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McCann supporters, stalking and suicide

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Re: McCann supporters, stalking and suicide

Post by ufercoffy on 29.08.10 18:13

On the same thread bonnybraes1 has posted this:

Oh dear! I was told poor old Bren had taken time off from trolling her own forum as "Sandi" to make a total Kant of herself yet again over this post of mine:

You know, this is like the last days in the Berlin Bunker, only in cyberspace.
They all seem to have gone round the bend. They have split into a dozen warring factions, and the Havern lot seem to be committing public suicide.
All it needs is for Bennett to marry Havern and the pair of them to top themselves.
And where is Goncalol?

She totally wrongly finks it means I done want Bennett to committ suicide, my god.

She done a Brant about vileevils, my god with no cliche left unturned

I had better explain it for the hopelessly stupid like Brensandi.
It is a reference to the historically typical self-destructive behaviour of all cults when they enter the Götterdämmerung
final phase.
I really would have thought the joke about Bennett marrying Havern would have been a BIG CLUE.
I would also have thought that even Bren was capable of grasping the meaning of the five-letter word "needs" in this context but there you go
"Needs" is the requirement for the simile to be complete, oh stupid one, which as there is already a long-suffering Mrs Bennett, makes it rather unlikely that jkh is going to volunteer to recreate the role of Eva Braun, for starters
You really couldn't make it up.
I expect the effort of trying to remember whether she is being Admin Bren or "Sandi" who oddly enough sounds exactly like Admin Bren, my god, has proven too much for her

ETA, for all those who can't be a@sed looking at Sock Central, I feel it is only fair that this Brant gets a wider audience.
Totally failing to understand the post, Brensandi done this Brant, my god:

My apology to all the old members of 3as, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to you, BB1 was a mod on the old 3as and tonight I have been over to Jill Haverns forum and saw a post that BB1 made on her own forum which was copied to Jills.

I just could not believe what I had seen written on Jills forum, and I am gobsmacked and that takes hell of a lot of doing, that I had to check it was true and yes it is. Don't worry I wiped my feet on the way out.

I owe you all an apology for even considering her as a mod on the old 3as, this post is despicable and even though I personally do not agree with what Tony Bennett has done in his time, there is no way would I wish him any harm. In fact to go one further I would never have allowed her even to be a member yet alone a mod.

Again apologies for making a mistake and thinking she was a decent human being who could be trusted and who would be fair and impartial

Brensandi might also like to look up something else, beyond the meaning of Götterdämmerung.


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