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What do we know about the McCanns and super-injunctions? Mm11

What do we know about the McCanns and super-injunctions? Regist10

What do we know about the McCanns and super-injunctions?

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What do we know about the McCanns and super-injunctions? Empty What do we know about the McCanns and super-injunctions?

Post by Jill Havern on 09.10.15 10:23

What do we know about the McCanns and super-injunctions? 11828735_878581848899995_7200124721072753639_n

Nicked from the Book of Face:

Frances Gallagher
August 11

What do we know about the McCanns and super-injunctions?
Carter-Ruck, solicitors to the McCanns are the country's leading experts in getting super-injunctions - special injunctions where it not only becomes illegal to speak or otherwise act against the injunction, but it becomes an imprisonable offence (in prison in SECRET) for even mentioning the fact of the injunction. I do not know of such injunctions, but if I did know of them directly, I could be imprisoned IN SECRET for even mentioning them.
What do we know then? Legally, nothing. However, we CAN work out where they probably are in the same way that nuclear scientists were able to work out the existence of fundamental particles - because there is a gap where something SHOULD be.
Diane Webster [edited correction to my original erroneous statement of Jane Tanner] mentioned a "super (inaudible)" in a police statement and claims that is why she can't speak out about the case in public. ONLY a super injunction would do that.
So where are the gaps in the McCann case?
Gap 1. NONE of the McCanns' friends from the holiday have ever spoken to (or via) the media about the case. That is odd - seriously odd. One would expect at least ONE of them to speak, if only to make their own position clear and to clear their own names. The so-called 'pact of silence' may or may not have been real, but more likely there is a legal obligation via some kind of secret super injunction
Gap 2. The Gaspar statements to the police indicating possible sexual abuse have NEVER (so far as I can ascertain) been mentioned in the media. They are public documents only because the Portuguese police released them, otherwise we wouldn't even know they existed.
Gap 3. The media (including Panorama, the Sky documentary, etc.) did not publish any new information about the case, including interviews that one might expect from Mr. Wilkins and members of the Tapas group. That is seriously odd and an obvious gap.
Gap 4. For some years now, the British media have not mentioned the possibility that the McCanns themselves might be guilty. We DO know that ALL the national media each received personal visits from Carter-Ruck staff. Did that include serving them with super-injunction threats? Were such super-injunctions heard and granted?
Gap 5. Such injunctions cannot apply to overseas publications and a number of such, including Portuguese papers, have mentioned D notices and injunctions. Indeed, googling for McCann with "super injunction" in quotes produces an astonishing number of credible stories and suggestions.
Gap 6. Shortly after a television interview stating that the fund money was ONLY used to search for Madeleine, Esther McVey resigned from the board of the fund - presumably when she found out the truth that it had been used for many other things including the McCann mortgage. PERHAPS she was just naive and realised it. However she removed all references to them from her blogs and website and hasn't mentioned them (in public) since then. PERHAPS there is a gagging order against her.
Gap 7. Whilst the media frequently mention the problems that the McCanns have and we know that some like Tony Bennett are prohibited from speaking or publishing, a number of others who have spoken out very publicly, including on the Internet, have been silenced. Fortunately, however, such gagging orders cannot be enforced overseas, and it is virtually impossible to gag everyone on the Internet.
Gap 8. Even the McCanns' own family, colleagues, neighbours and others who could be expected to give the occasional interview all seem to be silent. Is this due to a gagging order either against them - or more likely against the media from publishing? Certainly, the McCanns themselves never seem to be "doorstepped" and all the interviews are pre-arranged (and possible pre-scripted) with only the occasional overseas interview falling down and showing some degree of reality (such as the recent steps-of-the-court interviews in Lisbon).
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