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Hi Five Flood with Fives

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Hi Five Flood with Fives

Post by Jill Havern on 25.10.15 13:52

One final surge of support for Gonçalo Amarals legal defence fund ,you have all helped so much and Gonçalo is extremely grateful
Michael Shaw and Maria Greaves have set up a thunderclap for Tuesday for the Amaral fund as a final finale. We can show them we are made of good stuff and won't be bullied by numpties.
its called 'Hi five flood it with fivers' copy and paste this into your browser please
you don't need to donate but please tick it on fb twitter etc, if we get 250 people supporting the page they will thunderclap it to millions, please share as much as possible, thanks ,Marian xx high5
Jill Havern

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Re: Hi Five Flood with Fives

Post by Joss on 25.10.15 15:08

Never heard of Thunderclapping before, but sounds pretty cool,


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