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Question Time - Anti John McDonnell?

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Question Time - Anti John McDonnell?

Post by willowthewisp on 16.09.16 13:20

I watched QT Thursday 15th Sep 2016,where basically the second question,Labour Party being Split(Sour puss) Ann Soubry launched a tirade of malicious abuse at John McDonnell [sp. - Mod], quickly followed by the deranged power mad,Alistair Campbell,who also attempted to"Bad Mouth"Mr.McDonald,who had reacted with a bit more decorum,denouncing Alistair's vexatious behaviour toward him(JM).
Ann(Sour puss)then stated to the Audience how they were All well behaved at the first Question stage,wherebye a Young Woman from the Audience quite rightly corrected,that sour puss,had begun the"Nastiness campaign"towards John McDonald,followed by Jack boots Alistair,stamping his authority waving his pointed finger gesturing at the Deputy Labour Party Leader about how"We had Won Three Elections under Teflon Tony"(AC) on his power trip tour?
Person's keep making reference to the PLP and the MP's who chose to act against Jeremy Corbyn and the constant attacks being linked to Anti Jewish factions within the Labour Party,is there a hidden agenda against Jeremy? 
(Sour Puss)Ann,did so again during the program,stating vehemently "Hard Left Elements 1980's"=Momentum 2016,what gives Ann Soubry the right to openly state on TV,that these elements attacking the Women from the Labour Party,without proof of the Harassment to have taken place?


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Re: Question Time - Anti John McDonnell?

Post by plebgate on 19.09.16 17:23

I watched a repeat of this programme last night.   I thought it was a terrible programme

The attack by Sou(r)bry on Mcdonnell was imo an absolute disgrace.   Campbell too was out of order imo.

This programme is getting worse by the week and I believe it is in need of a new Chairman.

Also as Quentin Letts pointed out - 4 Remainers on the panel and only 1 Brexiteer and my goodness me, didn't the Remainers (imo) show themselves to be very sore losers.

Why is Sou(r)bry being given tv  time and why has May given her any role at all to do with the Brexit negotiations (overseeing I believe)?

Nothing ever changes.

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Re: Question Time - Anti John McDonnell?

Post by aquila on 19.09.16 19:25

I've given up watching QT. It's so obviously biased and stage managed. The X Factor has much the same formula.

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Re: Question Time - Anti John McDonnell?

Post by BlueBag on 20.09.16 8:27

@aquila wrote:It's so obviously biased and stage managed. 
It is.

Selected audience.

A very narrow "liberal"* range of opinion.

No real debate.

Ganging up on anyone who steps out of line. 


* Liberal in the sense that everything is tolerated except what they won't tolerate. "Liberals" are amongst the most intolerant anti-democratic people on the planet.

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Question Time-Anti John McDonnell

Post by willowthewisp on 20.09.16 13:16

Hi Bluebag,not just QT now,Channel 4 Dispatches and Panorama both doing their best to cast Jeremy Corbyn,John McDonnell and momentum as crazed Left wing,trotsky,Marxist re-inventd deselected Labour councillors Derek Hatton,Tony Mullhearn,aka 1985 Neill Kinnock's Labour Party speech!
I wonder if Channel 4 Dispatches and the Panorama crews have the temerity to have a programme made about the Fabien Coup De Tate made on the current Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and the NEC,PLP,MP cohorts?


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Question Time-Anti John McDonnell

Post by willowthewisp on 23.09.16 12:54

A week later from the 15th September 2016 programme,they role out the Lovely Liz Kendall,with her vitriolic (Campbell esq) ranting about Unifying the Labour Party under the New Elected Labour Leader guise,then quite openly states if Jeremy Corbyn wins,(LK) would not join his opposition party?
So this week,the viewing public have had Panorama,Channel 4 Dispatches and Question Time debate,Jeremy Corbyn as the New Labour Party Leader in waiting,but there is no bias against Jeremy you understand?
The Unbiased BBC then had most of the program"This Week" with Brillo head debate what,you guessed right Jeremy?


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