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Canada Free trade, UK Brexit,Wallonie Decision

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Canada Free trade, UK Brexit,Wallonie Decision

Post by willowthewisp on 23.10.16 13:52

So for seven years Canada has been wishing to enter into the"Euro Club"on "Free Trade Agreements",now am I being naive?
The Twenty Seven Members have to sign up to a legal definitive declaration of Rule and regulations to adhere to,the Twenty Seven Countries pay funds to the"Council of Ministers" for their acolytes to administer the proposals from each Country as to how the system is Run.
Why would the EU give free trade to another Country who is not prepared to enter into the"Financial Arrangements of the Scheme"but wishes to participate in an exchange of Commodities Prid Pro Quo basis,when their Own Members have to Pay?
The EU Leaders have now seen the biggest opportunity to flout the UK Exiting the European Community,via not giving access to Canada under the WTO arrangements?
Is this the ultimate Article 50 ending as the Remoaners keep harping on about Six Hundred and fifty MP's deciding on Brexit,leaving 17.4 Million in exasperation on how the UK is Governed,where 60-70% percent of ma Learned friends are in agreement to Remain as part of the EU,Democracy at it's finest,just like the Irish vote,we'll make you re-vote until we ascertain the decision what we want!
Education Acolytes are stipulating loss of "Grants" for future proposed Schemes from the EU,so why aren't these same Acolytes insisting,that the Funding arrangements for these Schemes to be deducted from funds that were about to be paid as part of Members of the Club,from the UK Government?
If the EU wish to have an"Hard or Soft Brexit",the UK should withhold tranches of Payments to Brussels as part of Any Hard Ball Games they wish to adhere to?
Will the UK Government just uproot from it's previous arrangements,if they start playing each EU Country against the EU,where each "Individual" EU member must fully agree to implementation of their Rules?
Is it too simple for the member wishing to Leave the Club,to withdraw from adherence of the club Rules,by ceasing to be a member,End of Membership?
As was pointed out to Ken Clarke by an audience member on QT,as to the state of the EU finances not signing of the "financial regulations"big Banking Institutions in Germany,Italy in desperate need to balance their books,of which Mr Oily ken dodged not to answer?


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Re: Canada Free trade, UK Brexit,Wallonie Decision

Post by BlueBag on 23.10.16 21:35

The people are an inconvenience.

The trick... which they appear to have forgotten... is to provide bread and circuses.

The bread (standard of living/democratic insurance policy) is being squeezed downwards lately.

However,  we still have the X-Factor and Ed Balls on Strictly.

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