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'abducted' BY 'estranged/OWN' parents/partners.

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'abducted' BY 'estranged/OWN' parents/partners.

Post by jeanmonroe on 03.08.15 11:21



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Transmission (TX):

Tue 04 Aug 2015

TX Confirmed:



9.00pm - 10.00pm


Week 32 2015 : Sat 01 Aug - Fri 07 Aug




Mon 20 Jul 2015

The information contained herein is embargoed from press use, commercial and non-commercial reproduction and sharing into the public domain until Tuesday 28th July 2015.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, their child abducted and smuggled overseas. In the UK every 12 hours a child is taken by a parent or family member. The left behind parent often has to go through years of heartache, fighting their ex-partner through the international courts just to see their child again. Some never do.

Abducted, a new documentary for ITV produced by Wild Pictures, follows three parents on emotional and dramatic journeys as they desperately try to get their children back from foreign countries. With exclusive access to a team of child recovery experts who take children back, Abducted shows some parents are taking desperate measures.

Britons are increasingly finding partners from abroad. But when these relationships break down, things can get messy, especially when children are involved. The number of children abducted by an estranged parent has doubled in the last decade.

The documentary includes dramatic scenes of one British father, who employs specialists in child recovery to get his abducted daughter back from Poland.

No doubt we'll be 'treated' to hallowed 'words' from the Chanel clad, £80,000pa, CEO of P.A.C.T. 'Lady' whatshername!

AND a 'huge' mention of KM's 'cherished' CRA!



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Re: 'abducted' BY 'estranged/OWN' parents/partners.

Post by jeanmonroe on 03.08.15 11:38

Wild Pictures.

Wild Pictures is an independent company led by multi-award winning Creative Director Paul Hamann.

We are one of the UK’s leaders in factual documentary making. We have a reputation for making access-led films with high production values which are produced with intelligence and sensitivity that focus on major institutions and strong human interest stories.

Our aim is to produce innovative documentaries in unseen places and tell unheard stories. Through our trusting relationships with the institutions we film, we have gained unprecedented access to places such as the Kremlin, Britain’s high security prisons: Strangeways, Aylesbury, Wormwood Scrubs and Holloway; specialist police units like the Fraud Squad and CO19, the London police’s firearms unit; and the neo-natal unit at Liverpool’s Women’s hospital.

At Wild Pictures we focus on creating inspiring films with people rather than about people. We build trusting, transparent relationships with our contributors and keep our promises. Our films are engaging and insightful, taking viewers into worlds they may never otherwise witness

This company have done some 'interesting' productions.

Wonder if Wild Pictures will be 'brave' enough, to do an 'innovative' documentary on the mysterious 'disappearance' of Madeleine McCann?


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abducted by parents, estranged partners

Post by willowthewisp on 03.08.15 12:45

I wonder if Jon Corner is available to inspire any future productions or his he busy in one of his enterprises as a director of the Find Madeleine fund?
"Leaving No Stone unturned"?
Metodo 3
Kevin Haligen, Henri Exton,Dave Edgar and other numerous cohorts extrapolating funds from public donations,NoTw giving over £21,000 tot he find Madeleine fund after it's closure, what happened to the other charities did they receive any funds as they had stipulated?
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