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Retired Admiral Lyons, US Navy, tells a private meeting what he thinks: Obama is anti-American. pro-Iran, pro-Islam and pro the Muslim Brotherhood - despite Islam being a political movement cloaked in a religious disguise

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Retired Admiral Lyons,Obama anti American

Post by willowthewisp on 04.09.15 13:08

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the link, I watched the link and it is amazing to see of what influence the two opposite largest Countries, America, Russia have imposed throughout the world and still do today?
At the end of the day it all comes down to having the power to control the subjects within their parameters, which they have used in wars throughout the time of mankind, self destruction, but the elite remain in control?
I have seen an article from the Internet and I cannot account for the veracity of it's contents, but it stated that it has been a chosen desire to integrate the different ethnic races from the Eastern and Western world, so that who ever was in control of the different Countries, it would rule out discrimination, as all the subjects would eventually be of mixed race, which in their theory would rule out the need for Civil conflicts?
Maybe this was what Admiral Lyon's was intimating to?
We are seeing today, that the "Super Powers" are still controlling the largest sections of the World using the influence of banking institutions to decimate democracy in Europe, the EU, eventually always manages to subjugate their opponents by using Monetarist policies to bribe them to not vote against them in order to control them?  Greece, Ireland, Holland, Spain and Portugal come to mind, along with the expanding former Eastern Block, causing ramifications in the Ukraine?

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