wish I hadn't gone to the tapas bar," Mr McCann told the society magazine. "I wish I'd stayed in the apartment that night. I wish I'd stayed in the room when I checked on her five minutes longer.

"Of course we feel guilty about not having been there and that is just something we have to deal with for the rest of our lives. We live this 24 hours a day."

Mr McCann, 39, gave the interview alone in October, without his wife Kate, after being approached by the magazine.

Vanity Fair also spoke to the couple's friends and family as well as to the other suspect in the case, Robert Murat.

Mr McCann's sister Philomena told the magazine that he had called her on the night Madeleine vanished and sobbed: "It's all my fault, because Kate and I went out to dinner."

Clarence Mitchell, the family's spokesman, said Mr McCann had not been paid by Vanity Fair and had instead requested donations to the fund in return for cooperation with future projects.

He said the Find Madeleine campaign was to take on a "commercial dimension" to keep it in the black. It emerged on Tuesday that the couple could make £2million from a film about Madeleine's disappearance.

Other projects could include a book deal and even TV chat shows which the McCanns have shunned in the past for fear of seeming like celebrities.

The £1.2million fund to finance the search for Madeleine has been halved by the cost of hiring private detectives, running adverts and paying the family's living costs.

Only £600,000 remains and the balance is expected to drop to only £346,000 by April and possibly zero by June.

In the Vanity Fair interview, Mr McCann, from Rothley in Leicestershire, said: "I know now that, probably, the chances of getting Madeleine back are slim.

"You might never see her again. But still you have the hope. Still."

He told how he sank into a depression after his daughter's disappearance from a resort villa in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3. He said the world then seemed "all black, with maybe tiny points of light".

But the consultant cardiologist said he pulled himself out of the "darkest hours" by throwing himself into the campaign to find his daughter, adding: "Grief washes over you - it's like a big wave, mostly I was able to beat it back.

"We can't cry our eyes out every day, because that's not helping. So after three days I picked myself up - quicker than Kate could."

He conceded that his wife remained "fragile" and had struggled to deal with the loss of Madeleine, who vanished a few days before her fourth birthday.

The couple, who are both suspects in their daughter's disappearance, insist she was taken from her bed while they ate dinner with friends nearby.

Portuguese secrecy laws mean they are not allowed to speak directly about the investigation, or the events of May 3.

Mr McCann told Vanity Fair writer Judy Bachrach: "I can't talk to you about the details of what happened.

"I live under threat from the Portuguese - if I do talk - of two years' imprisonment."

But Trish Cameron, Mr McCann's sister, told Vanity Fair of Kate's dramatic reaction when policeman Ricardo Paiva told her she was being made a suspect.

She said Kate screamed at the officer: "Do you honestly believe that I would murder my own child?"

The McCanns were interviewed and formally named as suspects on September 7 and Mrs McCann was allegedly offered a two-year jail sentence if she confessed to accidentally killing Madeleine and hiding her body.

Mrs Cameron said Kate, a 39-year-old family doctor, rejected the deal saying: "I'm not going to f****** lie!"

The couple's psychologist, Alan Pike, who counselled them every day for a fortnight in May, said Mrs McCann was threatened with losing her other children, two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.

He told Vanity Fair: "The police told her during the interviews that her other two children might be taken away."

Another friend told the magazine that Mrs McCann was tormented about her daughter's welfare, saying she constantly said: "I hope whoever has Madeleine is giving her blankets, is feeding her properly, is keeping her warm."

Jon Corner, another friend interviewed by Vanity Fair, said Mrs McCann told him she was tortured by the idea that she might have glimpsed the abductor.

He said: "She told me 'I wish I could roll back time and go back to the day before Madeleine was abducted. I would slow down time. I'd think: Where are you? Who are you? Who is secretly watching my family? Because someone was watching my family very, very carefully. And taking notes'."

The couple endured a swing in public opinion against them after they were named as suspects and Mr McCann said this was a "bleak" time.

They also lost some of the support they had attracted from politicians, including Gordon Brown, who had telephoned them to pledge his help.

Mr Mitchell said the couple had been offered only a medium-level consular meeting by Downing Street, which they rejected.

In the interview, Mr McCann spoke frankly about how he and his wife employed a "strategy" to keep their daughter's plight in the headlines.

They were criticised in Portugal for circulating pictures of Madeleine and revealing the distinctive fleck in her eye, which police said could have put her life in danger.

He admitted the plan was risky but that "in terms of marketing, it was a good ploy".

Mr McCann said he had considered the plans for a documentary-drama only because it could address issues such as alert systems to help find lost children.

• The third suspect in the Madeleine McCann case broke his eight-month silence yesterday to insist: "I am innocent."

Robert Murat, an expat Briton, has never spoken publicly about the decision of Portuguese police to make him an "arguido" in the case.

But he told Vanity Fair: "All I can say is that I am innocent. There is no way I was at the resort that night. Full stop. I was in my mother's kitchen until 1am. I spent the night at the house."

Relatives of the 34-year-old say he spoke "off the record" to the magazine's writer, Judy Bachrach, while he drove her around Praia da Luz.

They said he was not paid and had not broken Portugal's secrecy laws which ban arguidos and witnesses in criminal cases from speaking about the alleged crimes or the police investigation.

Mr Murat, who has a daughter in Britain from a failed marriage, was named as a suspect last May 14 and his girlfriend, Michaela Walczuch, and her estranged husband, Luis Antonio, were interviewed as witnesses.

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Post by sallypelt on 25.02.18 14:02

Snipped from Verdi Today at 12:50

"We can't cry our eyes out every day, because that's not helping". Well, Gerry, I didn't realise that crying during bereavement was an option. I certainly didn't have one when I lost my younger brother. It was spontaneous and without warning.

Also "The McCanns have some very powerful people on their side - millionaires, celebrities and even politicians."

And there you  have it. Over ten years of this circus summed up in a few words. What else is there to say?


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