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Met Police scapegoats on Child abuse, Abductions, Harvey Proctor is to face no charges.

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Met Police scapegoats on Child abuse, Abductions, Harvey Proctor is to face no charges.

Post by willowthewisp on Wed 30 Mar 2016, 12:22 pm

Is the Metropolitan Police Force to become the "Scapegoats" for the failed actions they had taken against Lord Brammell and Harvey Proctor into possible murders and child abuse allegations are to face no charges after Operation Midland ceases.
We know how well spoken dignified people have promoted, "Innocent until proven guilty" statement to past crimes they had committed,Aitken, Janner, Thorpe, Smith, Saville?
Sir Bernard Hogan Howe has had an extension to his contract for one year and is bound to face calls for his resignation over the recent fiasco's and the forthcoming revelations into how the Met have behaved in recent unsolved murder investigations,Abduction,Operation Grange?
Perhaps our well educate MP's who had asked for changes to statute laws to be amended and the naming of these person's name becoming into the public domain after questioning by Police Authorities, is to be changed once again after the two named individuals in Operation Midland?
Why did the police choose to put names of these individuals and a well known pop star into the MSM knowing this was a breach of the law, if they were to face no charges, was this to raise the profile of the case they were investigating costing £1.7 million from the public finances?
Harvey Proctor has appeared on Channel 4 News and Newsnight 29 March 2016 condemning how the Metropolitan Police Service had in his words, "Disposable, ruined his life" over his being named by the police Authoritiesreleased to MSM?   
Mr. Proctor has poured scorn on Dame Lowell Goddard's Child abuse inquiry, after the "Witch Hunt" against both him and Lord Brammell persecution of his (HP) sexual predilections?

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