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Bruce Springstein, USA-UK Globalisation for Thirty Years,elections

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Bruce Springstein, USA-UK Globalisation for Thirty Years,elections

Post by willowthewisp on 19.10.16 16:31

I have watched and listened to a Broadcast from TV over the USA Election of the next President of America, of which Bruce Springstein spoke eloquently of how the American public are feeling?
it was quite startling to see the prominence of the similar "Establishment Mentality"in regard to how most Americans feel left behind due to big Banking Institutions handling of the economy for the past Thirty years,with the loss of so many"Blue Collar Workers in Heavy Industry,just like here in the UK?
In fact when the MSM do report how the different States in the USA are not dissimilar to the UK,North V South divide that is safe to conclude that it has been instigated that way as a"Competitive"nature amongst unequal people in our present day society,which is similar in so many areas within the UK?
Is this due to the"Federal Reserve" having so much influence on our Politicians on Monetary Policies the UK has followed since being tied into the European Union,where as "Brexit" has put the Cat amongst the Pigeons?
Theresa May's Government have allowed these big Banks to QE policies,where they have allowed them to Buy"Government Bonds" at the expense of the public's behalf,(we pay,they gain)whilst Billions of Pounds are cut from Public services! 
The Banks then sell these"Junk re-branded Bonds" to the public as"New Stocks & Shares"where the investor takes the risk of the stock price improving on the price they initially paid?
We now see extremely low interest paid to savers in the Negative pattern for X amount of years,is this manufactured for the Investor to Transfer the"Guarantied" low money rate,to buy the Junk Bonds for a better return?
Think about all of the "Properties repossessed" by the Banks,who have then resold the property to buy to let landlords,who then re-let to the people who have had properties repossessed,of coarse at a higher rate of rent than their previous Mortgage rate was,as there is very little Social Housing for such a mass of people requiring to be Housed?
Then we have the"Massive amount" of Economic people moving around the World in the hope of a"Better Quality"of life in the Western provinces,from the Middle East Conflicts,funded by big"Bilderberg"Groups of Millionaires through their conglomerate organisations of supplying armoury to the instigators of War in the first place,CIA, America in a Rolling Ball effect at the expense of the Poor,who are encouraged to "Fight for Justice" like pawns in a game of chess?
Time to Wake up people?


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