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'I'm sorry': Historic moment Tony Blair FINALLY apologises for Iraq War and admits in TV interview the conflict caused the rise of ISIS

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I'M sorry Historic moment Blair admits mistakes in Irag

Post by willowthewisp on Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:07 am

Teflon Tony is only doing this to try and save face from what the Chilcot Inquiry may reveal?
Reminds you of Mrs Thatcher, rejoicing Victory in the Falklands, but was never at the quayside to accept the victims of that conflict?
She(MT) went on to prevent the Chilean President, who had assisted her during the Flaklands campaign, from being exposed as an abuser of power in the Assassination of President Allende and thousands of innocent people in Chile?
This Chilean President went on to make an Ernest Saunders recovery from a memory suffering illness shortly after leaving the UK Hospitality of Chequers in London at the request of Mrs Thatcher, when he should have had a different sort of establishment for what was proven in the deaths of his people(War Crime) over throwing an elected representative of the people?
Teflon Tony used President Ghadafi to cover up Abdel Baset Almeghari being framed for the blowing up of Pan Am 103 Lockerbie?
David Cameron, thought in his power of wisdom moment, that Mr Ghadafi ought to be thrown to the gallows in his backing of the democratising of Libya, which allowed Teflon Tony to earn a lucrative contract with China on a Petroleum deal worth millions of Dollars?
It seems as though when you become Prime Minister of the UK, you must develop some paranoia of a split personality Good versus Evil, a Gerge W Bush moment 911?

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