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McCann DISCREPANCIES : Their statements tell  a 'story' that wasn't known...UNTIL NOW! Mm11

McCann DISCREPANCIES : Their statements tell  a 'story' that wasn't known...UNTIL NOW! Regist10

McCann DISCREPANCIES : Their statements tell a 'story' that wasn't known...UNTIL NOW!

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McCann DISCREPANCIES : Their statements tell  a 'story' that wasn't known...UNTIL NOW! Empty McCann DISCREPANCIES : Their statements tell a 'story' that wasn't known...UNTIL NOW!

Post by HiDeHo on 21.10.15 4:12

Everyone asks if you have read 'the files' What they mean is have you read the OFFICIAL PORTUGUESE INVESTIGATION FILES  Unlike a book , one doesn't just READ the files.  Each statement tells us individual witnesses version of events during that week.

What is FAR more important is to compare those statements to get a bigger picture of how everyone's version of events at a specif time reflects a similar event.  We all know that memory can serve to create discrepancies and for that reason I have eliminated many discrepancies, BUT the discrepancies when looked at individually STILL don't tell us a story.  It's only when one looks at all the inconsistencies, curiosities and contradictions in the big picture of the 'holiday'.

It took 4 years of reading and separating each witness statement into 15 or 30 minute intervals and compiling them into tables or timelines to expose where there was a story that we were not aware of.  Over 200 timetables and a similar amount of timelines by day, timeframe, individual witness or topic  

Here are some

Once separated and compared I discovered discrepancies that contradict what we have been led to believe....

I will attempt to show each one and how, when looked at in context of the timeline surrounding it, shows that there was SOMETHING that had happened very early in the week (likely before Tuesday).   If Madeleine was alive and well up until Thursday evening, then WHY would there be so much effort to HIDE and DENY the facts?  

WHAT happened before TUESDAY...... Could something have happened to Madeleine and when the discrepancies started is an indication as to what day?

With that in mind I decided to look at all statements from witnesses that saw Madeleine and it became apparent that there was NOT ONE that was credible or specific after Fatima the cleaner's daughter that saw her at lunchtime on Sunday. (Link to follow)

Remember too, that EVERYTHING is file based and nothing is about creating a scenario... Its only about looking at the 'facts' that they tell us and everyone can draw their own conclusions...

There is nothing contrived or that can be considered conspiracy... The discrepancies are the facts that THEY tell us...There is a link for every one.

It's up to YOU to decide if they can all be explained...I think you will be shocked at the volume and how each one adds to the story that I don't believe they wanted anyone to know....

Title: DISCREPANCY LIST & ALL RESEARCH LINKS (from witness statements)

Title: Holiday Timeline and Discrepancies - Did something happen to Madeleine DURING the week?

Title: HiDeHo Theory and the RESEARCH that brought me to this CONCLUSION.

Discrepancy Questions..
1 Why did the Paynes and Matthew Oldfield claim to have passed each other in very different places on the way to the tapas and Dianne Webster claimed to have not seen him until her Rogatory when she remembered because Dave and Fiona had reminded her.
Why did Rachael claim the last time she saw Madeleine was at mini tennis on Thursday. Madeleine's group played on Tuesday. Is Tuesday the last time she saw her?
3 Why did Rachael describe the mini tennis as played on Court 1, when the records show it was Court 2. (the police seemed to find it important by questioning her)
4 Why did Catriona claim that Gerry wasn't at high tea on May 3rd and that she thought he was at tennis, when both Kate and Gerry claim he was there.
5 Why did Gerry claim to have entered the front door and opened the patio doors for Kate who was carrying Madeleine back from high tea on May 3rd. Kate says they all went in through the front doors.

Why did they give different accounts of Madeleine asking about why they didn't come to her. (She asked her father, she asked Kate, it was the twins crying, it was her crying etc)
Why did Gerry claim that he picked Madeleine up from the creche on Thursday lunch (he remembered taking the short cut) when Kate and Fiona claim they walked together. Kate says she went to the apartment first, Fiona said they left from the pool area.

Why did the police compile the Diagram of Events according to Catriona telling them that she only went to the beach twice, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, not mentioning the mini sail.

9 Why did they not release Thursday diagram or twins creche record for Thursday morning?

10 Why, after the family's trip to the beach Tuesday lunchtime (for 5 ice creams) did they drop Madleine off at the creche in time for her to go on another trip (to the beach?) for ice cream trip

11 Why did Catriona claim they went to the beach 15.30 to 16.30 on Tuesday and Wednesday and did not mention the ice cream trip, 2.30pm-3.30pm Tuesday according to the Activity sheet.
12 Why did Kate receive a 'flurry' of phone calls (between 10.16pm and 10.27pm) in the 15 minutes prior to Mrs Fenn hearing the crying Was she at the tapas as she claims they did not arrive back until 11.00pm?

13 Why did Kate make (unusual) very early morning calls to her friend (Amanda, her husband is a pathologist) on Wednesday morning?
14 Why did Najoua the quiz mistress claim that no-one (including Gerry) left the table during the time she was there (9.00pm-9.50pm?) and she does not recall seeing Kate or David Payne at the table. Just an empty place setting.

15 Why did Catriona claim to have seem Jane and David at the beach when she was at the mini sail. Why would she have known David?
16 Where are the pictures of Ella taken at the mini sail and why (with only a few children) was Madeleine not in the picture.

17 Did Catriona take the children to the mini sail alone? Why is there no statement from the other nannies to say they went?

18 Why did the police not interview Alice Stanley and Chris Unsworth, the mini sail instructors?
19 Why is there not one credible sighting of Madeleine after Sunday lunchtime when she was seen by the cleaner's daughter leaving the apartment for lunch at the Paynes?
20 Why did Kate claim the shutters were broken on Sunday and the maintenance fixed them on Monday when records shows it was Tuesday. Why did they need to show her how to use the washing machine?
21 Why did the cleaner claim there was a cot in the parents bedroom on Wednesday morning and both Gerry and Kate denied it was there?

22 Why did Madeleine's bed not show signs of being used, when it was made up by the cleaner on Wednesday morning and should have been slept in Wednesday night as well as Thursday evening? (the other bed was messy)

23 Why did the pictures from the apartment show a (relatively) normal amount of clothes left around when the cleaners daughter said that her mother had mentioned to her about the mess of their apartment (indicating something abnormal).
24 Why did Matthew Oldfield claim to have been sick because of what he had eaten on the plane, and yet suggested that Rachael's sickness on Wednesday may have been the same as his.
25 Why is there very little information regarding the week from David Payne's statements?
26 Why did the police question Fiona about the time after the Paraiso vist and then push her to admit that she didn't know what David was doing between 6.00pm and 7.00pm?
27 Why did David claim to have arrived back at the apartment approx 8.00pm when Fiona claims he was there at 7.10 (while he was 'supposedly' playing tennis at the Mens Social')
28 Why did Kate claim that David didn't enter the apartment when David claims to have entered and described the children at length?
29 Why did Rachael claim that Ella may have been given a bath at their apartment on Thursday evening?
30 Why was there a lot of 'avoidance of specifics' and 'days rolled over' in the statements?

There is more, but thats all for now...


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McCann DISCREPANCIES : Their statements tell  a 'story' that wasn't known...UNTIL NOW! Empty Re: McCann DISCREPANCIES : Their statements tell a 'story' that wasn't known...UNTIL NOW!

Post by Jill Havern on 18.01.16 9:31

HiDeHo (and the rest of us, of course) is still looking for any information which could rule out Madeleine's 'disappearance' on May 3rd.
Jill Havern
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McCann DISCREPANCIES : Their statements tell  a 'story' that wasn't known...UNTIL NOW! Empty Re: McCann DISCREPANCIES : Their statements tell a 'story' that wasn't known...UNTIL NOW!

Post by sar on 18.01.16 12:47

Amazing, a huge amount of work.  Thank you.

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