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Anneke Lucas-Marc Dutroux,Elite members,child abuse

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Anneke Lucas-Marc Dutroux,Elite members,child abuse

Post by willowthewisp on 20.01.17 13:33

The Daily Mail has a story from Mrs Anneke Lucas about being Raped and Tortured by members from an "Elite Clan"which may have connections to the Marc Dutroux,Rape and Murder cases.  
This involved a Huge amount of people,which the "European Network"tried their best to Sabotage information reaching the public,which then led to a group of people suddenly becoming deceased,who where about to expose certain people from the Clan?
What remains unknown within the UK is a fact that during Marc Dutroux Trial,the Belgian Police were involved in part of the attempted Cover Up of the Rapes and Murders he was found Guilty of,but a question remains was he the"Patsy" of the Case,within an "Elite Clan"?
Have the UK Police Force become embroiled in a similar scenario,where "Mysterious Figures"arrive to confiscate evidence or escort the"Individuals"away from the"Scene of Crimes"into safe custody,released and never charged with any offences,now being uncovered after Forty or Fifty years?
Here in the UK,the"Modus Operandi"seems to have connections to the"Care Home System"as a network of trafficking young children into the "Abusers Network",Elm Guest House,Shirley Oaks,Kincora Boys Home,Bryn Alyn,Estyn,eh Mr William Hague?

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