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Madeleine Mccann Parents To Exhaust 750000 Fund

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Re: Madeleine Mccann Parents To Exhaust 750000 Fund

Post by plebgate on 19.05.16 7:56

Thanks for that link to Ma McCann and the uncle BK clip.   BKennedy asked if he could tell viewers how to put money into the bank account and then says it is not an appeal, it is not an appeal.

Can anyone tell me what it would be termed as?

Well there you are he says it could be used for legal fees -  WHAAAT?

Well wishers thrusting money in his hands the reporter says.   The people of UK are fantastic, but would they have been so giving if they had heard him say that to camera before they gave there hard earned?

Ma McCann says he is feeling buoyed at the end of 2 weeks, I wonder if she has ever seen  that clip of her son on the balcony laughing a short time after Maddie disappeared?  Hoping BarryTH will be able to maybe post a link!


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Re: Madeleine Mccann Parents To Exhaust 750000 Fund

Post by aiyoyo on 19.05.16 8:00

That's the whole reason behind them setting up the "fighting fund" - not to fight the monster that took or killed Maddie - but to fight off court writs on the parents.
No one has any doubts they will use Fund to pay legal expenditures if they can justify it in relation to the search.

But, if they are sued in personal capacity, fund isn't liable to pay personal debt incurred or imposed by Court on them. However we know that's not going to stop them using the Fund since it is pte ltd not charity, and also since Kate and Gerry are both board directors that's already 1/3 of the votes.
If BOD should approve fund use to meet Kate & Gerry's personal debt obligation then it is a matter they have to justify to the auditors. Not that it would make any difference the way I see it. Can abuse of trust and abuse of fund become an issue for the auditors, I doubt it, since pte ltd company is pretty much to the Fund Trustees to deem usage suitability without accountability to bear as there is no liability obligation to outside third party. If it had been a charity trust, that would be different matter.
That's why there is good reason why they didn't wait for charity status but pushed for pte ltd co. status.
This fund was preplanned with the structure/nature of it well thought through to avoid future complications for them.
Again, that's a sign that the fund set up came with an clear agenda, well thought out and executed to suit their hidden agenda.


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Re: Madeleine Mccann Parents To Exhaust 750000 Fund

Post by plebgate on 19.05.16 8:13

I believe you are right with that post aiyoyo.


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Re: Madeleine Mccann Parents To Exhaust 750000 Fund

Post by Verdi on 19.05.16 12:08

The use of the words 'fighting fund' says all to me - the true purpose of the fund.  If people were really thrusting money into Uncle Brian's hand, all I can say the team must have incited mass hysteria - what with that and Uncle Clarence telling people to stick money in an envelope marked for Kate and Gerry 'it'll get there', what more can you say.

The war memorial again?  The arrogance of this family knows no bounds.

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