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West Midlands PCC election candidate Andy Flynn in disgusting slur against Madeleine McCann's mother

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West Midlands PCC election candidate Andy Flynn in disgusting slur against Madeleine McCann's mother

Post by hogwash on 22.04.16 13:50

West Midlands PCC election candidate Andy Flynn in disgusting slur against Madeleine McCann's mother

A man bidding to be the next West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner had a string of ‘offensive’ posts on his Facebook page, including a disgusting slur against the mother of missing schoolgirl Madeleine McCann.

Andy Flynn and Kate McCann, who he used an offensive term against



Andy Flynn, an independent candidate from Great Barr, shared a post that called Kate McCann a ‘f*****g rat bitch’ and another that called for a boycott of ‘Moslem’ take-aways.
In another post he asks if a Labour activist suspended for saying ISIS was run by Israel ‘had a point?’
He also has written statuses that say ‘zionist bankers’ are influencing the EU referendum, off-duty police officers are harassing enemies of their ‘Freemason brothers’, and that Israel is behind terrorist attacks on Christians to stir up Islamic hatred.

A picture of Chancellor Angela Merkel resembled a Nazi
Mr Flynn, who is also Facebook friends with known agitators such as ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson and ‘Liam Walsall’, leader of the Walsall Patriots group, said he had no complaints about the content and that by sharing posts it did not mean he agreed with them.
But since being contacted by the Express & Star he has removed the controversial content from the public view of his Facebook page.
Mr Flynn today faced calls to withdraw from the race, but denies sharing offensive or derogatory material and insists he is in favour of free debate.
In the posts shared among his 2,000 Facebook friends, which includes ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson, were comments against Jews and Muslims, as well as the mother of missing schoolgirl Madeleine McCann.
A post shared on April 9 questions what sort of mother Kate McCann is, including a number of smears not suitable to be republished.
He also shared a picture of German Chancellor Angela Merkel which resembled a Nazi officer.
A post he shared earlier this month read: “British subjects, please boycott moslem take aways, you don’t know what they are doing to your food. Support your local village chip shop.”

Madeleine McCann's mother was the target of vile abuse

Sharing an article headlined ‘Labour has suspended a member who thinks Isis is run by Israel’, the 43 year old wrote: “Does this guy have a point? Israel is the sworn enemy of Islam yet there have been no Isis attacks on Israel.”
In one post there is a picture of former MP David Miliband with his brother and ex-Labour leader Ed which states David is paid £425,000 to head a charity. Mr Flynn comments: “A Jew heads a charity and gets paid almost half a million pounds from donations intended for needy people. I guess that’s socialism for you.”
A post he shared on March 9 showed a black and white image of European immigrants leaving a boat. The image is accompanied with the words: “The Europeans were exactly like the Muslim refugees today. Minus the Sharia law, rape culture, beheadings, paedophilia, female genital mutilation, stonings, hangings, honour killings...suicide bombers...”

Another post on Mr Flynn Facebook page
And there is another post he has shared that read: “Straight Pride. It’s natural, it’s worked for thousands of years, and you can make babies.”
Other posts included conspiracy theories on Marxism, Israel, and police corruption.His campaign website says he believes in banning police officers from being in ‘secret’ groups such as the Freemasons.
The posts have sparked uproar from his rivals in the May 5 election who have branded him ‘unfit for public office’. Labour candidate David Jamieson said: “I could attack each and every line of his, but they are not worth the effort and people will see how hate filled they are. His comments highlight the difference between us – my campaign will be about uniting not dividing us.”

This shared post urged a boycott of Muslim takeaways
Conservative candidate Les Jones said: “The role of PCC involves representing the whole community regardless of heritage, race, sexual orientation and I do not see how someone who is prepared to post that sort of material can claim to represent those people. I think he should seriously consider withdrawing. I think he is unfit for public office.” UKIP candidate Pete Durnell: added “Personally I find Mr Flynn’s implied views on Freemasonry and Kate McCann both bizarre and offensive, and would suggest they are not what the public should expect from someone with aspirations to become the next West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner.”

Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson, who Mr Flynn is Facebook friends with
Mr Flynn has paid a £5,000 deposit to run in the election and requires at least five per cent of all the votes to get his money back. After being contacted by the Express & Star the shared posts are no longer viewable on his Facebook page. He said: “My Facebook page is for my friends and family. I am standing for election because I believe policing should be for the people and not be party political. I am not aware of anything on my Facebook page which is offensive, untrue or derogatory.
“Just because I have shared a post it doesn’t mean I am of that opinion. I believe in free and open debate.”
He added: “You won’t meet a more compassionate person that is why I am standing to be West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner. I am not racist, not a Zionist, not homophobic. I believe in an open society and what I stand for is on my election material and if elected what I want is a fairer and more just society.”


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Re: West Midlands PCC election candidate Andy Flynn in disgusting slur against Madeleine McCann's mother

Post by jeanmonroe on 22.04.16 16:09

If, IF, KM is 'found' to be 'involved' with 'the disappearance', his 'slur' will be as nothing to the 'slurs' coming from all the 'duped' people that 'donated' to her and her husbands, registered, private PLC, Madeleines' Fund, LNSU.

imo, obviously.


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