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Smith Report - Savile at the BBC

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Smith Report - Savile at the BBC

Post by Doug D on 20.01.16 21:20

Exaro reveals the details from the Smith report on Savile at the BBC which has remained unpublished till now due to the Met’s fears that it could affect current investigations. For some reason, not yet clear, they changed their minds yesterday, so Exaro have gone with the report that was leaked to them, presumably some time ago.
Links to numerous reported pages towards the bottom of the second report to keep you going all night.
BBC’s ‘deferential culture’, ‘untouchable’ stars and ‘above the law’ managers blamed
Retired judge Dame Janet Smith condemns BBC culture over Sir Jimmy Savile’s paedophile activities at the broadcaster in her inquiry report leaked to Exaro.
In a searing indictment of the BBC, Smith criticises the corporation for a “very deferential culture”, its “untouchable” stars and “above the law” managers.
Her report outlines multiple rapes and indecent assaults on girls and boys, and incidents of “inappropriate sexual conduct” with teenagers above 16, all “in some way associated with the BBC”.
“Three of Savile’s victims were only nine years old.”
As Exaro prepared to publish the leak, the Smith review this afternoon announced that it would publish the report “within six weeks”.
Many BBC employees told Smith’s “review” that they had heard about Savile’s predatory sexual conduct, but feared reporting concerns to managers. But Smith accepts a series of denials by senior figures that they were aware of Savile’s sexual misconduct.
Most of Savile’s rapes, attempted rapes and more serious sexual assaults took place in his flats or caravans, she says.
“However, I heard of incidents that took place in virtually every one of the BBC premises at which he worked. These included the BBC Television Theatre (in connection with Jim’ll Fix It), at Television Centre (in particular in connection with Top of the Pops), at Broadcasting House or Egton House (where he worked in connection with BBC Radio 1), Lime Grove studios and various provincial studios, including Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow.
“He would indulge in sexual touching while working on the set (of Top of the Pops or Jim’ll Fix It) and on at least one occasion, he was actually on camera. Savile would seize the opportunity for sexual contact even in public places such as corridors, staircases and canteens.”
The draft report seen by Exaro, running to more than 500 pages, was completed over a year ago. Smith distributed conclusions and criticisms from the draft to relevant individuals and to the BBC itself, seeking any further comment.
Exaro reported last September that Smith watered down her much-delayed report after receiving strong objections to many of her criticisms.
Smith responded by saying that she had not changed her report’s conclusions after receiving objections to her findings.
Exaro reveals today how Smith’s draft report:
   reveals how BBC employees were too afraid to report Savile to managers;
   says that BBC people fear blowing the whistle more than ever today;
   exposes a BBC culture where celebrities were treated with “kid gloves” and managers drank heavily;
   warns that “a predatory child abuser could be lurking undiscovered in the BBC even today.”
We also publish the key extracts from the Smith report’s summary and conclusions, and from its damning chapter on the BBC’s management culture.
In that chapter, Smith writes: “Several witnesses described the BBC as very deferential.”
“My general impression is that most staff (other than those who had been in the higher echelons) felt that the management culture was too deferential and that some executives were ‘above the law’.”
“I have the clear impression that most people in the BBC held the talent in some awe and treated them deferentially; they appeared to have the ability to influence careers and were themselves untouchable. It would be a brave person indeed who would make a complaint against such a person.”
In four further packages of pieces today, Exaro makes a series of other revelations from Smith’s draft report, including devastating details of the sheer scale of awareness within the BBC of Savile’s activities, even if management was oblivious.
There are also disturbing disclosures from the inquiry report about evidence of sexual abuse of children at Top of the Pops that goes beyond Savile.
Smith points out that the honours committee advised Lady Thatcher, as prime minister, against recommending a knighthood for Savile because of public warning signs about the presenter, who died in 2011, even if the BBC failed to spot them. But the former Court of Appeal judge also questions why Thatcher persisted with proposing Savile for a knighthood.
And the BBC has known of Smith’s devastating criticisms for over a year.
In total, we today publish more than 37,500 words of extracts from Smith’s entire draft report.
Janet Smith’s review: key extracts and Exaro story thread
Click on the link below to download a PDF of Exaro’s extracts from Smith’s draft report.
29 October 2011: Former colleagues of Sir Jimmy Savile, one of the BBC’s biggest stars, are on the train back to London from his funeral in Leeds.
A former producer from Top of the Pops, Stan Appel, asks a question out loud.
“What about all the stories about the young girls?”
Jim Moir, one-time head of head of ‘variety’ and then ‘light entertainment’ at BBC Television, the executive responsible for Jim’ll Fix It, asked Appel: what did he mean?
“Well you know, you know, young girls,” said Appel.
Moir recalled the moment in his evidence to Smith’s inquiry.
Appel was “a man of delicate taste”, Moir told her. “We didn’t pursue the conversation much further. It was evident what he meant.”
More than five years later, Exaro reproduces more than 37,500 words of extracts from the leak of Smith’s entire draft report of her inquiry into the late star’s sexual abuse linked to the BBC.
The conversation still has a long way to go.
Below is a run-down of our coverage of the inquiry to date, what it finds, as well as Exaro’s previous disclosures about the Smith review, and the issue of “VIP paedophiles” as it relates to the BBC.
The articles are listed in reverse-chronological order.
BBC knew of Savile inquiry’s findings more than a year ago
Judge’s inquiry into Jimmy Savile avoids prejudicing police cases
Janet Smith’s review: key extracts and Exaro story thread
Margaret Thatcher urged knighthood for ‘lurid’ Jimmy Savile
Janet Smith’s review: chapter 4 on society’s lack of alarm
Top of the Pops exposed by Janet Smith’s inquiry into abuse
Inquiry slams BBC over response to suicide of TOTP girl, 15
TOTP photographer took ‘porny’ pictures of girls in audience
Jimmy Savile hid abuse on Top of the Pops in ‘plain sight’
Radio 1 chief failed to see risk posed by Jimmy Savile in 1973
Janet Smith’s review: chapters 9 and 11 on TOTP and Radio 1
BBC staff to Janet Smith: we heard of Jimmy Savile’s exploits
Many of Jimmy Savile’s sexual attacks linked directly to BBC
Jim’ll Fix It sailed on despite concerns with Sir Jimmy Savile
BBC chiefs oblivious to Jimmy Savile’s damning Sun stories
BBC stars blast Jimmy Savile in damning evidence to inquiry
Janet Smith’s review: chapters 3, 5, 6, 7, 10 on ‘who knew what’
Jimmy Savile: Janet Smith’s damning review leaked to Exaro
BBC staff feared reporting Jimmy Savile’s activities to bosses
Whistleblowing at BBC ‘worse’ than in Jimmy Savile’s time
Jimmy Savile inquiry reveals BBC’s ‘kid gloves’ for its stars
Another Jimmy Savile could lurk at BBC, warns inquiry report
Janet Smith’s review: chapters 1, 2, conclusions & afterword
Ex-flatmates support ‘Jane’ over rape claim against Leon Brittan
Jimmy Savile: BBC restricts Smith review’s terms of reference
BBC-commissioned study praises corporation on child protection
Smith review ‘already avoids prejudicing ongoing police cases’
Mark Watts on RT’s Sputnik: BBC’s attack on abuse survivors
Met investigates Panorama source over leak of CSA survivor’s ID
Analysis: why I turned down Panorama’s interview request
Revealed: Panorama’s plans to smear survivors of child abuse
BBC seeks to delay Smith review until after renewal of charter
Jimmy Savile: BBC fears inquiry indictment over abuse failure
BBC at war over Panorama on claims of VIP paedophile network
Met detectives told of Jimmy Savile’s link to Elm Guest House

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Re: Smith Report - Savile at the BBC

Post by sar on 21.01.16 11:16

Very convenient that this report is "leaked" today, on the day the litvinenko inquiry publishes.


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