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Tim Yeo loses 'cash-for-advocacy' libel case against Sunday Times

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Tim Yeo loses 'cash-for-advocacy' libel case against Sunday Times

Post by Doug D on 26.11.15 14:54

Can’t win ‘em all then!

(No mention of C-R in the paper reports, but can only assume they were still acting for Yeo as Piasecka's resume today still states 'is acting for'):
Tim Yeo loses 'cash-for-advocacy' libel case against Sunday Times
Former Tory MP to pay newspaper’s costs of more than £400,000 after judge rejects claim that newspaper reports trashed his reputation

Yeo had asked for substantial compensation over three reports in the Sunday Times, in June 2013, which followed a lunch the previous month with two undercover journalists from the Insight team posing as representatives for a solar energy concern in the Far East.

They alleged that he was prepared to, and had offered to, act in a way that was in breach of the Commons code of conduct by acting as a paid parliamentary advocate who would push for new laws to benefit the business of a client for a daily fee of £7,000 and approach ministers, civil servants and other MPs to promote a client’s private agenda in return for cash.

They also contained comment to the effect that he had shown willing to abuse his position to further his own financial and business interests.

Yeo conceded that he had not chose his words wisely but were misinterpreted. But he said he had no intention to break parliamentary rules………………


Isabella joined Carter-Ruck in September 2013. She works primarily in the firm’s media litigation team, advising a broad range of individuals on libel and privacy matters, as well as regularly giving urgent advice pre-publication or pre-broadcast.

She is also acting for Tim Yeo MP in his ongoing libel claim against the Sunday Times.
Yeo is suing the Sunday Times with solicitors Carter Ruck under a no win, no fee arrangement

Doug D

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Re: Tim Yeo loses 'cash-for-advocacy' libel case against Sunday Times

Post by woodpecker on 26.11.15 18:02

Great to see carter Ruck losing a libel case acting for yet another dodgy client. While apparently they were acting on a no win no fee basis, this case will have cost them a lot for the salaries of the staff involved plus lots of admin costs...


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Re: Tim Yeo loses 'cash-for-advocacy' libel case against Sunday Times

Post by jeanmonroe on 27.11.15 11:33

So, the 'ST' (Murdoch) went 'all the way' in court against Yeo, BUT, strangely, 'capitulated/rolled over/didn't contest' IN A COURT, against the McCanns.

The ST 'rolled over' and 'settled', OUT OF COURT, with the McCanns, to the 'tune' of £55,000, I believe.


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Re: Tim Yeo loses 'cash-for-advocacy' libel case against Sunday Times

Post by roy rovers on 27.11.15 11:35

Desmond Browne QC and Victoria Jolliffe (instructed by Carter-Ruck Solicitors) for the Claimant
roy rovers

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Tim Yeo loses libel case.

Post by willowthewisp on 27.11.15 12:42

Astonishing to learn that Mr Yeo had received remuneration of over £528,000 and a share allocation of 2.5 million in a company valued at £65 million for his work carried out with Parliament's approval and had seen no breach of the House rules to work undertaken in the aforementioned case, despite having business interest in the "Green production of Energy companies" via select Committees in the Houses of Parliament?
Still, after paying his libel bill, has over £128,000 and 2.5 million shares via the Company share scheme, Ker ching!


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