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MI5/6 about to close down Child abuse cases/Police investigations

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MI5/6 about to close down Child abuse cases/Police investigations

Post by willowthewisp on 14.09.15 15:30

Ho to all, Doug D.
Doug D told readers of how the UK Police force had used their Police investigation against the informant," Darren" who had told Police of abuse cases he knew about. The police, suddenly used their perception that they were concerned for Darren's son's safety and had social services inquire as to the son's safety, the social services found No grounds for any actions and Lo and behold, there is no evidence to persist with the investigation in the information that Darren had given them, close the case?
The Daily Mail- Dominic Lawson had carried articles within their newspaper in early September stating credible witness evidence into child abuse,Dominic Lawson has close associations with MI5/6. Note how many Police officers from the time they were on undercover duties, that they amassed evidence from their criminal cases of investigation into child abuse to suddenly have mysterious characters (MIB) confiscate from them their evidence?
The new Labour Leader and Deputy, Tom Watson, who has led the child abuse campaign in the Commons, much to dodgy Dave's displeasure, we can only hope him further success on that front.
But be aware, that the Tories will reap what they can on child abuses carried out from the time that Jeremy Corbyn has represented, the Borough of Islington, Margaret Hodge as well in charge of Social Services at that time, later made children's Minister by Teflon Tony?
Is this the Establishment fight back to clear their names from abuse cases, next thing you know after years of investigation, put a D-notice on it for 100 years, shelved, Phew!!!

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