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50 why's?

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50 why's?

Post by Jill Havern on 21.09.15 10:52

Patricia Mcgregor shared Madeleine McCann Know The Truth's photo.
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Madeleine McCann Know The Truth

1.Why and how could you have possibly felt so comfortable going out to dinner knowing that you had left your apartment door unlocked for the purpose of Maddie to exit into the dark night, having to negotiate child safety gates, steep concrete stairs which led out onto an open road with vehicular traffic and then somehow she had to try and find mummy and daddy?
2.Why do you need the 'spinning services' of Clarence Mitchell?
3.Why did you flee Portugal shortly after you were both made arguidos?
4.why did you not take advantage of the night time babysitting service available to you?
5.Why did you let someone you didn't know personally check on Madeleine?
6.Why do you want Gonçalo Amaral to feel fear?
7.Why did you want to kill Robert Murat?
8.Why did you leave three children under the age of four in an unlocked apartment, making them even more at risk and even more vulnerable?
9.Why is there a top London legal team ready should you require their services if criminal proceedings are brought against you?
10.Why did you pay for a team of very dodgy detectives, who didn't have experience in finding 'lost' children out of the fighting fund?
11.Why was Madeleine made a ward of court?
12.Why did Gerry answer 'no comment' when asked if he knew Robert Murat?
13.Why did you leave diligently lock your apartment when you and your family went out for the day, yet you decided to leave it unlocked at night whilst your three precious children were abandoned inside the apartment?
14.Why did you not look inside the childrens room when you noticed the door was open more than usual,but you actually pulled it to and still didn't bother to see if the children were ok?
15.Why did it say in your original statements that you both used the FRONT DOOR KEY to enter your apartment?
16.Why did you say that Madeleine would never ever leave her brother or sister on their own yet you expected her to come looking for you if she woke up?
17.Why did you tell us that your babies had cried for you, yet you still decided to leave them all alone the following evening?
18.Why were only YOUR fingerprints found on the window?
19.Why do you believe the alleged abductor opened the window, not as his means of entry/exit (that was her original story) but as a 'red herring?'
20.Why weren't you going to do a 'visual check' once you had reached the apartment?
21.Why did you tell us the shutters were jemmied when they weren't?
22.Why did Clarence Mitchell have to retract this statement?
23.Why did you discuss with your Tapas friends that you had left your apartment unlocked on May 3rd, why not all the other nights?
24.Why did you start a fighting fund and hire top London lawyers?
25.Why didn't you call the police straight away once you'd noticed that Madeleine was gone?
26.Why did you say you entered the apartment from the locked front door, when you would have had to pass the shuttered window, which apparently was almost fully up and the window was opened as far as it would go?
27.Why did you suppress the efits that look so much like Gerry?
28.Why did you accept that your friends didn't want to do a reconstruction as they felt it wouldn't help the investigation?
29.Why do each and every one of your version of events change so drastically from one televised interview to another?
30.Why did you not answer any questions?
31.Why did you fail to remember important sightings?
32.Why have you never publicised a reward for the safe return of Madeleine?
33.Why did you mislead the public about the fighting fund?
34.Why have you written the book 'madeleine' to be all about yourself and Gerry?
35.Why halfway through your holiday did you change from leaving your children in a locked apartment to an unlocked apartment?
36.Why did you never request the re-opening of the case?
37.Why did you 'disappear' for two hours on your trip to Huelva?
38.Why did you rack up unjustified mileage in your hire car?
39.Why did you telephone Inspector Police Inspector Ricardo Paiva and tell him you had a dream that Maddie was on a hill and that police should search for her there?
40.Why did you hold a secret meeting in the Rothley Hotel with some of the other witnesses?
41.Why did you leave the twins behind whilst you gallivanted around Europe?
42.Why did you ask for a priest on May 4th?
43.Why did you say the police were doing nothing when you never searched for Madeleine at all?
44.How did you both manage to sleep the morning after Madeleine 'disappeared'?
45.How did you both manage to play tennis and go jogging a couple of days after Madeleine 'disappeared'?
46.Why was Sky News called before the police?
47.Why did you sit on the beach rather than search for Madeleine?
48.Why do more and more people think you are complicit in the 'disappearance' of your daughter,more so after gaining access to the original police files?
49.Why did you delete texts and calls from your phone?
50.Why did you stage an abduction?
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