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Justice Denied,Farah Damji and QC Michael Turner,G4S

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Justice Denied,Farah Damji and QC Michael Turner,G4S

Post by willowthewisp on 13.07.16 14:32

Once again we see our twisted legal system being abused by the process of Law, but who's Laws and freedom are being infringed by the Honourable Elite Echelons, who must be protected from Evil Women, but not the Predators feasting on it's prey, Farah Damji?
Note also, how the QC has switched from his normal Defendant role,to the Prosecution side, whereby the QC denies members of his family working for a defunct"Kids Company"Charity and the protection of G4S good name not to be dragged through the murkiness of the contracts from Government Channels?
Astonishing to think that a QC who has been quaffing wine with the Defendant, can then suddenly vent his spleen against her in a Court of Law,couldn't the defendant, then state the Prosecution had a vested interest in finding against the defendant, due to the knowledge they had gleaned from being in a close association in a legal capacity,when they had both been on the same side as defendants,against G4S, House of Commons select Committees, G4S Contract arrangements,FOI requests by Farah Damji?

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