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Sir Michael Havers,rent boys links to bloody Sunday,Operation Fernbridge?

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Sir Michael Havers,rent boys links to bloody Sunday,Operation Fernbridge?

Post by willowthewisp on 27.11.16 12:42

I have just read an article from aangirfan,linking Guardian reports of "Boy Brothel" in Amsterdam from 1997 involving Scotland Yards Under cover Officers tracking the"Paedophile Activities" of British Men supplying boys,to be used as sex slaves,Blue Movies!?
The article then has links to a Former Attorney General,who's sister had to resign from the IICSA investigation,due to her family relationship,whereby the former Attorney General had conversations to Rent Boys of how the "Bloody Sunday"incident was used to cover up"Homosexual Activities"involving MP's,Government Ministers,from being Investigated,Glaido style Operation,where the IRA were to be blamed for starting the shooting at the Para's,when the army had their own snipers,shoot at the Army personnel? 
Mr Michael Havers began a new life in the UK,leaving Ireland to take up political events leading up to him being promoted to Attorney General in Mrs Thatchers government?
The UK Government spent over 200 Million pounds on the"Bloody Sunday"massacare investigation,which has received criticism on it's findings of who was to blame for starting the conflict!
We now know that a"Certain cigar" Reptile had a close engagement to Royalty,Prime Ministers,MP's,access to Hospitals,children's programs hiding behind the"Mask"of charitable Work,helping the less fortunate people,when he was in fact,"Helping himself"in the abuse of children,adolescents all along?
Now,if Scotland Yard,had under cover Officers being aware of"Paedophile's"dating back decades and the Guardian has stories relating back to at least 1997 reporting on these incidents,are we supposed to believe that Mi5/6 did not know of these activities,when it is part of their duties to protect the"Innocent"from illegal activities?
Now just recently being reported of"Footballers"being abused by a Football Coach dating to the early Nineteen Eighties,but No incidents of child abuse could be found relative to Operation Fernbridge and the defendants,now being proved of No involvement in that operation?
Now ask your self,will Nick stand trail for"Perverting the Course of Justice"or will their remarkably be No case to Answer,due to what very"Dirty clothes cannot be Aired to the public" in that trail?

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