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Match commander David Duckenfield and former boss Brian Mole both Freemasons

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Match commander David Duckenfield and former boss Brian Mole both Freemasons

Post by sallypelt on 27.04.16 0:37

Police face questions over the influence of the Freemasons after it emerged match commander and his boss were both members 

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  • Match commander David Duckenfield and former boss Brian Mole members of same lodge
  • Duckenfield was promoted despite not being 'best man for job'
  • South Yorkshire Police colleagues said to have been furious over decision 
  • Year after disaster Duckenfield became a 'worshipful master' of local lodge

South Yorkshire Police today face questions over whether powerful 'secret society' the Freemasons held sway over the force at the time of Hillsborough.

Families of victims say that officers who were Masons were promoted into powerful positions despite being ill-equipped, including match commander David Duckenfield.

Duckenfield told the fresh inquests he had been a Freemason since 1975 and became head of his local lodge - a worshipful master - the year after the 1989 disaster. 

The match commander, 46 in 1989, was handed control of F Division, which included policing games at Hillsborough, just three weeks before the tragedy.

He was forced to admit at the inquests that he had no experience of policing football, did not know Hillsborough and 'wasn't the best man for the job'. 

At the time there was fury among colleagues who believed it was his freemasons membership that was behind his promotion.

When asked during the inquest of  was influenced by his membership of the so-called 'secret society', but added: 'I would hope not.'

His predecessor Brian Mole, now dead, had also been a member of the same lodge, jurors were told.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), as part of its overall investigation into alleged criminality and misconduct, has examined concerns from the Hillsborough families over Freemason membership.

The United Grand Lodge of England has provided information including historical attendance records of meetings

This has enabled investigators to assess whether there may be some correlation with individuals involved in decision-making around Hillsborough, according to the IPCC.

The hearings in Warrington also heard evidence from a police constable who said he had heard 'a substantial meeting' of senior officers, including allegedly Mr Duckenfield, took place in the days after the disaster.

The officer said it was rumoured that most of the officers were Masons and it was said they were trying to blame Superintendent Roger Marshall for asking for the exit gate at Leppings Lane to be opened.

Coroner Sir John Goldring later warned the jury that there was 'not a shred of evidence' that such a meeting ever took place or that all of those named were Freemasons. He advised them to put the 'gossip and hearsay' to one side.

Giving evidence, Mr Duckenfield said he was unaware if his boss, Chief Constable Peter Wright, was also a Freemason.

He said: 'I can't say whether he was or he wasn't. What I am saying is within my knowledge in the whole of the Sheffield/Yorkshire area, and in my lodge, he certainly wasn't a Freemason, and it wasn't customary in those days, because a situation had arisen where it was unfashionable, or some people thought unacceptable, to be a Freemason in a senior police position.'

Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations, according to the United Grand Lodge of England's website.

It adds that 'it teaches self-knowledge through participation in a progression of ceremonies' and 'is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values'.

David Duckenfield, who is believed to be in Portugal, said Liverpool supporters had smashed through a closed gate before kick-off, causing the crush, when in fact he had ordered it to be left open to ease congestion.

It was only 26 years later, having retired on a gold-plated police pension, that he was forced to admit this was the 'direct cause' of the tragedy and that he had lied to save his own skin. 

Today the inquest found that his decision had caused or contributed to their deaths - and also meant that they were all unlawfully killed.

In 2000 the families of the dead brought a private manslaughter prosecution against Duckenfield, but a jury failed to reach a verdict. The Crown Prosecution Service could again choose to prosecute him after today's verdicts.

Today, as the damning verdicts were read out, the match commander was not at the hearing and neighbours said the retired golf fan was last seen at home on the edge of the New Forest over the weekend.


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Re: Match commander David Duckenfield and former boss Brian Mole both Freemasons

Post by BlueBag on 27.04.16 6:44

Freemasons covering up is not new.

I give you Charles Warren, head of the Met in 1888 doing everything he could NOT to identify Jack the Ripper - including destruction of evidence.

That's Jack the Ripper whose killings were very obviously full of Masonic Symbolism and sent may letters taunting Warren with similar content.

If you haven't read it I recommend "They All Love Jack" by Bruce Robinson. A magnificent book.

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Re;match commander David Duckinfield,Hillsborough

Post by willowthewisp on 27.04.16 10:50

Another interesting fact,that Sir Norman Bettison was on duty at the Gymnasium 01.00 04.30Am 16 April 1989 where the bodies were taken too for identification,upon where he met a colleague PC Ryder who had seemingly brought some CID forms to Sir Norman who was acting in a collating of information for the Police Force?
The Police control room was spaced not more than 75 metre from the Gymnasium and CCTV tapes of evidence from the 15th April 1989 miracuslously disappeared from the control room,now one would have thought with so many Police personnel in such proximity in the ground protecting the evidence of the scene,how was this possible,but it did happen?
Sir Norman Bettison, then went on to a promotion as the Police Commander at Liverpool,criticised by a huge swath of local people on Merseyside for his close association to the Hillsborough disaster and another person of interest is Sir Bernard Hogan Howe who had a selective memory moment when questioned on the Hillsborough disaster?

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