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Was Mrs Gaspar being ludicrously paranoid regarding Payne bathing her daughter?

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Re: Was Mrs Gaspar being ludicrously paranoid regarding Payne bathing her daughter?

Post by aiyoyo on 21.08.10 6:21


Judge Mental wrote:
@ aiyoyo
However, one is a little perplexed regarding your own riddle about the Chinese and their painting styles though
One would have thought that painting over something would only make it darker if one were to use a dark paint. A light-coloured paint would effectively make it lighter, as in a whitewash for instance. And indeed more brush strokes alone would only create density if one were to keep putting extra paint on the brush.

However, one would not wish to pursue this riddle of yours any further, lest it detract from any discussion about the Gaspars statements made to Leicester police.

It is still my contention if there’s nothing to it, DP’d done well by leaving it alone;
……..rebutting only will make a mountain out of nothing, and it can only worsen.

My earlier Chinese saying “ the more brush strokes the darker the picture” is akin to these other chinese saying:

“An allegation goes in one ear and comes out many mouth.”

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back."

“Exaggeration is to paint a snake and add legs.”

“You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back.”

“He painted a tiger, and it turned out a dog.”

“The black dog gets the good; the white dog gets the blame.”

“A whitewashed crow soon shows black again.”

D'allieurs, d’apres moi, s’il avait stupidly come out in public to defend himself over a non-issue..
…… non issue because if there’s no true in the allegation, and not that the statement didn’t exist,
……….then he would never ever to able to undo the damage he did by his self-defence because mud sticks

“Man removes a mountain begin by carrying away small stones.”
“Once on a tiger back, it is hard to dismount.”

If I were him, and innonence, I would behave with dignity and do nothing. “ A wise man makes his own decision; a ignorant man follows public opinion.”

Don’t forget the statement was not reported in the mainstream. Imho, he'd wisely stayed silence; had he rebutted he would only expose himself foolishly to unwanted attention, and do himself greater damage to his reputation because people will say there’s no smoke without fire. Also going public to defence himself over it would bring the doctor profession into further disrepute …what with the mccanns….then gaspar…..and still more focus on the other tapas 5 who are doctors…and to what purpose? Over a false allegation? From a broader picture and objective viewpoint, if there was not true in it, staying silent is best option, imho.

Sexist, racist or mother-in-law jokes could be considered poor behaviour between two imbeciles, however making references to children in a sexual way is not something a normal person would see as jocular or amusing. We have to remember this is not Frankie Boyle at The Comedy Club, making the public aware that paedophilia is no longer a taboo subject.

I stand corrected, but IIRC, La dame couldnt remember specificially whether MBM name was mentioned ....she didnt even state or know what the convo was about when those actions was made....apart from remembering finding the actions to be crude and lewd.

This is a case of two adult males in a private and intimate situation, speaking the unspeakable in front of other friends from their group as if it were quite normal to do so. The fact that neither the Gaspars nor the two imbeciles carried on the conversation to qualify what they had said, or even to explain their behaviour, speaks volumes.

HA! what's the unspeakable they uttered? Am I missing something here?

The fact that no apology was forthcoming, and indeed that further invitations were extended to the Gaspars turns the volume up higher. Because this was further proof that the two males were not embarrassed by what they said and have considered it quite normal behaviour. One would therefore conclude that the Gaspar statements are most valuable to the investigation and the police in Portugal should have had sight of those statements the moment they made them. Let us be in no doubt that a telephone call from Leicester police to the Portuguese police should have been made even before those statements were typed up by the secretaries.

Despite the statement, it is my view paedo aspect had nothing to do with MBM death.
Again I stand corrected, afaiu, I thought that was also the investigators' position ie no paedo angle; am I not right?

AFAIK, the PJ's only contention was pertaining to the delay transfer more than anything else, as I dont see stated anywhere that paedo angle was part of investigators' belief? Or am I mistaken? Contention over the delay is v. valid because that give rise to the question what else are UK withholding or why they deemed it necessary to withhold info.

Had the PJ had that info earlier they might have steered their investigation away from abduction to focus on the group much earlier, even if no evidence on paedo angle, at least the group will have been interrogated differently....and then who many wasted opportunity.

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Re: Was Mrs Gaspar being ludicrously paranoid regarding Payne bathing her daughter?

Post by Judge Mental on 21.08.10 12:12

aiyoyo wrote ............ 'HA! what's the unspeakable they uttered? Am I missing something here?'

@ aiyoyo.

You are not missing anything at all.

The speaking of the unspeakable was the use of Payne's body language in the sucking of his fingers and circling his nipple whilst asking McCann a question which led K Gaspar to believe he would be the type of man who would look at children on the internet. Hence her foray to the police station along with her husband, to make a statement when she heard of Madeleine's disappearance.

Judge Mental

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