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DNA from blood & fluid sample connect to Aesch?

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DNA from blood & fluid sample connect to Aesch?

Post by Copodenieve on 05.05.16 18:48

Whilst doing some research in Spanish, I discovered that the version of the McCann Case detailed on the Spanish Wikipedia varies considerably to that on the English Wikipedia site. Whilst the English version leans in favour of the McCann’s, the Spanish version is more incriminating.

I discovered something I hadn’t read before, and I tried searching for it on this forum but couldn’t find it either. Below is a translation of a section about the suspect Von Aesch and it implies that it was the DNA from the blood and fluid sample found in Madeleine’s bedroom that lead the police to this suspect.  

Apologies if this subject has already been covered.

Otros sospechosos
(3rd paragraph)
El 1 de junio, una muestra de sangre y fluidos ADN fue encontrada en el dormitorio de donde desapareció Madeleine. El ADN mostró una equivalencia del 88% con el de los McCann, no de Murat. La policía portuguesa, Polícia Judiciária (PJ), entregó la muestra a los laboratorios forenses nacionales, el Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal, e indicó que había un nuevo potencial sospechoso. A principios de agosto, se sugirió una cierta relación con Urs Hans Von Aesch el cual estaba de vacaciones cerca del lugar en el que Madeleine estaba durmiendo sola con sus hermanos. Von Aesch, residente de Benimantell, España, que estaba implicado por la policía de Suiza por la desaparición de una niña de cinco años llamada Ylenia Lenhard oriunda de Appenzell, Suiza, se suicidó recientemente.10

My translation
On 1st June, DNA from a blood and fluids sample found in the bedroom where Madeleine disappeared showed an 88% similarity with that of the McCann’s but not of Murat’s. Portuguese police “Polícia Judiciária” (PJ), sent the sample to the National forensic laboratories;The National Institute of Legal Medicine, and the results indicated a new potential suspect. In early August a certain connection with Urs Hans Von Aesch emerged. He was on holiday near the place where Madeleine was sleeping alone with her brother and sister. Von Aesch, resident of Benimantell in Spain was implicated by the Swiss Police in the disappearance of a five year old girl called Ylenia Lenhard native of Appenzell, Switzerland, and he recently committed suicide.

English verion
Other Enquiries
Another focus of the inquiry was Urs Hans von Aesch, a deceased Swiss man implicated in the July 2007 murder of five-year-old Ylenia Lenhard. Von Aesch was living in Spain when Madeleine disappeared

Von Aesch apparently committed suicide by shooting himself in the head on July 31, 2007, a few hours after Lenhard disappeared, and shortly after shooting a 46-year-old man
Suspected in the McCann case[edit]
Von Aesch was also briefly a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. He was thought to be close to Praia da Luz when Madeleine McCann disappeared. A white van with Spanish number plates matching the description of von Aesch's was seen parked for several days in front of the McCann's apartment. The van was not seen again after Madeleine disappeared.
On the 7 May 2013 it was reported that Scotland Yard officers, as part on their ongoing review, had travelled to St Gallen to investigate possible links between the two crimes. Hanspeter Krüsi, spokesman for the Swiss police, stated, that after the investigation no links could be established between the two cases, and this is what was communicated to Scotland Yard.[7]

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Re: DNA from blood & fluid sample connect to Aesch?

Post by MayMuse on 05.05.16 22:25

Urs Hans Von Aesch (deceased) 

Have SY missed  this 'patsy"?

Just a thought...


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Re: DNA from blood & fluid sample connect to Aesch?

Post by Cakefan64 on 05.05.16 22:41

MayMuse wrote:Urs Hans Von Aesch (deceased) 

Have SY missed  this 'patsy"?

Just a thought...
My thoughts too. Surely a prime candidate!

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Re: DNA from blood & fluid sample connect to Aesch?

Post by Mirage on 05.05.16 22:56

If SY resurrect that old chestnut their reputation is toast.


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