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Post by Bayonne on 09.05.16 15:50

Buenas tardes. This is the only forum Ive signed up to. The others have interesting comments and points of view but this one seems a little more open minded and friendly! I was living in Spain in 2007 and only really learned about the case through the Spanish media and  I knew there was something wrong from the start. The good in me wants to believe that Madeleine was sedated, wandered and had an accident, but maybe the whispers of paedofiles, the snap of a temper and satanic practices have a place in this story somewhere. Anyway.... I'm not here to add to the whispers, conspiricies and opinions. My investigation skills and writing just aren't good enough!  My blood is boiling. I just want to know how the walls can be knocked down, how the light can shine through and the truth can be told to the masses. I think there has been a slight shift with regard to the truth being told. Mr Goncalo Amaral has won his appeal, the Mccanns have been very quiet of late, turning down a tv interview incase they were asked about the libel case. Operation Grange is coming to an end once SY have decided they can't go the whole hog and actually arrest the child snatching burglars it will conclude with some crappy report about how she still must be out there... somewhere. Surely the Mccanns don't have the balls to start asking for more donations do they?  Im not the brightest bird in the bush but I think that if there's any time when there should be a push to bring this story out in the open, its now. Does anyone know if Mr Amarals book will be published in English in Britain? Or will we all get sued if we buy it? Speaking of sueing....The Mail online (and Gerry Mccann I believe) called anyone who comments on or even reads any of these kind of forums an internet troll. The lovely folk who kindly donated to the Amaral libel fund pot are apparently SICK internet trolls. I take great offence. I am not a troll and especially not a sick one. How amazing would it be if a whole bunch of people sued the press and the Mccanns for their name calling without reason? Im day dreaming I suppose but it would thrust us and our opinions into the limelight. Another dreamy way I thought of that might blow it all open was to contact the hacker group Anonymous and ask them nicely if they wouldnt mind looking at a few files on a few computers to see if they found anything interesting that they could tell the world about. They hate any kind of cover up. Does anyone know the best way to contact them? Also, I tried googling "how to get the Portuguese police to reopen a case" which didn't come up with much. Who can ask for it to be reopened? Does anyone know? Can we petition the Portuguese government? There must be something we can do collectively that would kick start the case being reexamed properly and without prejudice?? I am aware that I might look a bit silly and I wish I could think outside the box or bush in my case and if I could you'd be reading a well put together, intriguing little article about my thoughts on the case but your'e not and I am expressing myself and my passion for the truth about what happened to that little girl and the truth about the kind of people her parents are, the only way I know how. Right....who knows how we can do this...? Mr

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Post by pennylane on 09.05.16 15:53

Good afternoon Bayonne, excellent first post, and welcome to TCMOMM.  Mr

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Post by MayMuse on 09.05.16 17:40


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Post by Nina on 09.05.16 19:09

Good afternoon Bayonne and welcome. 
Like you in 2007 I lived in Spain,only returning to the UK in 2014, so most of my knowledge was gleaned from my steam driven internet connection and what I saw on Spanish tv.
I well remember one such viewing and a shot of Kate and Gerry along with Gerry's sister Phil sat outside a bar having a whale of a time.
I was very embarrassed amongst our Spanish neighours trying to explain that it wasn't the norm for parents to leave small children alone and go out eating and drinking.
Anyway loads on this group for you to read and look forward to seeing you post.

Not one more cent from me.

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