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VIDEOS - McCanns – Road to Hell – From Victims to Arguidos

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VIDEOS - McCanns – Road to Hell – From Victims to Arguidos

Post by HiDeHo on 03.01.16 15:10

JULY 11, 2015 

5 – McCanns – Road to Hell – From Victims to Arguidos

The shocking Interviews - What REALLY happened to Madeleine?

Discrepancies: The Impossible Plea Bargain Myth – Kate McCann

Kate McCann interviewed by Jon Corner. August 2007

McCann McMinute – Why Did McCanns Act Like Praying Arabs?

Gerry McCann ‘says’ a PJ Officer told him there was no Portuguese Navy!

McCanns Pre-empt News ‘Kate to be charged’ Sept 2007

Kate McCann: ‘Press a button, and we’re all gone, and it’s all finished, and we’re all together’

McMinute: McCanns Told Not Suspects? Then Declared Arguidos 2007

McCanns on Oprah Show May 4th 2009


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