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The Sun on Sunday/'PJS' injunction, damages claim

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The Sun on Sunday/'PJS' injunction, damages claim

Post by Doug D on 07.11.16 21:14

I'm sure we had a thread on this before, but I can't find it.

Although virtually everybody knows who 'PJS' is, although we are not allowed to disclose it publicly, I am struggling to understand why the Sun have been made to settle a claim for damages, when they have never actually named him.
It is not their fault that he has been named in Scotland and around the world.
I can just about figure out the ‘costs’ element of the award, and again from memory they were talking about over £1m at the time to initially get and keep the injunction going.
Celebrity injunction: Sun on Sunday publisher makes payment
4 November 2016
 From the section 
The publisher of the Sun on Sunday has agreed to make a payment to a celebrity who won the right to keep his name out of a "kiss and tell" story.
The celebrity, referred to as PJS, took legal action in May after allegations of an extra-marital relationship.
News Group Newspapers is to pay a "specified sum" to settle a claim for damages and costs.
It also agreed not to use, disclose or publish any material identifying PJS, or republish certain existing articles.
In May, PJS successfully appealed at the Supreme Court against a ruling lifting the ban on media in England and Wales publishing his name.
The Sun on Sunday argued it should be able to run the story as his name had been published in Scotland and the US.
The man had argued he had a right to privacy.

He has young children with YMA - as his spouse is known in court documents - and both are described as "well-known individuals in the entertainment business".
Legal proceedings had started earlier this year at the High Court when the Sunday tabloid wanted to publish a story about the celebrity, alleging he had taken part in what the courts described as a "three-way sexual encounter".
The man sued NGN, claiming that publication of information about the alleged extra-marital activity would be a misuse of private information and a breach of confidence.
Sitting at the High Court, Mr Justice Warby said that PJS and NGN had agreed a final order in the action for breach of confidence and misuse of private information.
The proceedings were "stayed" on the basis that NGN pay a "specified sum" in full and final settlement of PJS's claim for damages and costs.
NGN also agreed it would not publish any information which identified or was liable to identify PJS as a party to the action, including identifying his partner or three other individuals.
The judge said: "I accept the undertakings offered by the defendant, which are clear and plainly given on advice.
"I see no reason not to make an order for payment of the agreed sum. There is no reason not to allow the parties to keep the figure confidential."

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