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BARRYMORE TO SUE ESSEX POLICE - Article in Harlow Star and my response by Letter to the Editor

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BARRYMORE TO SUE ESSEX POLICE - Article in Harlow Star and my response by Letter to the Editor

Post by Tony Bennett on 18.07.15 23:13


66 Chippingfield, HARLOW, Essex, CM17  0DJ

Friday 10 July 2015

Dear Editor

In last week’s edition, your headline referred to the ‘pool death’ of Stuart Lubbock. The caption under a photo of Michael Barrymore mentioned the ‘death of Stuart Lubbock in Barrymore’s swimming pool’, and your article . stated Stuart’s body was ‘found in the star’s swimming pool’.

It’s true that Barrymore and his associates claimed that Stuart was swimming in his pool in the early hours of Saturday 1 April, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

As you reported, Stuart suffered a ‘violent sexual assault’ that night which was the main cause of death. There are two other unarguable facts: (1) that at 5.46am that morning, Harlow resident Justin Merritt called Essex Ambulance Service, and (2) that when the ambulance staff arrived, they found Stuart’s body, clad only in boxer shorts, by the side of Barrymore’s swimming pool. The question is: what happened before 5.46am?

The pathologist who carried out the post-mortem, the now-discredited Dr Michael Heath, pronounced Stuart’s death a ‘drowning’. But the other three top pathologists called in by the Coroner said Stuart had died from a sexual assault, heart attack and asphyxia. Dr Ian Crane was an acknowledged expert in drowning and was sure that Stuart had not drowned. The petechiae (pin-head blood spots) found around Stuart’s neck and face were clear signs that he had been asphyxiated, not drowned.

Another crucial line of evidence was whether or not anyone was in Barrymore’s outside swimming pool that evening. It was a cold April morning, and, as was admitted at the inquest, the pool had never been opened all winter. There is evidence to suggest that the electrically-operated pool cover was only uncovered after Stuart had died. Essex Police failed to perform a ‘diatom test’ of the pool water which would have established conclusively whether anyone had been in the pool that night.

Another crucial fact was the temperature of the pool water. If the pool had only been opened up after Stuart died, it would have been cold. Amazingly, Essex Police allowed Barrymore’s manager, Mike Browne, who was already at the scene, to provide evidence as to the pool temperature. Not surprisingly, it supported Barrymore’s version of events. As the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) found in their 2008 report on the case: “To ask a member of the public to take the temperature of a pool under such circumstances is a failure to carry out an officer’s duties conscientiously and diligently, contrary to the Code of Conduct”.

Inspector Spooner was also criticised for allowing Barrymore’s manager to remain at the crime scene. The IPCC found: “Inspector Spooner had sufficient reason to regard the incident as suspicious…he should have effectively sealed the scene…which he failed to do. He allowed Mr Browne  to remain at the scene, contrary to normal procedures”.

There are those who know what happened that night. Now would be a good opportunity for those who - for whatever reason - have kept silent about that night’s events to tell the police what really did happen.

Yours sincerely

Tony Bennett


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Tony Bennett

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Michael Barrymore to sue Essex police for wrongful arrest

Post by willowthewisp on 19.07.15 13:34

We can only hope that the IPCC investigate as to why they failed to Prosecute the perpetrators of the death of Mr. Lubbock?

Once again we have the main protagonist flee the scene and absolve them self of any responsibility towards a fellow human being, the only interest shown was to save there own(***es, sorry to use this word in this context) due to the nature of the deceased , Mr.Stuart Lubbock's injury's he sustained before his death. 
Is there no justice in this world and apparently no guilty parties in the deaths of children and Adults, they are all innocent your honour?

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