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Gerry's Blog - Blog 8, Day 28 Mm11

Gerry's Blog - Blog 8, Day 28 Regist10

Gerry's Blog - Blog 8, Day 28

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Gerry's Blog - Blog 8, Day 28 Empty Gerry's Blog - Blog 8, Day 28

Post by Jill Havern on 25.01.16 11:26

Day 28 - 31/05/2007   
Press conference in Rome went very well giving us an excellent forum to ask for help in the search for Madeleine. We told people about the website, how to download posters and ask people to print them and take on holiday wherever they are.

We arrived in Madrid late last night and have a series of meetings arranged with government and non government agencies concerned with child welfare. We will also be hosting a press conference again to raise general awareness of Madeleine´s disappearance and ask for the public´s help in our search for Madeleine. We may also do a few very short interviews for US news stations which are widely broadcast in Europe, N.Africa and Asia, particularly in English speaking hotels and other outlets. Will update after meetings.

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Gerry's Blog - Blog 8, Day 28 Empty Re: Gerry's Blog - Blog 8, Day 28

Post by Liz Eagles on 25.01.16 11:45

From a visionary moment in the little church in PDL to a full scale media savvy assault within days....within days....within days. Fast learners hey?
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