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James O'Brian doing phone in - Do you want to read Goncalo's book?

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James O'Brian doing phone in - Do you want to read Goncalo's book?

Post by mouse on 20.04.16 10:34

Just a to let the forum know that J O'Brian is doing a phone in - mentioned it on newsthread but didn't want anyone to miss it - you can get the listen again possibly from a link on their website - I would have thought.

James o'brian on LBC - doing phone-in on Goncalo Amaral - the worm has truly turned - he wants to read the book now! This coming from a bloke who backed the Mccanns in the past - the phone in - Do you want to read Goncalos Book? 

He also said that many of his respected friends have become sceptical of the Mccanns. Don't like O'Brien but if he is a barometer of the media today - I say that Team Mccann are not very happy as it is not going their way. No wonder Pinky is not available for comment. 

Also wonder if this has to do with  book deal and which publishers have signed Mr Amaral's book up here? Cos this almost sounds like a promotion.

Bring it on!!

Also they are being very nice about Goncalo - after all he is a detective, and worked on the case - not the sardine munching lazy cop they talked about. Even Brenda has been mentioned - as "that poor woman who took her own life', not called a troll - like I believe O'Brian called her in the past. This is really a change of viewpoint from the media - and a very interesting one!


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Re: James O'Brian doing phone in - Do you want to read Goncalo's book?

Post by suzyjohnson on 20.04.16 10:39

'Not very happy'

I should think that's a understatement mouse. This is a disaster for the McCanns.



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Re: James O'Brian doing phone in - Do you want to read Goncalo's book?

Post by MRNOODLES on 20.04.16 14:47

Perhaps Richard Hall could read the book to 'us' jackanory style?  grouphug

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Re: James O'Brian doing phone in - Do you want to read Goncalo's book?

Post by jeanmonroe on 20.04.16 16:56

'I wuz just reading the cribsheet they gave me, 'onest, guv' notme

'I always thought GA was an exceptional police officer, right from day 1'

Plz 'Don't SUE me! Pretty plz!'


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Re: James O'Brian doing phone in - Do you want to read Goncalo's book?

Post by mouse on 20.04.16 17:46

Just realised - having checked the site - that you have to pay to listen to these podcasts. As I'm a cheapskate I'm not going to do that - but it is well worth a listen if you can afford it and they podcast todays program in full - Goncalo's book was the first topic up for discussion at 10pm. 

To summarise from what I can remember James spoke v.carefully about the situation with the Mccanns and the court appeal going in GA's favour. He said that some of his respected friends were sceptical about the family. He talked about GA - saying that he was the Detective on the Scene, that he was a professional Police Officer - that this was his perspective/opinion on the case - and that if the court had found in his favour then really, and he was surprised to come to this conclusion - that we should be able to read the book. That it should be available in the UK. He wasn't rude about GA, but equally didn't big him up. He was however, very strong on the fact we shouldn't be able to block freedom of speech.

The first female caller was very impressive. She appeared to know all the about facts of the case/and everything leading up to it. I would love to know who she was - and bet she has been on this site and others. When O'Brian said that he felt he would read the book now - she said you can already read it as it is all over internet if you want to look. She wasn't stopped anyway through the discussion. She praised Goncalo and said how pleased she was for him. This was a quite long chat and I can't remember it all - but it was a good - almost like a pre-arranged interview. 

Other callers made it clear that they were unhappy with the Mccanns for leaving their kids alone, and couldn't understand the money spent on this case when other missing children did not receive the same amount of money and attention.

Wish I'd taken more notes - but this was an  hour on the subject and many view points were put forward and for the first time the callers who were not onside with the Mccanns were treated seriously. In fact the first lady caller was praised by O'Brian and the next caller - for being very knowledgeable about the case.


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