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David Cameron,NATO Job after the death of Yves Chaldon?

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David Cameron,NATO Job after the death of Yves Chaldon?

Post by willowthewisp on 04.01.17 14:01

Is dodgy Dave being lined up for the top NATO position,jobs for the boys after his Brexit disaster.222,000 euros per annum plus perks?
Yet the NATO budget has a supposed deficit of£250 Billion pounds,amassed over a "Forty Year period"1977-2017?
Now let us think deep and hard of who is capable of this NATO position,who was involved with a massive bill left to the UK by his chum,Norman Lamont in 1992 and his side kick,David Cameron,the new "Vatman & Robbin"the poor with cuts to "Welfare Budgets"to boot,Euro disaster,yes he has the credentials for the job,hiding his inheritance in "Off Shore" Accounts in sunnier climates!? 
Was Yves Chaldon asked to make way for this New Leader Of NATO,who ran amok with his"Arab League"friends in Libya,deposing President Ghaddaffi,who had the knowledge of what lay behind Pan Am 103 Terror disaster,who became friends with Teflon Tony,who may have given a"Nod and a Wink" to his removal from Office,with out Tony being the"Middle East Peace Envoy"by George Walker Bush second Iraq War?
Now we see the real reason for the funding of the"Syrian White Helmets"£100 Million pounds plus from various American and UK,European Governments,to destabilise the Syrian Regime,Assad family for unknown cohorts to fleece them of any wealth related to Gas and Oil reserves,aka 1948 Six Day War,benefactors Israel,Golan Heights and its Assets?


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