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23 serving Essex Police officers to be interviewed over child sex abuse case failings

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23 serving Essex Police officers to be interviewed over child sex abuse case failings

Post by Doug D on 19.01.16 9:05

IPCC looking at 54 current (2011-2014) cases, just in Essex. What chance have they got with the historic ones?
Next step will be calls for an amnesty on everything before 2000 as they can’t cope and they need to draw a line somewhere.
All going according to the establishment ‘spinners’ plans to sweep it all under the carpet?  
23 serving Essex Police officers to be interviewed over child sex abuse case failings
By JoeSturdy |  Posted: January 18, 2016
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is now moving to interview a total of 29 Essex Police staff - including serving officers and six ex-officers - into alleged sex abuse case failings.
The body is managing 54 separate cases into the handling of child abuse enquiries by the north Child Abuse Investigation Team reported between 2011 and 2014.
Of the 29 staff, five serving officers and one former officer are also facing a criminal investigation.
Serving a police officer with a notice advises them their conduct is subject to investigation, it does not indicate or prejudge any outcome of the investigation.
Today (Monday, January 18), it was announced that the investigation is now moving to the interview stage.
Speaking in June last year Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, said: "I will continue to be entirely open and clear with the people of Essex about the importance of protecting our children and other vulnerable members of our communities. This is an absolute priority.
"The trauma of child abuse is unimaginable to most of us, but the legacy it leaves with victims who have suffered it is life-long."
He said he was sure that people would be "concerned" about the criminal investigation, but "it is completely right that the IPCC continues to progress its investigation and we must be careful not to pre-judge the outcome.
"It is important to remember that Essex Police itself initiated the review into the quality of child abuse investigations carried out by the North Child Abuse Investigation Team.
"The force has rightly treated this matter seriously and I have been kept closely informed of the progress of the review by the Chief Constable.
"Essex Police has made great strides and shown great commitment to identifying problems, resolving them and learning from them with the aim of ensuring this regrettable situation cannot occur again.
"The 49 cases which are being investigated by Essex Police are a small fraction of the number of child abuse investigations carried out by the force.
"I would urge anyone who knows or suspect a child is being abused, or has themselves been the victim of sexual abuse as a child, to contact Essex Police. You can also use the Victims Gateway website, to learn about support and safeguarding services in your local area."

Doug D

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