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Lockerbie, wrong person Jailed for the downing of flight Panam 103?

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Lockerbie, wrong person Jailed for the downing of flight Panam 103?

Post by willowthewisp on 16.10.15 16:07

Maybe the film the "Maltese Double Cross" were right all along and Abdel- baset- almeghari wasn't the bomber after all in Panam 103?
It is thought that Ahmed Jibril, PLO may have been involved along with Iran, Lebanon and Syria for the downing of an Iranian aircraft by the USA, as a revenge attack?
Tony Gauci and Paul Gauci received $2 million and $1 million dollars from the US Justice Department for testifying against Mr Almeghari at his trial in January 2001. Tony Gauci, proprietor of the clothes shop where the bomber purchased his clothes to wrap around the IED?
It has been reported that George H Bush and Mrs Margaret Thatcher, were to use Colonel Ghadafi as the scapegoat for the 103 bombing 21 December 1987?
The film maker of the Maltese Double Cross was ridiculed for his film and when he visited the USA, he suffered a fatal heart attack on arrival at the George H Bush airport?
Libya obtained $400 million dollars in compensation from the USA over the spread infection of 426 libya children of HIV in one of its hospitals that must have been linked to a pharmaceutical supplier from the USA?

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