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Post by Jill Havern on 27.09.15 20:23

Courtesy Of Vikki Scott



Kate wrote 'Madeleine' to give us 'an account of the truth' . Gerry's big ( in more ways than one ) sister Philomena took that to the Nth degree.

Immediately the ''disaster'', to quote Gerry had occurred, Philomena loomed large on our TV's, radios and newspapers to give us her account of the truth.

Philomena, rallied to the cause and that cause was to deflect suspicion from the derelict parents.

First out of the blocks was the jemmied shutters fantasy which Philly was still advertising on the 5 May, despite the fact that it had been almost immediately debunked. Hot on the heels of that little faux par was the other lie promoting how the Portuguese police were rubbish. According to her it was 'hours' before two bobbies turned up and five hours before CID showed their faces. Even worse these delinquent law enforcement officers were not giving feedback to Gerry and this was causing his stress levels to go through the roof ! So it wasn't the fact that your three year old was AWOL then ?

Obviously Gerry's annoyance at not being kept in the loop was showing itself very early and became a recurrent theme in the ongoing saga.

The distraught parents were insistent that Madeleine could not have wandered despite what those incompetent officers posited and Philomena shored up the party line taken by Kate and Gerry by telling anyone who would listen that it was completely ludicrous that anyone should suggest that Madeleine went for a wander. ''Don't you know she's a 3-year-old that loves her family'' ( do we need to be reminded of that ? Were the general public thinking Madeleine had packed her little knapsack and gone in search of a better life ? ). ''And she was sleeping between her brother and sister'', ( was she? ) according to the protective sister, and ''dotes on her parents'' ( another reminder of the blissful home life ). ''She's just like a normal 3-year-old; happy, carefree... Why would she wander away from people who love her?'' How many times Philly ? We get it, Kate and Gerry are the perfect parents and any child should count themselves lucky to have been born into such a perfect family. ''Kate knew instantly - which is why Kate responded by being hysterical - that someone had snatched her daughter''. So presumably if she had wandered and ended up in the swimming pool then Kate would have no reason to react in that way ? ''Convincing other people has been the hardest job''. You don't say? ''Kids don't just walk away when they're happy, carefree and well-adjusted, and that's what Madeleine is''

Have we all got that ? Family life was perfect. Madeleine was so cherished. She loved her parents almost to the point of worship and most importantly, the big bad wolf had taken her as this perfect child would never be spooked enough to wake up in a dark, strange room and go looking for comfort.

All was not lost though and Philly also told us on 5 May that the police have stepped up the search, well more than before anyway, and Gerry told her the sniffer dogs were really evident. Those sardine munchers had got their act together after being told what to do by our own glorious boys in blue but unfortunately it was a case of too little too late. How to win friends and influence people eh Philomena ?

Obviously we the public were desperate for news of Kate and Gerry, I mean Madeleine, and Philly assured us that they WANT to search, leaving nothing unturned. ( I assume he was too busy assembling his legal team? )

Eager to give assistance Philomena and various members of the family and friends flew out to Praia de Luz to assist with the media campaign, sorry I mean search, courtesy of Mark Warner's largesse and immediately commenced a search focusing on the swimming pool and various leisure activities on offer at the complex. However, despite the urgency to find Madeleine, Philomena and her now husband, Mr 'What's wrong with fantasising about young women being drowned in quick sand, my photo shop skills are second to none '', had to leave PDL in June to go and search in Turkey where luckily she and a large party had pre booked a holiday. Interestingly there are no pictures of this group of people handing out flyers or putting up posters to boost this world wide search.

On her return to the UK she resumed her campaign by pestering any MP she could gain access to and by presenting herself at any large public gathering such as football matches. However she was quick to point out that "People talk about Team McCann - they think it's orchestrated. That's nonsense. It's bits and pieces, and pals pulling together," She said,
"There hasn't been any kind of cynical campaign. It's just an amazing coming together. We've winged it and learned as we've gone along." Again, pardon !?

But, like so many of the McMob, Philomena has had plenty of foot in the mouth moments and it is abundantly clear that she knows more about the disappearance of Madeleine than she intended to let slip.

In a radio interview, when asked about the twins she responded by saying ''Kate and Gerry haven't told the twins where she is....well we don't know where she is'' Too late Phil. What has been said cannot be unsaid and I'm sure Gerry was ruing the day he recruited aunt Philly to the team.

More sinister though to my mind is the 100 day 'March of Madeleine' at the world pipe band championships, where an 'upbeat' dirge had been composed especially for the child. I do not profess to know much about this type of musical speciality but isn't a lone piper usually used for a lament to death ?

At no time was Philomena's agenda made more clear than when Kate and Gerry were made arguidos following the damning evidence provided by the dogs Eddie and Keela. She rubbished their abilities, comparing them to Lassie and kept Gerry's mandate of 'can dogs talk ?'. She told us the smell of death could easily be attributed to their profession and insisted that any of Madeleine's DNA found could be attributed to 'transference' as she was always being cuddled ( there it is again, such a beloved child ) Not content with that, she has to tell us how ludicrous an idea it is that Kate and Gerry had anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance. Here she is almost telling us the how what and when by saying, ''hide her body; dig her body up; put it in a car. There's not been a time when the media camera has not been on them'' ( well there was that little detour they took Philly ).

Keep digging Philly. Some one really ought to tell her when it is advisable to say nothing.

Always to be found on day time TV sofas she famously, and incorrectly stated that Kate had been offered a "deal" to "confess". That no such deal was available under Portuguese law seems to have passed Philomena by and had obviously not be addressed at that time by the legal team she told us Gerry was going to deploy in order to debunk any theories the PJ may have which led to them being made formal suspects.

But even when things were looking pretty grim for said arguidos, she could not resist putting the boot into the Portuguese police. As she told Phillip Schofield in September "My brother's telling me, do not antagonise these people. The enquiry is in their hands, we have to work with these people, they are our best hope. You have to be very political with what you say about them but hey the gloves are off, these people are imbeciles."

She can't help herself can she ? No wonder she has been retired.

I shall leave the last words to the lady herself. We all know the ultimate aim of this not organised campaign was to return Madeleine to the bosom of her oh so loving family. Obviously not quite sure what the generous reward, offered by various public figures was ( estimated at around £2.5 million ), Philomena has to bump it up to £3.2 million and made this heartfelt plea to the eagle eyed public of the world for information leading to the child's return.


So there you have it. Surely that isn't putting off the person who genuinely knows where Madeleine is from coming forward?

I wonder if she's been frightening any swans and ducks lately ?
Jill Havern

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Post by Guest on 27.09.15 23:23

"She's just like a normal 3-year-old";

Please note that phrase. Just like. As opposed to someone who just IS normal?

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how do you solve a problem with Philomena

Post by willowthewisp on 28.09.15 11:01

Don't forget she knows "Brunty"from Portugal and the 100% DNA match?
The one who harassed and vilified the Identity of Mrs Brenda Leyland(sweepyface@)"Well her identity is not a secret any more!" eh Martin **nt repeated on Sky news every 15 minutes for hours on end,mental torture to a persons identity?
Rest in peace Mrs Brenda Leyland,still in our thoughts and minds,for justice/Truth.

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Post by Verdi on 28.09.15 12:33

The family of missing Madeleine McCann have drawn up a poster to circulate in a chain email to help find the three-year-old.

The 'e-poster' has been composed by Madeleine's aunt, Philomena McCann.

Ms McCann is the sister of Gerry McCann, Maddie's father, and lives in Scotland.

She told Sky News: "If people can help us get Madeleine back that's great. We need to get her back. We must find her. It's not an option to lose her.

"The whole family need her here. She's an integral member of this family. We all love children. Gerry and Kate (Madeleine's parents) have dedicated their lives to helping people."

The effort to find Madeleine McCann has gone online in further ways.

An appeal has been launched by Britain's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, and the international Virtual Global Taskforce.

On their websites, accessed in more than half the countries of the world, they are calling on anyone who has information to call the Portugese police, or Crimestoppers in the UK.

Thousands of messages of support for the family are continuing to be sent to Sky News Online.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman was asked about the case by reporters today. He said: "These are very difficult days for first and foremost the family."

In Portugal, police have recovered another item of child's clothing, but have not commented on whether it is Madeleine's or not.

Two 'Cracker'-style criminal behaviour experts, from the Child Exploitation and online Protection Centre - which tackles international child sex abuse have arrived to help police.

The move comes after details of British paedophiles with links to the Algarve were handed over to Portuguese investigators, local reports said.

The British Ambassador has defended Portugal's police in their efforts to trace the three-year-old.

John Buck said he had received assurances at the highest level that detectives are doing all they can to find Madeleine and that her parents Kate and Gerry are happy with the investigation.

Portuguese football stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Ferreira, along with John Terry, have made video appeals for information to find Madeleine, from Rothley, near Leicester.

The youngster disappeared on Thursday night after she was left with her brother and sister, two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, in a holiday apartment.

Her parents had been dining in a nearby restaurant and checking on them regularly.

A vigil has been held in Madeleine's home village as family and friends prayed for the youngster to be found safe and well.

SKY NEWS - 9th May 2007

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