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Gerry's Blogs - Blog 11 - Day 31 Mm11

Gerry's Blogs - Blog 11 - Day 31 Regist10

Gerry's Blogs - Blog 11 - Day 31

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Gerry's Blogs - Blog 11 - Day 31 Empty Gerry's Blogs - Blog 11 - Day 31

Post by Liz Eagles on 30.01.16 19:09

Day 31 - 03/06/2007  
Was encouraged to learn of the large volume of information which has come through the Leicester incident room following the appeal. Hopefully the Portuguese police will have had a good reponse also and we hope to meet with them in the next couple of days for an update. Chris and Les, who travelled over with the huge inflatable banner which has been positioned near the Spanish border, are heading home today. They were very happy that the director of the Algarve tourist board allowed them to put it up in private property owned by them, with thousands of cars passing every hour and seeing Madeleine’s image and details of her disappearance and reward. Sunday papers have reported our interviews virtually verbatim but vey disappointed that the blog was lifted almost in entirety by one newspaper yesterday after expressly forbidding such an approach! The blog is to keep people visiting the website up to date
with our progress in the campaign to find Madeleine.
Liz Eagles
Liz Eagles

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Gerry's Blogs - Blog 11 - Day 31 Empty Re: Gerry's Blogs - Blog 11 - Day 31

Post by Verdi on 30.01.16 22:55

3rd June 2007 and they're hoping for a favourable update from the Portuguese police?  I thought they complained repeatedly that they were kept in the dark as regards the investigation.

What a circus!  I believe this is the huge inflatable banner GM refers to..

Gerry's Blogs - Blog 11 - Day 31 Madeleine42

Again, they use one image that is nothing like the Madeleine in the pool side photograph or the tennis ball photograph + one showing a very unhappy looking child - but that could just be my imagination.

Aprops of the Sunday papers reportage as mentioned, the inflatable banner lists contact points as a) directly the Portuguese police or b) Crimestoppers phone number for people in Portugal to call anonymously or c) The News of the World.

? ? ?

Still, confusion is good.

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