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Useful map Mm11

Useful map Regist10

Useful map

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Useful map Empty Useful map

Post by Guest on 08.03.16 17:49

I've been making an interactive map of the OC with Google Earth. I'd like to share it here but am not sure how to upload it.

Anyway, working from the PDF map on the OC website I correlated numbers/letters and worked out what's what.

Useful map Oc_map10

If you right click a thumbnail, you can see who was staying there and the dates (may add more data later);

Useful map Map_210

Useful map Map_310

I have yet to do the Waterside village area and the Club area, and there are some room numbers that I can't make sense of. So, it's a work in progress. But hopefully helpful, I know it will save me a lot of time. If anyone knows how I can upload the whole thing, let me know.

Oh, and 'Gardenside' was something of a mnemonic so I'd remember to find G's on the lists. The map has the area as 'Waterside Gardens'.

ETA - I swear I posted this in the Important Research section, would appreciate it if a mod can fix that :)

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Useful map Empty Re: Useful map

Post by skyrocket on 08.03.16 18:29

Good idea - thanks! I've been looking for a map with as many of the MW apartments marked on as possible. It's a good quality reproduction and gives a good idea of the scale and the distances between the different OC locations. Lot of work for you but, as I say, appreciated.

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Useful map Empty Re: Useful map

Post by Guest on 08.03.16 18:47

That's my intention. I can share the file so people can explore etc but I will fill it up first.

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Useful map Empty Re: Useful map

Post by Guest on 10.03.16 17:07

Quick update, for ease of access I created an Excel page, I'll be adding to this more but this is what I have so far (click to download the Excel file).

As for the map, I've come to something of an impasse because I don't know where certain rooms should be located, as they don't seem to mesh with the rest of the resort as far as the map I have goes. For instance:



If anyone wants to zoom around/add anything to this, you can download the map file, you will only need to install google Earth to make it work.

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