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Alexander Litvinenko,Murder by Polonium poisoning

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Alexander Litvinenko,Murder by Polonium poisoning

Post by willowthewisp on 28.07.15 11:24

H did any one see News Nights report on the Murder by the State of Russia against a former FSB soldier, Alexander Litvinenko in the city of London 2006!
In the report, it stated the Mr Litvinenko had crossed the "Lines of Acceptance two times".
(1) Wrote a book on Russia responsible for blowing up it's own people, for an excuse of war against the checnien people?
(2) That he stated"Putin"unhealthy relationship with children,paedophile?
I would add a third one who may have crossed a line with Vlad, murder of Berenhovnski, exiled Russian living in London,suicided?
There is evidence throughout the world of connections in the abuse and Murders of children by unhealthy individuals, covered by a cloak of secrecy, secret society, protection of the Establishment, Marc Dutrouix, Belgium?
The UK police have to swear an allegiance to, Queen/King of the Country, Official Secrets Act on Oath, to protect who!!? 
Conspiracy Theory,UK,Kincora Boys home Ireland,Bryn Alyn,Estyn, Wales,Dunblane,Scotland and Dolphin Suare,Elm Guest House, Richmond, London, Jersey, Canada, Australia, possible connections to Royalty? 
Modus Operandi, child abuse, Murders?
World Wide?
Different faiths involved, Roman Catholic,Christian Church and other associates? 
Now we have Dodgy Dave, clamping down on who owns what property within the UK,closing the stable door after the horse has bolted eh Dave, who owns most of the property in London, priced your chums out of the market have they Dave, time to ethnic cleanse the poor from their homes in London?

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