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Children as young as eight were forced to perform sex acts on each other and ANIMALS while in council care, judge finds

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Children as young as eight were forced to perform sex acts on each other and ANIMALS while in council care, judge finds

Post by hogwash on 21.01.16 15:29

Children as young as eight were forced to perform sex acts on each other and ANIMALS while in council care, judge finds

Children were made to perform 'sexual activities' with each other and animals at a hotel, a family court judge has concluded.
Social workers from Coventry City Council had asked Judge Hilary Watson to investigate a series of allegations made by a number of children in their care.
The judge has now made a number of shocking findings of facts after analysing evidence at a court hearing in the city.
She said the allegations were made by four children aged between eight and 14 against a man they knew.
No one was identified in her written ruling, in which limited detail about the incidents was made public.
The children spoke of travelling to Birmingham on a bus and indicated that the hotel was in the city. They also indicated that activities had been recorded on video.
Judge Watson said some of the 'suggestions' might seem 'fantastical', but concluded they were probably a 'grim reality'.
She said: 'In my judgment, the children are telling the truth when they describe being taken... to a hotel where they had wine and tablets and were made to perform sexual acts watched by other people.
'It is suggested that the accounts are not to be believed because the children report sexual activity with (a) dog and other animals. A rabbit was described as being frightened ... and running off.
'Such suggestions might seem fantastical but become a grim reality when seen in the context of my findings that the children have been made to perform sexual activities with each other for the sexual gratification of (the man), for the video camera, and for other people.'

The judge added: 'It is highly probable that the children were made to perform sexual acts on animals.'
Judge Watson said police were involved in the case but she did not reveal whether anyone has been charged with any offence.
Judge Watson said the man at the centre of the case had denied all allegations.

The allegations were raised to social workers at Coventry City Council (whose headquarters are pictured)
She said: 'He told the court the children are not telling the truth... He is unable to offer any explanation for why the children should lie and can only guess that they have observed sexual activity of this sort in films.'
She said the man had denied harming children or threatening them.
But Judge Watson made a series of findings against him and said he had 'orchestrated' sexual activity between children.
'(He) created a climate of fear and the children were compliant to his requests through fear,' the judge concluded.
'He threatened them with violence which was not used because the threat was enough.'
She added: '(He) has orchestrated sexual activity between children for his personal sexual gratification.' 

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Coventry Care home abuse of children in their care?

Post by willowthewisp on 22.01.16 15:29

Isn't it about time that the people in this country,UK woke up to the abuses that have been directed to innocent children by Nefarious people for decades and it would seem as though, this has spread world wide according to the "Internet bloggers",Marc Dutrouix,Cia,mind control?
Various UK Governments have been instigating wars throughout different continents for years claiming the moral high ground of the leaders deposed from their Countries, as "Evil despicable tyrants" keeping their people in harsh depressed structure to control them in their society.
Imagine if it is "True" that for decades these Government controlled Officials / Organisations have some how instigated or have been involved in these despicable acts of abuse of minors by adults and have become involved in the cover up of the abuse, where doe's this leave these institutions that have harboured the evidence, "out of sight,Out of mind",would they be able to control mass demonstrations or Anarchy that would more than likely to happen if proven against the Establishment's?
Little wonder that the Police Forces have to be involved in the suppression of evidence, that they never found,Cumbria police overseer,never received a copy of the case reports on Poppi Worthington, that he should have had,but cannot comment on it without seeing the case files,(complete cop out)?  
No wonder they,"Governments" wish to have control over the Internet to suppress information on"secret documentation"for over Seventy five years or more,the "Suicide of Dr David Kelly" Iraq War,Profumo Affair,"Dunblane massacre" thought to be linked to child Abuse by Mr Thomas Hamilton,covered up by Mr Antony,Lynton Blair,Peter Mandelson,Operation Ore?
The UK are being mind controlled by the amount of "Sport and crap moronic"Celebrity Big Brother nonsense,East Enders,X Factor as a form of entertainment, to "Dumb Down" from Reality in the World ?


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