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Richard Hall's film 'THE PHANTOMS' (or 'The Four Fabrications') explained in 21 simple points Mm11

Richard Hall's film 'THE PHANTOMS' (or 'The Four Fabrications') explained in 21 simple points Regist10

Richard Hall's film 'THE PHANTOMS' (or 'The Four Fabrications') explained in 21 simple points

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Richard Hall's film 'THE PHANTOMS' (or 'The Four Fabrications') explained in 21 simple points Empty Richard Hall's film 'THE PHANTOMS' (or 'The Four Fabrications') explained in 21 simple points

Post by Tony Bennett on 18.06.15 9:08

For those who haven't yet seen the film:


THE PHANTOMS – ‘Four Fabrications’: The Argument in 21 Points

Richard D. Hall’s latest film on Madeleine McCann summarised in 21 points. The full version can be seen, courtesy of HideHo, at:

1. On 5 May 2007, Nuno Lourenco made a statement to the Portuguese Police, claiming that a man had tried to kidnap his daughter in the village of Sagres. His description of this alleged kidnapping and the circumstances surrounding it were highly improbable

2. He said he had taken a photo of the man’s car

3. Goncalo Amaral and his detectives found out that the car had been hired by a Polish tourist on holiday, Wojeck Krokowski

4. Krokowski’s holiday in Portugal had ended on the morning of 5 May when he flew back to Berlin. Nuno Lourenco’s call to the Portuguese Police came in just after Krokowski’s plane had taken off from Faro airport    

5. Nuno Lourenco’s description of the man he says tried to kidnap his daughter matched Krokowski and the clothes he was wearing 

6. The description of a man said to have been seen by Jane Tanner at around 9.15pm on 3 May was very similar to that given by Nuno Lourenco of Krokowski

7. On that basis, as he explains in his book: ‘The Truth About A Lie’, Goncalo Amaral urgently contacted INTERPOL and the German and Polish Police, insisting that the plane be grounded and passengers questioned in Berlin, and that Krokowski’s house in Warsaw was searched. These actions were undertaken. Nothing was found against Krokowski    

8. On 16 May, 13 days after Madeleine was reported missing, Martin Smith from Drogheda, Ireland, claimed that he and other members of his family had seen a man carrying a child in Praia da Luz at around 10.00pm on the evening of Madeleine’s reported disappearance in Friday

9. On 26 May, he and his two children Peter Smith and Aofie Smith made statements to the Portuguese Police describing the man they had seen in, once again, very similar terms to those of Nuno Lourenco about Krokowski (Sagres Man) and Jane Tanner’s about the man she said  she had seen (Tannerman), especially in descriptions of warm, cream-coloured or beige clothes that he wore – and which can be seen on a CCTV image of him captured by the Portuguese Police. All three descriptions used this unusual description of him: ‘He did not look like a tourist’

10. The respective accounts given by Nuno Lourenco, Jane Tanner and the Smiths all suggest, to a greater or lesser degree, major doubt about the truthfulness of their statements. In each case, the possibility exists that their statements were all fabricated

11. The close similarity of all three statements clear suggests that all the three description were of Krokwoski

12. That in turn suggests that they were all derived from the same source. In addition, the timing of Nuno Lourenco’s ‘disclosure’ of the alleged attempt to kidnap his daughter suggests collusion or planning by someone to ensure that the Portugese Police got two identical – but false – descriptions, one just after the other, in an attempt to put the police on entirely the wrong track   

13. No descriptions of a possible abductor had been given before the Smiths made their statements, so an explanation is necessary as to how they came to adopt a description which matched those of Nuno Lourenco and Jane Tanner in almost every detail   

14. This also raises the question of whether the Smiths – father and his two children – were  being truthful or not, about their claimed sighting

15. There are several indications that they may have fabricated their ‘sighting’. These indications include:

(a)        the delay of 13 days in initially reporting their ‘sighting’, despite intense international media coverage of Madeleine’s reported disappearance

(b)        the fact that they only reported their sighting the day after someone they knew, Robert Murat, had been declared a formal suspect ion the case

(c)         contradictions between their statements

(d)        four different and contradictory reasons as to why they delayed reporting their ‘sighting’

(e)        evasive and contradictory answers from Martin Smith about how well he knew Robert Murat

(f)          the uncanny similarity of their ‘sightings’ to the description of Wojcek Krokowski

(g)        the highly implausible reason given by Martin Smith – the way Gerry McCann was carrying his son off the plane - for his claim that he was ‘60% to 80% sure’ he was the man he said he had seen

(h)        claiming to have recognised Gerry McCann as the man he said he had seen despite having told the police that he would be unable to recognise the man again if he saw him

(i)          changing his mind about his identification of Gerry McCann and agreeing to help the McCann Team instead (see below)      

16. It is suggested that Martin Smith may have been in touch with Robert Murat and got Jane Tanner’s description from him. Murat, who was biligual in Portuguese and English, had spent days translating witness statements, and been in close touch with police investigators. It is possible that he knew how Jane Tanner had described the man she claimed to have seen, and arranged for himself, his son and daughter to give an almost carbon copy description to police of the man they said they had seen

17. Goncalo Amaral believed that the Smiths were telling the truth – but he was not aware at the time of the many problems with the Smiths’ accounts

18. The Smiths’ claimed sighting was much used by the McCann Team from early 2009 onwards

19. The use made by the McCann Team of the Smith sighting developed in several stages, as follows:

(a)        Brian Kennedy, who was criticised by Mark Hollingsworth in the Evening Standard in 2009 for intimidating witnesses, approached the Smiths in December 2007. The Smiths assisted him

(b)        It is claimed – but there is great doubt about the claim – that the Smiths then drew up two e-fits of the man they said they  had seen, at the request of serial con-man and criminal fraudster Kevin Halligen and the ex-head of Covert Intelligence for MI5, Henri Exton  

(c)         During early 2009, McCann Team investigators Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley worked on the preparation of a documentary in conjunction with Channel 4 and Mentorn Media; they sought to include the Smith sighting as a credible sighting of Madeleine’s abductor

(d)        The subsequent documentary, in two separate passages of an hour-long film, televised in May 2009, did indeed suggest that the man seen by Jane Tanner and the man seen by the Smiths was one and the same, even though the two ‘sightings’ were 45 minutes apart

(e)        Following this documentary, the McCanns promptly added to their ‘Find Madeleine’ website a 30-second  tape-recording of a man in an Irish voice - who clearly represented Martin Smith - claiming to have seen a man carrying a child at 10.00am the night Madeleine was reported missing

(f)          In his original witness statement, Martin Smith said he thought the man he saw was aged ‘35-40’ – but the Irish voice on the tape-recording gave his age as ’34-35’. It is not clear why a change was made. It would be unusual for a witness to agree to change his statement for a film. It is possible that the McCann Team asked Martin Smith if he would agree, for whatever reason, to make this change

(g)        The recording of the man in an Irish voice remained on the McCanns’ website for the next 6 years

(h)        The Smith ‘sighting’ was mentioned on 7 separate pages of Dr Kate McCann’s book, ‘madeleine’, including a detailed comparison of the two ‘sightings’ in which Dr McCann strongly claimed that they were of the same man

(i)          Once in 2012 and once in 2013 Martin Smith met with DCI Andy Redwood of Operation Grange. This would appear to have been in preparation for the a BBC Crimewatch Special on the Madeleine McCann case shown, amidst great hype, to a TV audience of 6.7 million

(j)          On this Crimewatch programme, DCI Redwood claimed that Jane Tanner had really seen a man taking his child home from the Ocean Club night crèche. According to Redwood, this man had only just come forward after 6 years, and both he and the clothes he had been wearing on that holiday were ‘uncannily similar’ to Jane Tanner’s description of him

(k)        DCI Redwood said that this meant that the alleged ‘sighting’ of a man by the Smiths was now ‘the centre of our focus’.

20. ‘The Phantoms’ concludes by suggesting that this ‘man from the creche’ never existed and has been fabricated by DCI Redwood to prolong public perception that Madeleine was abducted.

21. In summary, the film suggests:

(a)        that Nuno Lourenco lied about the alleged kidnapping of his daughter and that there was no such incident at Sagres

(b)        that both Nuno Lourenco on 5 May, Jane Tanner on 4 May, and Martin Smith on 16 May used a description of Wojek Krokowski as a ‘template’ for their sightings

(c)         that DCI Redwood fabricated the ‘man from the creche’ and

(d)        that all four claimed events/sightings: Sagres Man, Tannerman, Snithman and ‘The man from the creche’ were all fabricated.               


The whole, or parts, of 'The Phantoms' has been uploaded at 15 different links on YouTube. To date they have had 21,000 views in total, with new views currently running at about 250 every day


Dr Martin Roberts: "The evidence is that these are the pjyamas Madeleine wore on holiday in Praia da Luz. They were photographed and the photo handed to a press agency, who released it on 8 May, as the search for Madeleine continued. The McCanns held up these same pyjamas at two press conferences on 5 & 7June 2007. How could Madeleine have been abducted?"

Amelie Mcann (aged 2): "Maddie's jammies!".  

Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett

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Richard Hall's film 'THE PHANTOMS' (or 'The Four Fabrications') explained in 21 simple points Empty Wojcek or 'Wojciech' Krokowski?

Post by whatsupdoc on 19.06.15 6:39

Good job, Tony, thanks. It will help people who need to know what the 3 hour video is all about before viewing it.

I watched the video on RDH's site, Richplanet, when it first came out. The HiDeHo copy on Youtube probably goes straight through without loading separate sections and is easier to make a backup in Win or Linux.
A big thankyou to Richard and Liz for all their work.

I find some search engines are poor, partly because they are tailored which I find annoying. The official site mccannpjfiles has this spelling for Krokowski...

Wojciech Krokowski

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Richard Hall's film 'THE PHANTOMS' (or 'The Four Fabrications') explained in 21 simple points Empty Re: Richard Hall's film 'THE PHANTOMS' (or 'The Four Fabrications') explained in 21 simple points

Post by Verdi on 17.03.16 20:22

This is just classic..

Richard Hall's film 'THE PHANTOMS' (or 'The Four Fabrications') explained in 21 simple points Hqdefault

Should this have been included

Richard Hall's film 'THE PHANTOMS' (or 'The Four Fabrications') explained in 21 simple points MMT_poster

goo goo gajoo...

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