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T9 May 3rd Morning - The story they want us to believe.

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T9 May 3rd Morning - The story they want us to believe.

Post by Jill Havern on 28.07.15 12:44

Post by Hideho

This is a compilation of their statements, telling the story of what they did.....or should I say what they want us to BELIEVE they did that morning......

Afternoon and evening will follow.

This 'story' is taken from the Thursday Timeline table and can be viewed on same thread with highlights for easier viewing...

Gerry and Kate woke at 7.30 - 8.00am, washed the children and had breakfast between 8.00 and 8.30. The food had been previously bought by them both at Baptiste supermarket.

During breakfast, Madeleine asked Kate why she had not gone into her room when the twins were crying, (Kate told Fiona that Madeleine asked her why when Madeleine and Sean were crying)
however, Gerry claims Madeleine asked HIM why he hadnt gone in when the twins were crying (but 6 days later he changed it to Madeleine asking Kate why she didnt go in when Madeleine and Sean were crying )-

During breakfast. "She noticed a stain, supposedly of tea, on Madeleine’s pijama top, which she washed a little later that same morning. She hung it to dry on a small stand, and it was dry by the afternoon. Madeleine sometimes drank tea; the stain did not appear during breakfast, maybe it happened another day, as Madeleine did not have tea the previous night and the stain was dry."

According to Kate, "After breakfast they got dressed and left the apartment by the main door. All children went walking. The verandah door was closed and locked; she doesn’t know whether the main door was locked or unlocked."

Gerry describes differently, "after breakfast, about 09h00, KATE and the children left by the rear door, he having left by the front door, which he locked with the key, having also closed and locked the rear door from the inside."

Matthew, Rachael and G***e went to the Millennium Restaurant for breakfast, as they did each morning. There wasn’t anybody else there, they had breakfast on their own. There were people at the other tables but it was fairly quiet, and none of the other group were there initially. They were always fairly early because G***e was always awake earliest, always by half six or six o’clock and she’d be sort of sparky and awake and wanting to get up and so they'd sort of trudge on and they might even be banging on the doors waiting for them to open up, they'd be fairly early to breakfast.

Rachael, however said they were all (except the McCanns who had their breakfast in the apartment) at breakfast. (maybe she forgot that Dianne didn't go to breakfast when she had tennis).

Jane Tanner was up late and didn't go to breakfast but Russell took E**a and E**e and met Matthew Oldfield as he was leaving.

Matthew didn't want to take G***e to the Nursery as she was a bit upset so Rachael volunteered to do it.

Rachael also claimed that Madeleine and the twins went to the club that morning.

After dropping G***e off at the club, Rachael returned to their apartment to get ready for tennis.

Russell, E**e, E**a and Matthew went back in to the Millenium.

After breakfast, Kate and Gerry took the twins to the creche, although there is no record on the creche records of the twins being there that morning, and Kate presumed that Gerry took Madeleine to the creche.

"Gerry said They made their way on foot by the usual route to the crèche next to the TAPAS where they left the twins, and, while KATE stayed to play tennis he took MADELEINE to her crèche, through the short-cut, where they arrived at 09h15, and , since it was obligatory, he signed the child's attendance register.

The records show that Gerry dropped Madeleine off at 9.10 and Catriona Baker recalls seeing him around 9.15.

Once the children had been delivered, they went to the tennis courts for a scheduled tennis lesson. Kate’s group lesson was at 9:15, Gerry’s an hour later. Kate didn't know what Gerry did during that free hour; she presumes he went to the apartment.

On returning, not by the short-cut, Gerry went to the supermarket where he bought milk, he presumes, making his way to his apartment, entering by the front door, that was locked by key, when it was 09H40/09H45.

He remained at home for about 15 minutes, dressing in tennis clothes, left by the front door, that he did not lock, and made his way to the tennis courts by the usual route, they being next to the TAPAS.

Kate met Rachael, Jane and Dianne at the courts at 9.10am

Rachael claimed that Russel went to the beach with Matthew and Fiona and Dave were also down there, David says they took the dinghys out, but Matthew claimed that when the left the Millenium, Russell went on and he turned left and went down to the beach and went sailing for that morning.

Meanwhile as Russell's daughter E**e was feeling ill, he dropped E**a (his other daughter!) at the Kids Club at around 10am (9.50 according to records) after breakfast. He completely corroborates his partner Jane Tanner's statements for the rest of the day.

ROB Went to the flat with E**e whiles she was resting he went outside to watch Jane play tennis. He went to the flat with E**e he thinks she had a snooze that morning, and he read a book and played with her and then, at some stage, when Jane had finished playing tennis, he then went out with E** play tennis.

According to Gerry, when Kate had finished playing tennis at 10:15, she went to the recreation area next to the swimming pool to talk to Russell until Gerry’s lesson was over.

Jez arrived for tennis with Gerry and noted that the two females of his group (Rachael and Jane?) were not there, (where were they?) just one that he did not know the name of (Dianne?).

He had met Rachael and Jane (and Mathew an Russell) on the plane.

On the second court between 9 and 10 another person REAP was playing.

While Gerry and Jez were playing, at 10.30 there was the Minis for tennis. This was not Madeleine's group. It was the group with Bridget O'Donnell and Jez Wilkins' girl that was playing.

Bridget claimed all the girls were pink and pretty.

At the same time (10.30am) Madeleine was being taken on the speedboat by Catriona and telling her she was scared.

Catriona recalls seeing friends of Kate and Gerrys David and Jane (meaning Fiona?)

Russell remembers that after Jane’s tennis lesson ‘ one of the guests ,a man from Southampton came up , ‘ his three year old daughter, was having a kid’s tennis lesson.

He felt it was important, particularly, because of what the man said, if Madeleine was potentially being photographed by anyone, it was absolutely clear that Madeleine and E**a were not there that day.

And present at that conversation were Russell, Jane, Kate and Rachael,

There were a couple of people who were, who Kate and Rachael and Jane had played with, I, I forget the names. I’ve got this vague recollection there was a lady who, probably in her mid-forties, blonde hair, who may have been there as well, (Anne & Jayne Jensen? - they were booked for 12.1- 2.30)

At 10.52 Russell's mobile was active for the only time that day.

Just before 11.00am, Kate was still there (we don't know the time that morning that she washed the tea stain!), Rachael and Jane also, as Russell confirmed they were there during the children's tennis and the conversation with the man from Southampton.

Fiona and Dave were on their way back to their apartment (where they arrived at 11.30am) as they were cold from sailing.

Russell, Jane and Evie walked down to the beach just after 11.00 as they met Fiona and Dave on their way back.

They met Dave and Fi coming back, because they’d had their second, sailing lesson they said ‘Oh we’ve seen Madeleine and Ella on a boat down there’ So then Jane and Russell went down to the beach, and Russell took out a kayak and Jane sat and just played

Ella and Madeleine and the rest of the group were getting ready to walk back up to the Kids Club

Jane got pictures of Ella, of Evie, (Note: Not Madeleine in the same group?) that’s about the first day she took pictures
Thursday was probably one of the first nice days the sun had come out in the day.

They didn’t know where Kate went at that point, but she didn’t co to the beach with them.

Matthew Oldfield was booked for 11.00 (He and Rachael had said he went down to the beach for sailing around an hour earlier at 10.00am!)

Records show that he played with Dan on Court 1 while FOSTER played on court 2.

After Gerry's tennis class finished at 11.15, he stayed in the pool area talking with his wife and other persons, whom he does not remember.

After tennis, they all went to the pool. Jez saw Gerry and Kate near the pool relaxing and spent the majority of the time talking with the tennis coach She was a British tennis instructor whose name is George or Georgina. He remembered that she was telling them a bit about her personal life.

The coach appeared to be talking about her life in general and both Jeremy and Bridget noticed that Gerry and Kate were listening intently to her. Jeremy thought this to be courteous of them considering they did not know her.

Fiona and Dave were drenched and really wet and really cold, so they came back to the apartment to get, more clothes because they hadn’t taken enough with them. Eleven, half eleven, that they were back at the apartment.

And then they sat, by the pool for a bit with Dave and then we saw Kate and Gerry and we just sat and had a chat with them

Anne and Jayne Jensen played on the court 1 after Matthew Oldfield at 12 -12.30

At some point Kate and Gerry went back together to the apartment until close to 12:15 when Kate went to Madeleine’s creche to pick her up, together with Fiona Payne.
She signed the register (but CAT does not recall seeing her) and went to the twins’ creche with the intention of picking them up, she thought she would meet Gerry there, not knowing if he already had the twins with him

The twins were not signed in or out that morning.

Together with the three children they went to the apartment for lunch, with food bought at the supermarket. This would be around 12:35/12:40. They ate sandwiches, mainly she and Gerry, and the children maybe ate pasta. Lunch lasted around 20 minutes

Gerry claims that at 12H00, together with KATE, she made lunch and he went to get MADELEINE. He thinks that it was KATE who took the twins home. Since it was he who went to collect MADELEINE, he is sure he used the short-cut.

GERRY At 12h30 they started lunch, the meal having lasted an hour until 13h30

At that time the Last Picture was taken!!

Fiona and Dave and Dianne had lunch in their apartment and (unusually) Jane and Russel, Matthew and Rachael had lunch together.


Remembering these timelines are taken from T7 (contrived) statements.

Jez (credible witness) did not see Jane and Rachael OR (maybe) Kate when he arrived even though they all claim to have been there.

ROB claims they were there and entered into a conversation with the Man from Southampton.

Rachael and Matthew claim he was sailing in the morning...going at around 10.00am but he was booked for a tennis lesson at 11.00am

Kate claims to have chatted with ROB after her lesson but he says he was in the apartment looking after E**e for some time.

Fiona claims to have seen Kate and Gerry by the pool for 10 minutes before they went to pick up Madeleine and Scarlett but Kate and Gerry say they were back in the apartment at that time. (Where did Kate meet up with Fiona to collect the children?)

Many more discrepancies for that morning nd I haven't finished putting all the statements together.

Jane, Rachael, Fiona, Matthew and Russell were not mentioned by Jez, even though he knew some of them from the plane and they claim to have been there!
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