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Trident,scrap or Renew cost!

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Trident,scrap or Renew cost!

Post by willowthewisp on 19.07.16 11:43

I have been listening to a Radio phone in BBC(Manchester 95.1), now I know people can be factually wrong about the cost of replacing Trident,but when the cost is given as £31.5 Billion plus a further £10 Billion upgrades,it is a bit deceitful to the public not to openly state that this is for one Submarine Vessel , which needs to be Multiplied by Four, so we now have an increase to £168 Billion Pounds + cost overides+£40 Billion=£210 Billion to the Tax payer and not £42 Billion as per the Radio Jock's figures?
Money well spent?

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Re: Trident,scrap or Renew cost!

Post by BlueBag on 19.07.16 14:28

Nuclear weapons can't be uninvented and I believe we need a deterrent whilst other countries still have theirs.

It's crazy but it's a bad world where we could be held to ransom.

As for the cost.. I'd like a breakdown of where the money goes and what individuals make the most money.

I suspect there is a big gravy train here.

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