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Human Rights Lawyer, Phil Shiner, struck off for professional misconduct

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Human Rights Lawyer, Phil Shiner, struck off for professional misconduct

Post by Jill Havern on 02.02.17 15:04

“The Lord Chief Justice said in 2014 that misleading a court must be regarded by any disciplinary tribunal as one of the most serious offences that a solicitor could commit. He said it was not simply a breach of a rule of a game, but a fundamental affront to a rule designed to safeguard the fairness and justice of proceedings.

“We expect solicitors to maintain the highest professional standards in all areas of their work, to uphold the rule of law, act with integrity and act honestly. If they do not, we will take action to maintain the trust the public places in solicitors.”

Does this include telling a High Court Judge that a little girl was 'Abducted' when in fact there was, and is, not a shred of evidence of this, and the solicitor concerned had to admit that fact, on the record ?

Jill Havern

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Re;Human Rights Lawyer struck Off

Post by willowthewisp on 02.02.17 15:21

He should be charged immediately with"Perverting A Court of Justice"to start with,then proceed to recover the costs of any awards made by the state to the"Alleged Victims"be recovered from his proceeds of ill gotten gains,from his estate?
But that'll never happen too high up in the"Clique"to blow the gaff on other articulated claims with the chain of Command?

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