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Kate's stressed and agitated everytime she speaks of the crying incident

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Kate's stressed and agitated everytime she speaks of the crying incident

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 18.01.16 9:37

Amelia Black
January 10 at 11:35am

22-28 mins into this video of Sandra felgueiras, you can see clearly Kate's stressed and agitated everytime she speaks of the crying incident for reasons I don't know ,I imagine had a man entered ,causing her to cry ,that would be what she'd say! Who was he why did he wake me and sean up? Or the man woke us being noisy, silly man!

In what circumstance does an opportunist abductor wake the children,make them cry,then run from an apartment, Why would an abductor plan to steal a child then just doesn't?

Kate has changed this incident to only Madeleine crying and Mrs Fenn heard one child crying, altho the McCann's have tried to discredit her i imagine when a child from your block goes missing you know if that same child cried the night before or 2 nights before.

The abductor,now recovered from his scare the previous night,tries again ! Same apartment,same kids who wake easily ...due to careful surveillance he knows there are a minimum of 3 other apartments with unguarded children yet we're to believe 5a was still the better choice? Had he tried the night before,surely he'd of come better prepared than wandering around Praia Da Luz for over 45 minutes ..

"Ppl like this don't just do it as a one off" ..but it hadn't happened before or since...due to our supposed culture differences as Gerry says, Ocean Club would be quite a haven thrust upon pdl,Brits leaving multiple children alone,they even leave the doors unlocked, there's ppl walking about everywhere with kids asleep from the crèche,in pushchairs etc, dodgy looking people on every corner, no one would notice someone climbing thru a window ,walking along the walled path,through a car park and off into the houses of pdl residents with an uncovered child seemingly sleeping ,in a manner one can only imagine to be agony on their back

People are " flagged up for acting strangely ",e-fits drawn up,not by the police, but by the McCann's team ,is this not a conflict of interests ? The suspects drawing up ...the suspect ? While the e-fit sighted by the Smiths was suppressed for 5 years

Daily mail..
It meant there was a new ‘timeline’ of Madeleine’s presumed abduction. Yet it emerged yesterday that the recently released E-fits were in fact contained in files produced five years ago by private investigators hired by the McCanns. Similarly, those private detectives had questioned the Tanner sighting and the timings associated with it.

But the E-fits were kept private, and the questioning of the Tanner sighting and related timeline were kept quiet. One detective said he was ‘utterly stunned’ to see his five-year-old dossier suddenly presented as new on TV.

The investigator told a Sunday newspaper: ‘I was absolutely stunned when I watched the programme... it most certainly wasn’t a new timeline and it certainly isn’t a new revelation. It is absolute nonsense to suggest either of those things... and those E-fits you saw on Crimewatch are ours.’

The McCanns are now fully behind the fresh police drive and release of the E-fits – but five years ago they were reluctant to issue them, possibly in part because witness Mr Smith’s account seemed inconsistent and unreliable.....there are those words again,who on earth decides what and who is important ? Never in the history of crime have the parents...suspects made those decisions,much more likely it was because the e-fit was the double of Gerry
In 2008, the McCanns used money from their charity*not a charity,limited company* fund to hire investigators from a firm called Oakley International, led by former MI5 surveillance officer Henri Exton, to look into the mystery – and they focused on the Smith sighting.

They produced a dossier and called for the E-fits to be published. They also suggested Madeleine could have died after wandering off.

The McCanns, who became embroiled in an unconnected financial dispute with Oakley International at around the time they received the dossier, responded by warning the detectives of LEGAL ACTION IF THEY PUBLICISED THEIR REPORT.
A source close to the fund said the report would have been ‘completely distracting’ if it had become public...

More threats to sue for printing findings ,why is a look at a sighting and an alternative theory so bad you would enter into court action ,why has the fund paid for private detectives then threaten to sue if they print what they find,produce the e-fits of suspects? Why have the British and Portugese public ,extending to the world been led down a merry path of what the main suspects in the case want us to believe ? Why can they decide what we should know, who can print their research, who is reliable and trustworthy ? Their interference on this case is unprecedented, £12 million plus spent to date by UK government for a search hindered at every turn

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Re: Kate's stressed and agitated everytime she speaks of the crying incident

Post by BlueBag on 18.01.16 9:52

"..we were checking so regularly..."

According to them every 30 minutes THE NIGHT Madeleine disappeared.

But THE NIGHT she disappeared they were checking MORE regularly than previous nights according to various statements.

So PREVIOUS nights there were more that 30 minutes between checks.

So what is Kate talking about?

A child alone awake and crying for possibly 30 minutes or more is something to be concerned about.

Kate's amateur dramatics in the video are always interesting.

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