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Corrupt Met Police cops 'covered up gangland murders over decades' alleges former detective

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Corrupt Met Police cops 'covered up gangland murders over decades' alleges former detective

Post by Doug D on 09.11.15 10:16

More of the same gradually creeping out:

Corrupt Met Police cops 'covered up gangland murders over decades' alleges former detective

            22:22, 8 NOV 2015
            UPDATED 22:38, 8 NOV 2015
            BY TOM PETTIFOR
The grieving mother of victim Rocky Dawson is convinced her son’s murder was covered up and has sworn to continue her quest for the truth

Bent Scotland Yard detectives helped a gang get away with several murders, a former policeman has alleged.

And the mother of a victim of a gangland killing is convinced police covered up her son’s murder.

Candy Dawson held dying Rocky, 24, in her arms after he was shot in front of his two young children outside her home.
A retired Met detective has alerted the force to eight killings , including Rocky’s.

The source said of the killings: “Many have direct links to police corruption, or intelligence suggests they have been covered up by corrupt police officers.”

Candy, 54, said after we made her aware of the claims: “I’ve always believed in my heart that there was a cover-up.

“The police have told us there were others involved who have never been brought to justice, and I believe there’s information that’s been swept under the carpet.

"I’ve campaigned for nine years for justice for Rocky and I will not give up the fight until I find out the truth.”
The killings are among a number of investigations into an organised crime gang that have been tainted by bent officers over 25 years, it is alleged.

The gang is suspected of avoiding justice for decades by controlling a cabal of corrupt retired and serving Met police officers , the source claims.

The Met said it is not prepared to comment on the claims.

Rocky was shot dead after putting his stepdaughter, then six, and son, two, into the back of his Fiat Punto outside Candy’s home in Hornchurch, Essex, in 2006.

He managed to crawl back into the house, where he died in his mum’s arms.

Gangland killers Christopher Pearman, 63, and James Tomkins, 66, were later jailed for life, but the Met believe others were involved in the hit.

As a result, Candy wrote to her son’s killers. And in 2012 Pearman agreed to see her in HMP Frankland, Co Durham.
Candy said: “I had to see the man who killed Rocky because I need to know the truth.

"I didn’t know how I was going to react, if I was going to go for him or sit down calmly and talk. But you’d do anything for your children.
“I know Rocky might not be here, but he is in my heart and I can’t stop fighting to find out who ordered the murder.”

Pearman claimed he and Tomkins had been paid £5,000 each to kill her other son Ross, 30, by a businessman who suspected he was one of two masked armed robbers who had raided his home.

Candy said: “He said the attack was meant for my other boy, but when Rocky came out of the house Tomkins said, ‘His brother will do’.
"I was sitting opposite him with just a table between us so I could have gone for him, but I didn’t.”

She went on: “He named a man who he said paid them and why, and I told him that I was going to tell the police.

"I asked if he would tell them what he told me and he said he would do what he could.”
In a later prison letter, Pearman told Candy he had spoken detectives.

He wrote: “I told them that I was now doing what I could to make things right by telling them what I knew, and that although I didn’t want to do so, if I had to give evidence I would do so.

“They said something to the effect that even with my evidence it would be difficult to reopen the case because I couldn’t give them evidence that was sufficiently strong enough.

“Got the impression that the police position was that they had got the man who pulled the trigger on your son, Tomkins, and they had got the mug who had driven the car, me, and so that was the case closed.”
But sources say Pearman – whose son Darren was stabbed to death in a nightclub brawl in Chigwell, Essex, in 1999 – has refused to sign a witness statement.

After Darren’s death, Pearman was named in a 2002 Scotland Yard report into police corruption.

Club doorman Ronnie Fuller had been charged with taking part in Darren’s killing, but the case was dropped.

A year later, Fuller was shot dead in a contract hit outside his home in Grays, Essex. No one has been convicted of his and Darren’s murders.

The Operation Tiberius report states that at the time of writing Pearman’s life was thought to be under threat, because police believed he shot Fuller and three individuals had made it clear they intended to kill him in retaliation.

The report included a chapter on the gang linked to Rocky’s murder and police corruption, stating: “The syndicate has achieved this invulnerability through a mixture of utilising corrupt police contacts and the intimidation of witnesses brave enough to give evidence against them.”

It names suspected corrupt officers working for the gang as including a then serving detective constable, a former detective chief superintendent and two other retired officers.

It added: “The syndicate is one of the most violent groups... and have been responsible for a series of vicious assaults against debtors and rivals.

“Their main sphere of influence is drug importation and protection.”

Responding to the retired Met officer’s claims, Labour MP Clive Efford said: “These are very serious allegations that require a proper response from the Metropolitan Police.

“They should be examined by somebody outside of the police, preferably an eminent barrister, because too often we have seen these things investigated by fellow officers who really don’t do a satisfactory job.”
He added: “Only an independent investigation will really satisfy the public that no stone has been left unturned to get to the truth.”

Robert Barrington, of anti-corruption campaign Transparency International , said: “This government has said some bold things about tackling corruption, and the Met also talks a good game.

"It’s time we saw some action.”

Doug D

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Corrupt Metropolitan Police cover up murders

Post by willowthewisp on 09.11.15 12:16

Hi DougD, thank you for this article and not forgetting how the same Met Police have yet to find the killer(s) and successful prosecution of Daniel Morgan from the 10 March 1987?
Still have faith in Operation Grange any one?
Would you care to comment on this corrupt institution Sir Bernard Hogan Howe or are you on official Gardening leave?
Read Mick Gillards book"For Queen & Currency", take note of who was not prosecuted for any offences of any deceptions or fellow Officers?


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Despite "irrelevant behaviour" from blood and cadaver dogs in the McCann's apartment, on Kate McCann's clothes, and in the car they hired three weeks after Maddie disappeared, Ex-Chief Inspector, Ian Horrocks, said: "The thought that Kate and Gerry McCann had anything to do with the death of their daughter is frankly preposterous."

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