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When did the mccanns arrive in PDL?

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When did the mccanns arrive in PDL?

Post by biggles on 13.08.15 9:36

I found this link of a Sky news report featuring Martin Brunt. In it he says a couple of interesting things:

'3 matches of Madeleine's DNA'
'Full DNA Match' of Madeleine

but this bit at 0.43 caught my attention:

'Madeleine of course had been staying there for the best part of a fortnight'

When did the McCann's claim to have arrived in PDL? wasn't it the week before, rather than 2 weeks? Did our beloved Mr Brunt let the cat out of the bag very early on?


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Re: When did the mccanns arrive in PDL?

Post by Carrry On Doctor on 13.08.15 9:56

I think MB has just made a mistake, their arrival date was fairly well documented.

Its great though to view videos like this from time to time, a reminder of the basic facts of the case. One thing that struck me was that MBM's DNA was only found on near the window of the apartment. You would have expected MBM's DNA to be everywhere in that apartment having stayed all week.

Unless of course MBM was only there very briefly and the apartment was thoroughly cleaned.........

Carrry On Doctor

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Re: When did the mccanns arrive in PDL?

Post by skyrocket on 13.08.15 10:47

Aunty Janet Kennedy (wife of Brian Kennedy) said the following in her Rogatory:

'On the day before the Portugal trip, I went to their house to keep the children occupied whilst Kate and Gerry packed their bags. We went to the garden and Madeleine recited the book 'We're going on a bear hunt'. She recited this fantastically and without any evidence of unhappiness.'

I would have thought (but who knows) someone would have come forward by now and said 'hang on the Mc's actually left the UK earlier than the 28 April' if it had been the case.

Another interesting point though is Jeremy Wilkins' statement that he made in English on 7 May 2007. On page 6 of the hand written statement (from witness experience, this is usually written down by a police officer) JW states the following regarding his converstaion with GM outside 5A on the night of the 3 May:

'He said that as (which is overscribed with if) he was staying two (2) weeks, he may stay in one night.'

If you look at all other alterations in the statement they are signed as altered by JW (which is a legal necessity). This above mentioned alteration isn't signed. In the typed out version the above sentence reads as:

'He said that as he was staying two weeks XXXXX he was staying one night' (unreadable)'

There is absolutely no need for this confused/ambiguous transcription - the hand written sentence, although scrawled, is perfectly discernable.

I would argue that no-one would say 'if I was staying 2 weeks, I may stay in 1 night' - doesn't make sense; whereas 'as I am staying 2 weeks, I may stay in 1 night' - does.

Add this to the Payne's and the McCann's past history of staying 2 weeks when others on their group holidays have only stayed 1 week (the Gaspars for example but others also) and it does make you wonder whether there was a plan to stay on beyond the 5 May. 

Who knows! Certainly not me.


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Re: When did the mccanns arrive in PDL?

Post by jeanmonroe on 13.08.15 12:46

If Gerry McCann was NOT 'here' (on way TO 'there/PDL') to 'enjoy myself' (airport bus video).......................then WHAT was he IN PDL, to 'do'?


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when did the McCann's arrive

Post by willowthewisp on 13.08.15 13:03

Hi jeanmonroe,
Play a lot of Tennis,running,Jogging,suffering an Achillies injury,putting children in and out of the Creche,Oh and some Quality time with a special group of friends,eating at a Tapas bar,consuming a wee bit of wine just to wet the pallet?
discuss certain things that may have been pertinent with a friendly associate Doctor and family.the last ones to see Madeleine alive and well in 5a Ocean Club Apartments,3 May 2007, was it 5PM or 6.30PM or 7.00PM Fiona!?
A fun "Family Holiday all round!


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Re: When did the mccanns arrive in PDL?

Post by Guest on 13.08.15 13:14

jeanmonroe wrote:If Gerry McCann was NOT 'here' (on way TO 'there/PDL') to 'enjoy myself' (airport bus video).......................then WHAT was he IN PDL, to 'do'?


Am I the only one who is wondering what was the covert message (intended to be) conveyed by the person posting the video?

Why bother. Or did that person intend GM to look suspicious?

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