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Politics and the McCanns over the years  Mm11

Politics and the McCanns over the years  Regist10

Politics and the McCanns over the years

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Politics and the McCanns over the years  Empty Politics and the McCanns over the years

Post by tigger on 16.08.15 12:33

Apologies for the length.. 

Just some notes arising from that entry in Chapter 11.. all my musings not a little influenced by those dismal Morocco photos Miss B..

Early May:  
Unprecedented ‘help’  sent to PdL
wikileaks memo to FO from Ambassador expressing doubt.
FO  : McCanns to be accompanied at all times by consular staff when interviewed.
Clarence Mitchell seconded to FO (probably at earlier date than officially given) it was probably clear that they weren’t safe out on their own. 

Late May 
Clarence Mitchell allegedly arranges visit to Pope. Imo more  likely that Blair who is about to leave office is to ‘come out’ (No not that...!)  as a Roman Catholic was a pretty good incentive. 

Early June 
Berlin - didn’t go that well, highest official a minister for children, not exactly cabinet office and the (highly likely) freemason Mayor of Berlin. 

Amsterdam, no high officials of any sort it seems, and two TV programmes missed because of a possible informant who wanted to speak to the parents. I ask you!... 

Morocco, more of the same.  Overall the trips are a bit of a damp squib. 

Early June 
Chapter 11:
At the beginning of June, Gerry had a call from the director of communications at the Foreign Office. There was concern in the
government, he said, that Clarence was ‘becoming the story’. [..]
Whatever the case, it was suggested to Gerry that we should use Madeleine’s Fund to employ someone to replace Clarence once our campaign visits were complete.

FO want Clarence off their payroll and as far as they are concerned, back to the MMU (who may not want him either as he stays on the McCann job for another three months). 
Was this also the time of Gerry’s phone calls to Gordon Brown? One gets the impression that he could ‘lean’ on Brown at the time and one’s thoughts drift to Andrew Brown and the convenient medical report for COMARE.  
Certainly Cherie Blair was in the air to Kate at this time. 
Did the above information reach the McCs before they left for Morocco? Because they told the press that they were to decide on a ‘role’ for themselves and change the direction of the campaign. Which probably had just lost the funding of the government. (see also Morocco topics M for Morocco and Morocco revisited)

Now that the European tour is over’ does rather suggest that this was a tour with political input from the FO and Clarence had been lent them for this publicity stunt which - if one takes the trouble to go through the interviews, mentioned ‘children’ in general and international cooperation, not just Maddie. Only in Madrid did they go for the full backdrop with photos and coloboma. Which was pretty short notice as Gerry seemed unaware on the 29th that they’d be in Madrid within 48 hours.   

Imo there had to be political and diplomatic input to arrange these visits, it is highly unlikely that TM would phone the German minister for childrens’ affairs and the Mayor of Berlin - same with other destinations. (I’m having vision of Philomena phoning the German minister for children’s affairs....  

Blair was very keen on EU related opportunities , and it was widely known that he was after the European Presidency, Frattini the ex. deputy president stated publicly that he would propose Blair for the job. Frattini was promoting child-related campaigns in Europe such as Amber Alert.  It is quite possible that Blair wanted to use the McCanns for his own purposes. 

September: Clarence - let’s say ‘resigns’ from the MMU where ‘he controlled what comes out in the news’ (  imo if one has this power it’s best not to mention it in public though). 
McCanns are escued by Windows Kennedy (although imo it is quite  possible BK jumped in earlier, say around mid-June after the FO source dried up? )

Clarence Mitchell tells us at one point that on their return to the UK they wanted to speak to high level government but were offered mere low-level consular help which they refused. (can’t find it at the moment, anyone?)

Brown  - who according to reports from TM phoned John McCann in the early days, is clearly not inclined to do much.  I do suspect the FFS results to have been ‘modified’  i.e. perfectly truthful as far as they went. But just those samples were compromised and that doesn’t make sense. Just my opinion. 
Jacqui Smith however  becomes the slowest reader in government and delays the rogatory letters for months. 
McCanns regret missing those rogs but they really had to go to Brussels just that day, some help might have been given there, MEPs were not impressed. 
Brown, imo, was well informed by September 07 and was in no way going to invite the McCanns for tea and cakes to win more votes, whether the headlines made the McCs into heroic victims of an evil regime or not. 

A coalition government, got into office with some difficulty, again with help from the Murdoch empire may be feeling a bit insecure, need public approval. 
SKY news and the tabloids support the McCanns to the hilt, Ms Healy’s book is coming out, all about the rotten time they’ve had and Rebecca Brooks tells Cameron she wants the SY review for the McCanns or else, whatever Teresa May says. 
Cameron is no keener on the McCs than Brown but goes for the soft option. 

2011 is also the radio  interview with Clarence Mitchell (see Clarence topic) where he says he is working for the Freud PR company. 
There is a Freud-Murdoch connection  (see below)
There was also a Freud related prize for literature for which Ms Healy was a contender. Same year I believe. 

Through all these events the tabloids profited hugely, 60 to 70.000 extra copies sold per day if they ran the McCann headline. 


Here are some other thoughts: 

Blair is the godfather to Murdoch’s youngest daughter. Murdoch got Blair on the throne in the first place (Blair went to see him in Australia in the early ’90’s). 

From ‘Off Message”  by Bob Marshall-Andrews  - page 26 paperback version. 

‘It was on 19 October 1996 that I first formed the view (which I still hold) that Tony Blair, destined to be Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1997 to 2007, was dangerously delusional.
It was at the Labour Party Conference [..] Jim Naughtie and I got to read the press release of the speech as it was being made[..] there came a point where he departed entirely from his script. Jim turned the pages in the expectation of finding that they had been misplaced but it quickly transpired that this was simply a forensic departure in full flight. [..]
‘My covenant with the British people’ . I began to feel a sense of unease. My covenant.
[..]Raising both arms in the body-hugging gesture which again, was to become his hallmark, he said ‘We all know that we can trace this great movement of ours ..(in the rethorical pause I speculated on the precise founders that he had in mind: the Chartists, the Levellers [..]) ‘We all know that we can trace this great movement of ours to the Prophets of the Old Testament!’ 
Even among the massed ranks of the Labour Party [..] as they digested the hitherto unkown and unsuspected fact that it was Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Jehoshaphat and Co who had founded the Labour Party, and not Keir Hardie. ‘ unquote

I’ve quoted this at some length (do buy the book, it’s brilliant). But imo the McCann story is closely linked to the times they lived in from the early years of New Labour until 2008 when the financial crash really took hold.  In 2007 those in the know re finance would have known long before that a financial crash was on the way. 

Blair was inordinately fond of control,( three-line whips were the order of the day, not exceptions during his government)  Europe is similarly fond of control - a DNA database of all ‘Europeans’ was under discussion. 


Matthew Freud  was married to Elizabeth Murdoch, they divorced last year. 

Freud Communications, it is worth £100 million and advises firms including Walkers Crisps and KFC. He became a member of Blair’s inner circle, especially close to Peter Mandelson who appointed him to work on the Millennium Dome.
But Freud’s dealings with Rupert Murdoch have been described as ‘wary’ from the outset. According to one account, Murdoch ‘kept him at arm’s length’ for the first two years of his relationship with his daughter, before reluctantly agreeing to work with him on a minor project.

Rebekkah Brooks is apparently the daughter Murdoch would have liked to have. 

See also:

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

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