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Why wasn't Russell O'Brien treated as an Arguido? --- LOCKED

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Why wasn't Russell O'Brien treated as an Arguido? --- LOCKED

Post by Jill Havern on 12.10.15 22:13

Shared courtesy of Lynda Greatbanks on the CMOMM facebook group:

Lynda Greatbanks shared Madeleine McCann Know The Truth's photo.
29 mins

Courtesy of Madeleine McCann Know The Truth

Madeleine McCann Know The Truth
4 hrs

SIGNIFICANT evidence was UNCOVERED by Paulo Rebelo, an assistant national director of the Policia Judiciária (PJ),who took over responsibility for the ‪#‎mccann‬ case,

OTHER detectives had collected EVIDENCE that CONTRADICTED Kate and Gerry's VERSION OF EVENTS on the night that they reported Madeleine 'MISSING.'

THE police themselves believe that MADDIE and her twin brother and sister, MAY NOT have been the only CHILDREN in apartment 5a on that FATEFUL NIGHT, but that the CHILDREN of their SEVEN FRIENDS were there too.

Of course, Kate and Gerry immediately REFUTED what Paulo Rebelo had said INSISTING that Maddie was alone with her brother and sister all night whilst they dined at the Tapas restaurant. The McCann friends also CLAIMED that that their OWN CHILDREN were in their OWN APARTMENTS and that they made checks on their OWN children and those of their friends during the evening.

The EVIDENCE collected by the PJ points to ALL of the children (Kate and Gerry's and the Tapas lot) being in the apartment on the night of May 3rd. Also, following interrogations that were carried out it was found that it was only the McCanns APARTMENT that was VISITED by the people that attended dinner at the TAPAS.

FURTHERMORE it has been suggested that RUSSELL O'BRIEN, a friend of the McCanns had LEFT the TAPAS RESTAURANT at 9-35pm and RETURNED just minutes before Kate found that Maddie was 'missing.' Russell denied having any involvement with Maddie's 'disappearance' and has NEVER been made a formal suspect in her disappearance either!! Russell CLAIMED he took SO LONG because he was caring for his SICK DAUGHTER because she had VOMITED!! Yet he still chose to leave her AGAIN and return to the TAPAS RESTAURANT! Russell also claimed that he had asked the OCEAN CLUB staff for his daughters sheets to be changed, but the STAFF assured the investigators that NOBODY had asked for any SHEETS to be changed that evening!

So WHY wasn't RUSSELL O'BRIEN treated as an ARGUIDO, this the man that DIDN'T KNOW the McCann children yet supposedly 'checked' on them. God forbid if ONE or ALL of the McCann children were awake, this man they barely knew, if at all, would have SCARED them senseless!

The PJ WERE RIGHT, right from the beginning they ALL LIED and CONTRADICTED one another. There are so many DISCREPANCIES, all said to CONFUSE and DISTRACT. Gerry once said "confusion is good."

The results from FORENSICS revealed that Maddie met her demise in APARTMENT 5a and the PJ only had doubts about who concealed her corpse.

I know who i think it was.

Picture: From The Official Police Files
Jill Havern

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Re: Why wasn't Russell O'Brien treated as an Arguido? --- LOCKED

Post by jeanmonroe on 12.10.15 23:33

For the 'record'

R O'B did NOT 'check' the McCann children, MO 'did'.

MO returned to tapas restaurant and told the McCann's he had been in their apartment to 'check' their THREE children,

We now KNOW he did NOT 'check' ALL THREE kids, only 'seeing' the twins, 'breathing' in their 'cots', from the 'doorway'.

But he told the McCann's he HAD 'checked' all THREE kids.

At no time did he 'check' to see if Madeleine was in her 'bed'. ( for the simple 'reason' that that would have made HIM, not GM, the 'very last' person, of the holiday 'party', to have 'seen' Madeleine 'alive' in her bed. And put HIM at the very 'top of the list' for 'arguido' status)

And he wasn't going to have any 'truck' with that!


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Re: Why wasn't Russell O'Brien treated as an Arguido? --- LOCKED

Post by Tony Bennett on 13.10.15 0:16

I am afraid this thread hasn't started well at all.

Lynda Greatbanks' post is somewhat error-strewn.

For example, as jeanmonroe has correctly pointed out, it was Matthew Oldfield who claimed to have made the 9.35pm check, not Russell O'Brien as stated in Lynda's post.

Furthermore, although there is admittedly some confusion on the subject, the statement originally made by Paolo Rebelo, the Madeleine investigation co-ordinator who succeeded Goncalo Amaral, was that he believed there was evidence that all seven Tapas 9 children were being cared for in a room each night, NOT in the McCanns' apartment.   

This heading by the Daily Mail was correct:

DAILY MAIL page 25: “Madeleine ‘was left in room with six other youngsters"

But these two headings, which appeared at the same time, were NOT correct:

DAILY EXPRESS front page: “Madeleine: Seven children were sleeping in McCann apartment, claim police”

THE SUN front page: “6 kids in flat with Maddie says ‘tec”

There is more about this issue in this 'Steel Magnolia' article:

...while the whole subject of whether the children all slept in one room or not was debated quite well here:

Also, while jeanmonroe correctly states that it was Matthew Oldfield who said he did the 9.35pm check, there turned out to be so many obvious contradictions and queries about his statement that in all honesty one cannot be at al lcertain that any such visit ever took place. 

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